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Review King Mithridates (Part 3) from the team at RP Models - 120mm

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    In a previous review I looked at Part 1 of the King Mithridates releases...see here


    RP have made available another 2 sets , I am going to look at the single Roman figure in this review

    RP Roman Centurion 001.JPG

    As you see it depicts a centurion kneeling and in the process of drawing his sword, fighting alongside his soldiers urging them on


    You might find the following of interest , all great details and information

    r.jpg rr.jpg rrrr.jpg

    rrrrrr.jpg rrr.jpg rrrrr.jpg



    Sculpting is 3D

    Casting by YS Casting

    Reference number RP-120:-12=0008

    Light gray resin

    No of pieces 10

    Scale 120mm

    Also included is the information leaflet which is signed and numbered by the man himself HUGO PEREIRA

    RP Roman Centurion 003.JPG RP Roman Centurion 002.JPG

    Parts consist of Torso, head with helmet , helmet crest, 1 arm , 2 legs , 2 weapons , shield, base and a base

    RP Roman Centurion 007.JPG

    I will cover any prep when we look at the resin ....note there is the 2nd arm sculpted on the shield

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Advance to the resin


    After sanding away a slight casting line on the rear of the torso (not vital as the area is covered by the hanging cloak ) and a quick dry fit for the limbs there is nothing else to do

    Dryfitting showed a really good overall and accurate fit

    The torso is flat at the rear with the front being highly detailed which includes chainmail , groin protector, a small bag for money or perhaps a small charm, on the front we have a total of 7 military awards and 2 torcs in Celtic style .....our centurion has certainly see a lot of fighting, casting in all area's is sharp and well defined

    The shoulders are formed to take the separate cloak with accuracy

    Under his clothing he wears a form of underwear , nice touch in the research

    RP Roman Centurion 025.JPG RP Roman Centurion 026.JPG

    RP Roman Centurion 006.JPG RP Roman Centurion 027.JPG

    RP Roman Centurion 028.JPG RP Roman Centurion 035.JPG


    Prep consists of sanding away casting plugs from the front upper thighs and carefully removing fine casting lines from the rear of lower legs
    On the review items there were tiny black spots ...they are just blemishes in the resin colour not air holes

    Both legs have good muscle structure , the left has the knee raised the armoured greave facing forward...these are worked with a scrolling design , perhaps a little over thick IMO in places , held in place around the legs by cording pulling into the calves

    The right leg is bent at the knee with the lower leg positioned underneath the thigh , the greave is the same as the left one

    On both feet he wears sandals , the strapping detailed nicely , pleased to note the sole has been given the studs which show up well .

    For the legs we have 2 excellent fitment points which you will see in the pictures

    Fit of the legs is very good once prep completed

    RP Roman Centurion 009.JPG RP Roman Centurion 029.JPG RP Roman Centurion 031.JPG RP Roman Centurion 030.JPG RP Roman Centurion 010.JPG

    There is one separate arm this being his right hand one , prep is just a fine run around the edging of the casting to remove flashing and then fit

    The arm is muscular with the hand gripping the sword handle nicely in the process of drawing the sword from the scabbard ...a small amount of the blade is shown , there is a little bit of decoration on the handle and the scabbard with a wrist bracelet being worn

    Fit is simple and again accurate

    RP Roman Centurion 037.JPG RP Roman Centurion 011.JPG RP Roman Centurion 036.JPG

    Head/Helmet Crest

    Prep will consist of dealing with a uneven rear surface just sanding away the fine casting line that runs at the rear of the helmet, this in itself is a very good shape the edging is very cleanly worked the cheek guards are tight to the head, both these and the helmet show decoration with the guards tied under the chin
    The face itself is well sculpted of a shouting man ...mouth wide open exposing teeth and tongue

    Fit is again accurate with no major need of a filler

    The crest has a small casting post on the top once removed some use of filler will be needed to recreate the textures

    Fit is again easy by using the good fitment point in the helmet , matching well to the actual crest support

    RP Roman Centurion 041.JPG RP Roman Centurion 038.JPG RP Roman Centurion 039.JPG

    RP Roman Centurion 040.JPG RP Roman Centurion 034.JPG

    Small Dagger

    This is sculpted still in the scabbard and fits good onto the right hand side , you might need to slightly reduce the fitment post , the scabbard has a couple of area's of designs on it ...careful painting and a optivisor will bring this out

    RP Roman Centurion 032.JPG RP Roman Centurion 033.JPG

    Continued in final post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the remaining pieces


    Prep will involve sanding around the edging , the actual frontage has no cast on design which is good giving the modeller painting options....a good central boss well shaped with the surfaces showing slight battle damage including torn area's and the remnants of a arrow shaft

    A good idea was to cast the arm in place ..and this is really well done on this , the finger work looks good , again the arm is muscular and fit to the torso is simple ....obviously I would suggest fitting this last to allow access to the main figure and to painting the arm/shield

    RP Roman Centurion 012.JPG RP Roman Centurion 013.JPG RP Roman Centurion 014.JPG


    Prep will consist of sanding away a casting excess , and fitting in position onto the shoulders , matching the well cast area's very well , the cloak shows really good folds with the additional positive of a really good fitment point on the lower edge for the base cutout ...this gives this figure a total of 3 securing points

    RP Roman Centurion 016.JPG RP Roman Centurion 017.JPG RP Roman Centurion 015.JPG


    A good substantial piece of groundwork with a textured surface , this could be included withing the other 2 groups of figures of as a individual piece, there are 3 well formed cutouts to take the points that are cast onto the figure/cloak

    RP Roman Centurion 018.JPG

    Final thoughts

    A good figure , thought out well and with a variety of uses both with and without the other sets , it can be purchased on its own as can the other sets, casting continues to be a challenge for YS and they meet expectations on the RP pieces as they are often complicated . The figure has good detail work and will paint up well


    For more pictures of the completed full diorama look here https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/mithridates-king.338198/

    Thanks to RP for the review piece


    For more details contact:


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site

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  4. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello BIG GUY

    Thank you so much for the review…

    Big hug and stay safe…
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