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Kits for Cash website

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rob Brown, May 5, 2019.

  1. Rob Brown Member

    I wanted to check with some of our British members, what is this Kits for Cash site? is it legit? Saw a kit on there I am interested in.
    Thanks and hope the title wasn't too misleading
  2. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Sorry, don't know this site. Looks to be mostly planes and vehicles.
  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi Rob

    Like Richard also don't know of the site have you a link ?

  4. arj A Fixture

    Just put 'kits for cash' in Google and you get:
    Sounds like a genuine buyer of bulk kits.
    Just looking at the figures, the Hitler is an OOP KK Castings kit.
    The 1/32 range has some old Airfix Collectors figures.
    I can't comment on prices.
    The FAQ is interesting to read.
    Please don't take this as a recommendation, just my impression.

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  5. Mookie Well-Known Member

    Hi Chaos.
    Kits for cash sell aircraft conversions and used to be Aviation heritage selling harrier stuff etc.Ive ordered aircraft kits off them and had no.problems at all.I seem to remember they had K.K stuff etc.
    Hope that helps.
  6. Banjer Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, Having looked at this site and read his very aggressive terms on the FAQ page, I wouldn't deal with him.
    However this is based on personal opinion NOT on any experience with this company.
    Why do people feel the need to be so obnoxious? If you don't like dealing with the public, find a occupation that doesn't involve this.

  7. Hi,
    I purchased quite a rare 120mm figure from them a year or so back, on receiving it i found that it was incomplete, I contacted them, they apologies and offered to refund me if i sent the kit back. I decided to keep the kit hoping that one day another or a partially started one would turn up but it hasn't so far..

    I check their site from time to time, a few months back they had a figure a friend wanted so i sent him the link and he bought it, on arrival he found there was a part missing too, again he decided to keep it to save the aggravation of sending it back.

    I think because most of their kits are secondhand and that they don't specialise in figures their unlikely to spot issues, or they simply don't check what they buy/dispatch so i would suggest before buying anything to ask for a photograph of the contents.

    Hope this helps..
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  8. Rob Brown Member

    Thanks everyone, that is helpful. They currently hand a 1/9 scale MMM kit that I’m interested in so I will ask some questions
  9. Rob Brown Member

    So I emailed the owner who did reply but didn't have time to take more photos, although he said he had checked and kit was complete. I went ahead and ordered as the price was pretty good, I will update this when it arrives, fingers crossed.
  10. Woods457 Active Member

    Good luck and keep us posted...
  11. Rob Brown Member

    great news, I received the kit, it was shipped rather quickly for an international order and as near as I can tell it arrived complete. The gentleman who runs the business can be a bit brusque but overall a solid transaction. IMG_6492.JPG
  12. Woods457 Active Member

    Thats good news, i'm pleased for you...

    Regards Ian
  13. Blind Pew A Fixture

    I looked at the site. The bloke is just being straight forward.

    Listen, I have a public-facing job, and I really can tell you this
    A) it is astonishing how thick some people really are
    B) it is even more astonishing how many people firmly believe any, and I really do mean any set of rules don't apply to them.

    Basically, at least 50% of Joe Public are A-holes.

    And if people appear to be 'funny' it's often down to bitter experience.
  14. swralph A Fixture

    The fact that you have a "public facing job" and you think that "Basically, at least 50% of Joe Public are A-holes." suggests to me you should not be working with the public.
    Have you met every person in the world to come to the conclusion that "Basically, at least 50% of Joe Public are A-holes"?,if not I suggest that you are talking utter bollocks and further suggests to me the the total and utter contempt that many public working figures(like yourself) have for the public.
  15. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Sorry mate but from my own experiences I happen to agree with Blind Pew's assessment, especially the "at least 50%" part, where I believe he's being excessively charitable.
    Naturally, you are perfectly entitled to your own opinions.
    As am I.

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  16. Wayneb A Fixture


    Sorry.....just got back from a two day driving road trip so I'm going to raise Blind Pew's assessment to at least 65%. Anyone who doesn't agree; doesn't have to deal with the public and all the assholes on the road...……..Sorry again.....need BP meds.

    Yeah Cheers...….I'm gonna toss one down...……..
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  17. Babelfish A Fixture

  18. Nap Moderator


    KEEP THIS THREAD on subject

    Use PM if you wish to discuss other matters

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  19. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    A pubic-facing job
    How strange :D
  20. billyturnip A Fixture


    Good work if you can get it. (y)
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