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Kaiserliche Marine. Obermatrose. WWl

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by akaryu, May 29, 2015.

  1. akaryu Moderator

    Has anyone on this forum ordered this Obermatrose bust and already received it? I ordered mine on April 11 and still haven't received it. Must have got lost on the way I'm afraid...
  2. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Who's the maker / vendor?

    All the best,
  3. akaryu Moderator

  4. waterloo1815 Active Member

    Like you - I ordered mine on the same day - HAVE NOT received mine yet either!!! I sent him an email and he promised me he would send me a replacement on 5/27 I will give it another 4-5 weeks to see it it shows up . If not will have to start a PayPal dispute!! GOOD LUCK - I suggest you email him also!! Dave
  5. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys,

    I gave received stuff from Ogr ...it does take a longtime as he lives deep in Russia ..miles away from anything and is a reservist I believe ..but his comes were good ...then of course you have to allow for the PO itself !

    Tempted by this one must admit be interested in seeing what folk think when they get it .

    Might also be worth sending a PM as well as e mail

    Good luck!

  6. akaryu Moderator

    I dealt with him earlier for the Admiral Onishi bust and all went well and indeed Ogr is in the military somewhere on the other side of the Urals, and a big side that is! But what with our national Bpost and their haphazard way of dealing with parcels, not to speak of customs who can't detect a shipload full of coke, but prefer to scrutinize every little parcel coming from outside the EU, the tinier the better!
    I'll patiently wait for the bust to arrive,
  7. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Same here....I ordered two pieces from MGM about 5 weeks ago but no show so far. I contacted Ogr last week and he has assured me he will send them again. So far I have found him to be very quick in responding to my emails. I always assume since most companies in our hobby are small operations, any order will take several (3-4) weeks to arrive. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt that it will eventually arrive
  8. waterloo1815 Active Member

    Paul - My fingers are crossed but since this one is out of Russia - I think it will be longer than 3-4 weeks!! Dave
  9. Perseas Well-Known Member

    if i can contribute something here is this link http://www.trackitonline.ru/
    if "Ogr" gave you a shipment number then you can trace the whole "journey" of the package.
    I ordered a bust from Hong Kong and i got it after 2 months so sometimes patience in those
    distances is a real virtue, but tracing with this link makes me feel sure because i know 1) that the
    seller posted it and 2) the time that takes from one country to another.
    I wish to all of you to receive your orders.
    akaryu likes this.
  10. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Ogr has some real talent, but I gather from the posts not as much time to service his attempt at retail sales. Alas, it is so much simpler and more expedient for customers if the sculptor and caster in such situations turns over batches of products to a retail vendor to sell. If anybody has even an e-mail relationship with Ogr, suggest asking him to consider this. If he doesn't want to do business with UK, European or USA vendors because of language issues or some other reason, there are several reliable Ukraine and Russian vendors.

    All the best,
    waterloo1815 likes this.
  11. Alex A Fixture

    I have ordered dozens of shipments from Russia to Canada.
    Tracking number doesnt cost a lot in Russia and all orders I had in the past had a tracking number.
    Check russianpost.ru
    From Russia (St Petersburg) to Canada, door to door, it takes two to three weeks, that's it

  12. akaryu Moderator

    Almost two months hence now and still no joy from the other side of the Urals and still waiting for a tracking number:(. A talented sculptor but the retail side surely can be improved!
    Patiently waiting... :grumpy:
    Paul Kernan likes this.

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