Kamikaze bust 99% completed

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Mongo Mel, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Mongo Mel Active Member

    I've finally gotten this one almost completely done. Just the Rising Sun flag on the shoulder to do.
    I've tried doing it by making a decal but that hasn't worked out too well. So I think I'm going to have to hand paint it instead. Not really looking forward to that!
    As always, any comments and constructive criticisms are welcome and much appreciated.

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  2. Mongo Mel Active Member

    2nd picture

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  3. Mongo Mel Active Member

    3rd picture

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  4. Mongo Mel Active Member

    4th and final picture :)

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  5. Guy A Fixture

    He looks fabulous Craig.....excellent skin tones and beautiful work on his jacket. If I may suggest, lay out the design on the shoulder patch lightly with a pencil first.
  6. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Craig,

    Way to stick with it! He is looking really nice and the effort to redo him really paid off.

    Whats next on the list for you?
  7. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for taking the time to post here.
    One thought I had on the flag was to take the sticky area of a Post-It and use a hole punch to make a template for the circle part of the flag. Then when that's dry, draw the rays coming out from it.

    Guy, I have something called a Stabilo brand pencil. The lead is soft enough to write on almost anything, including glass. I'll try using that to layout the rays like you suggested. Thanks.

    Anders, I'll probably work on that Dracula bust next. I've had several false starts on it but it's ready to go again.
    Thanks again,
  8. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi Craig,

    Superb painting man. Nice skincolour, realistic silk scarf, lovely leather as is the felt lining. Beautiful!!!


  9. Brad S Member


    Fantastic job!! I also have this bust but was waiting to watch someone else paint it. I really like the skin tones, and leather looks really good. I was trying to find out if the box art picture was accurate in the colors. I plan on doing this one in the winter.

    Brad Spelts
  10. yeo_64 Active Member

    Hey Craig, (y) (y) on the whole bust !! Well Done ! Cheers.
    Kenneth :lol:
  11. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Hi guys,
    Many thanks for the nice comments. :)
    Brad, I have a color picture of one of these life jackets but it's on the computer at home. It kind of contradicts the color used on the box art. The jacket looks more brown than the grey/green on the box and the bottom tie is more khaki in color.
    I opted to just match the box art otherwise it would be all brown.
    I'll post the picture I found tonight if you're interested.
    And if you want, I'd be happy to give you any of the color mixes I used on mine.
  12. Lou Masses Member

    Very nice. The face came out great after all and the leather of the jackets is very convincing.
  13. Rob Brown Member

    Well Done Craig, it look great. Good to see you have the persistance to finish this kit up. Keep up the good work.
  14. amherbert Member

    Hi Craig

    Super job!!

    The leather looks great.

    The flag will be fun... ;)

    Practice on another surface first! I found that really helps with heraldry. And pencilling it in first is a good idea – it has helped me.

  15. btavis Active Member

    Nice job on the jacket. Looks very leathery.
  16. KeithP Active Member

    Well done, Craig. Especially on the asian skin color and tones.

  17. Hyades New Member

    Fantastic job, Craig! The face and especially the leather are wonderfully done! Kudos! :lol:

    Would you mind telling us how you did the leather? It looks so real it's almost scary!

    Again, great job! It's cool to see such good work.

    aka Hyades
  18. Johan Well-Known Member

    Well, so tell us, how did you paint that leather? Looks very much like the real thing, well done!
  19. Mongo Mel Active Member

    Hi all,
    Well...can't say thank you enough. I'm happy that you all seem to like this one.
    I actually had a pretty easy time doing the leather...for a change :).
    I had just done a leather jacket on my Adolph Galland bust and wanted to try to make this one look a little different. Here's what I did:
    Firts, I painted a base coat of Mars Brown and let it dry.
    Then I tried several different paint mixes until I found one this one. It's pretty much a 50/50 mix of Burnt Umber and Naples Yellow.I painted this all over the leather area. While it was still wet, I applied straight Burnt Umber into the shadow areas and blended it in. Then I added straight Naples Yellow to the highlights and blended it in. I also added random specks of both colors to look like uneven variations in the leather and blended these too. When I was satisifed with how it looked I dried it in my drying box. I dried dead flat so I tried a couple of different things to get a mild shine on it. The first was just to rub my little finger on the side of my nose and then rub it on the leather helmet. Kind of gross but very effective.
    This didn't seem too practical on the jacket due to the folds so I tried something I read here. I painted on a coat of my Winsor & Newton Drying Oil. Unfortunately this dried to a much higher gloss than I wanted so I sprayed it all over with a clear flat. This combination seemed to give me a shine that I liked. Guess I got lucky :).
    I'm thinking that might be worth trying to get a little shine to my skintones too.

    For Brad,
    Here's that picture I promised you. Unfortunately I can't remember the site I found it on and can't seem to find it again. Good thing I saved it (hehe).

    Thanks again to everyone for the kind comments.

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  20. Brad S Member


    Thanks for the pic of the life jacket and the color mixes. Sorry about calling you Mongo, I looked at the wrong name on the post. I saved the pic for future reference.

    Brad Spelts

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