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Review Kazhatdram - "War Drum of Doom" from Galapagos Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to all on PF ,

    Fantasy is such a big side of our hobby particularly in relation to figures and another that has been released from a company who are fairly new but made such an impact with their first release (The Messenger) are [IMG].

    Totally in keeping with the previous release being fantasy (this will b ethe main area of releases from them) to the edge of the world this time they have chosen to give us what must be the most fearsome subject

    The Kings Slayer - Kazhatdram

    Our "hero" is feared by the ordinary people to such a state that they dare not look at him , he built up an army which allowed him to influence the 3 kingdoms that surrounded his life and see off 3 kings .

    His army was as feared as him riding beasts of mystery which included troop types like Lizard Riders and Wolf Raider

    Galapagos will concentrate on fantasy releases which IMO is a good idea as with these subjects ther are no actual restrictions regarding colours etc and "uniform" details ...allowing both ethe sculptor and painter total freedom and pure enjoyment .

    What are we looking at in awe ;

    Title: Kazhatdram

    Scale: 1/10th

    Reference: GP -B02

    No of pieces : 22 (plus 1 insert)

    Material: Resin

    Sculptor: Ju-Won Jung

    Box Art: Ju-Won Jung

    Casting: Gyoeng-Yoel Gim

    Story setting for insert: Gyoeng-Yoel Gim

    As with the previous release the model was received in very secure packing which protected the valuable box of treasure inside

    The model was packed in the distinctive crimson box with a wonderful colour picture on the top and sides ..all great reference kev 209.jpg ....on opening the box it was like Christmas day the parts all surrounded by foam kev 210.jpg ...all parts were in immaculate condition ...as with the previous presentation is 1st class which in itself inspires the painter to dig in and enjoy himself.

    Parts consist of the torso , 1 shoulder armour , 2 horns, 1 base, 1 flag, 1 flagpole , 1 sword handle, set of skulls for the pole , a skull decoration for the hemet . 1 set of animal paws , 1 set of additional armour pieces - 1 pyramids and one spikes and 1 set of teeth , kev 211.jpg in addition to this mass of resin we also have a insert which sets the scene for the piece . kev 231.jpg kev 232.jpg

    Continued in next post:

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets now look at the mass of Resin pieces we have in the box :

    As there is so many pieces it might have been an idea to have a locating diagram as well , you could of course use the box art to assist but it might be a daunting prospect for a less experienced modeller ...having said that its a minor point so looking at the pieces and .....

    Perp needed for the torso was absolutely NOTHING .its super smooth , wash and prime and away you go .

    Beginning with the torso , this has the head of this beast included , on his head he wears a close fitting helmet ...metallic finish opportunitys to go wild here ,the helmet has a band around the edge and has lovely undercuts into the face at the back we have a protective neck curtain , well sculpted into the fur cloak he wears .......... there is an animal skull to add at the front
    kev 224.jpg
    What a face ,,,boy is this fella ugly , almost gorrila type features , flattened nose , piercing eyes , furrowed brow , sunken cheeks , skin covered in wrinkles and spots and blemishes ...and with a set of teeth that would not look out of place in a T Rex ....some broken and all lethal looking
    kev 228.jpg
    What I love about this is the skin texture of the neck and chest flesh fabulous ..there is "chest hair" , over his shoulder he wears a fur cloak , the sculpting is finely done and looks warm (you need to add the animal paws at the front .)
    kev 229.jpg View attachment 141308
    His chosen weapon is a masive sword of which we have the large hilt beautifully detailed to represent bone perhaps , bands of steel are around the hilt with these being covered in studs all well done and defined .
    kev 215.jpg
    Our hero carrys a standard , ragged and torn , no design so you can paint your chosen one ..good idea that , this is attached to a staff of wood covered in a material or skin , again with both pieces sculpting is top notch , the standard fits snugly into location and looks the business .
    kev 212.jpg
    There is a set of skulls to fit on the top of the standard ...previous victims of the subject , nice work on these as well and fit is good .
    kev 221.jpg
    The helmet has 2 fearsome additions in the shape of horns one full the other cut off halfway ...all great potential to get those paint effects going , lovely textures are evident on both ., small casting remanants need to be removed once done fit is good .
    kev 219.jpg

    Lets look at the animal paws , as said these fit at the front and are a great addition , the pads of these are well defined with scary claws , this was one big animal and must have been a battle to kill .
    kev 218.jpg
    The shoulder has an armour piece that fits tightly into the shoulder after removal of a small casting plug , on it are the shapes for the pyramids to be fitted , such a great opportunity to do various metallic effects .
    kev 222.jpg
    The additional armour pieces (pyramids and spikes) are all cast on a sprue and will need removing and sanding before fitting ...don't forget the teeth as well for his mouth area ...all of these together with the helmet skull were secured in a plastic bag .
    kev 214.jpg
    Finally we have a nice base , all angled , a casting remnant needs to be removed ..easily done ..perhaps you could do rock effects on this ..granite maybe . kev 223.jpg

    Final Thoughts:

    I am not a fantasy modeller normally but Galapagos have really pulled the stops out for this subject so full of character and with wonderful sculpting and presentation ...

    ......they are setting the standard we should get

    I really do recommend this piece ..it is a painters dream ....just to prove it lets have a look at a couple of versions of this.

    mmzimg13796034274130.jpg mmzimg13796034693430.jpg
    This and The Messanger is available from El Greco Miniatures or why not contact Galapagos at :


    e mail: galapa.jj@gmail.com

    Great Service and product is assurred wherever you get this from....and so much painting potential .

    Thanks for looking in

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  3. Jimbo A Fixture

    Superb review Kev(y)
  4. swralph A Fixture

    excellent bust
  5. Redcap A Fixture

    Not my 'thing' at all but that is a superb piece of sculpting and so full of character. I'm sure the fantasy painters will love this one.
  6. Jazz A Fixture

    A nice bust with plenty of different textures to paint up. Excellent review as always Kev.

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