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Review King Mithridates (Part 1) from the team at RP Models - 120mm

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    I have been lucky enough to be sent items for you to enjoy .....such a company which shines bothdedication and perserverance during the past year or so with all that has gone on in the world is the team led by Hugo Pereria at


    The release is Part 1 of 3 that are available in the set depicting a battle scene .......why in 3 parts ......to give the customer the option to buy as he wishes ....

    These are the 3 different sets available ( I will be looking at parts 2/3 soon )


    This is Part 1

    As with all RP products the resin pieces are all packed well in 3 bags plus 6 separate pieces ( section of a horse with lower/mid torso, reins, lance, 2 cloaks, base ).......as you see a lot of resin..a total of 30 pieces

    DSCN1726.JPG DSCN1742.JPG DSCN1764.JPG

    All resin was well packed inbetween bubble wrap to prevent any damage or breakages

    As there is so much I will deal with prep as we look at each piece

    As normal with all RP products packing is done by the RP team and includes a signed insert with full background history of the piece.


    The FULL set has been painted by RICARDO PISA ( this is the 75mm version ...we are looking at the 120 scale set )


    A close up of Part 1 in 75mm


    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets go with the resin

    Beginning with the body of the horse ...this also includes the lower torso of the king himself ......thoughts on that is a good idea as it avoids any trouble with the positioning

    The prep on the review piece has a casting line underneath of the horse that will need removing , together with excess resin at the fitment points of both horse and riders legs and at the front of the horse armour........simple to deal with .

    The horse cloth has a good pointed edging , one had a slight air hole ...use of putty will deal with that , textures are evident

    The sit many hanging pieces of the rider is really good with the ends being nicely defined

    One thing to say this is a complicated piece to cast so well done


    The base is a shaped piece with textured ground including the lost shield of the victim on the receiving end of the kings lance


    The Lance is cast in one piece with a wire through for strength....care is still needed when removing from the former .....cast onto the lance are the hands which are nicely worked ....making fit a lot simpler


    The reins are cast shaped already, personally I feel some will replace with something more suitable but if used they look okay


    Looking at the horse now.....this consists of these pieces


    Some slight flashing and excess resin to remove on the pieces but once done fit is very good indeed

    The head has a very thick and flowing mane .....a powerful horse well muscled, mouth open , teeth showing , harness has been cast directly onto the head with the head protection shaped accurately


    The rear legs are cast together again well muscled and again minimal prep needed to remove excess resin , there is a cutout for the tail

    The accuracy of the muscles and positioning is excellent

    The front legs are separate , slight flashing /resin to sands away

    Fit once prep done is very good indeed on all pieces of the horse

    DSCN1727.JPG DSCN1728.JPG DSCN1729.JPG 22 DSCN1730.JPG DSCN1731.JPG DSCN1732.JPG

    The tail is as the mane very full in size and shaped to flow upwards and sit naturally...more movement being shown when in place

    ( Note the piece on the left is the legionary's helmet decoration)

    Finally on the horses head we have a feathered crest ...impressive as becoming a king , the feathers are well detailed and fits well into the position


    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the figures beginning with the king

    Parts consist of this ( 2 weapons for the legionary also in picture )


    First thing to say is you are given a choice of heads for the main figure , one a lions head the other helmet both are very well detailed the helmet is shaped with a beard shaping on the cheek pieces .....both have good facial details

    Fit is no issue after a small amount of prep


    The torso has a muscled cuirass, nice sleeve details with good fitment points for the arms ....prep on the review piece included a slight casting slip, under the arms are parts of the cloak ,nicely folded

    The arms are totally covered with ringed pieces ...there is a casting line to remove which will need careful use of a sharp blade

    The legs are well muscled and very well done , bare legged except for some boots , good strapping details . with a little excess resin on the underneath on the sole

    Once prep has been done fit is really good

    DSCN1743.JPG DSCN1745.JPG
    DSCN1744.JPG DSCN1746.JPG
    DSCN1747.JPG DSCN1748.JPG


    He has a sword well shaped and lethal even though its in a scabbard ...nice animal head on the pommel


    There is a cloak option one being patterned the other being plan , another nice option both have a good clasp in the shaping of a face......remember to plan your build in respect the cloak fitment


    Continued in next post

  4. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the 2nd figure ...the roman legionary

    These are the parts involved plus the empty scabbard and the sheathed dagger both which you can see in the kings grouping of parts

    Prep again continues to be minimal and fit is very good

    This is my favoured figure as its full of action at the point of impact of the lance .....just about to push through in agony at the rear


    The torso is bent almost double at the waist with the impact , wearing chainmail with a cutout to take the lance point , providing a good point of contact

    Nice details on the belt he wears as well as the groin protection , under this is clothing with textures , on the underside the fitment points for the legs are well formed ,


    Legs are well muscled with the left having a fitment piece on the sole ...I would suggest you also pin it to the base , the right stretches of with the impact

    The details on the boots include the studded nails underneath as well as the actual lacing ...you can see the toenails as well under the lacing

    The arms are again high quality in the details , the sleeving has textures on , the right had grips the handle of the gladius...but not for long I think , the left has the fingers splayed out in pain ...great body position research from Hugo and the guys at RP

    The sword blade is cast separate but fits onto a small piece of resin on the handle in the hand ...again I would say pin it as well


    DSCN1771.JPG DSCN1772.JPG

    DSCN1773.JPG DSCN1774.JPG ,

    The head is wearing a well shaped helmet , with good facial features including a pained open mouth


    Final thoughts

    A lot of resin and well thought out not only in the action but also for those considering purchase , details continue to show well on RP products with good presentation and packing
    Modelling options include individual vignettes as in Parts 1 and 2 or 3 as a individual figure...or as the whole set in a full diorama

    For more pictures of the completed full diorama look here https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/mithridates-king.338198/

    Thanks to RP for the review piece


    For more details contact:


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site

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  5. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello BIG GUY

    Thank you so much for this work... Thank you so much for the FRIENDSHIP and the review...

    Big hug.
  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    Thorough and detailed as ever Kev. Another "Wow Factor" release from RP.

    I've actually got my eye on the single kneeling Roman who makes up "Part 3" as a potential opponent for the War Elephant.

    - Steve
  7. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

  8. Edorta A Fixture

    Great review, very complete. I hate to remove pieces from the casting blocks made of resin. It is almost impossible to remove them with no damages, for example that spear.
    Also, if any part comes bent, there is no way to straighten it.

    Military miniatures painted by Eduardo Garcia
  9. Nap A Fixture

    I will be looking at Parts 2 and 3 in the next week or so ....stay tuned


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