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Open Book Julius Caesar from Nuts Planet

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to you all ,

    There could be no more different piece to review than this in comparison with my last one of the Legionary , from one end of the social scale to another , this piece is of course an Emperor , probably the most famous of all ...Julius Caesar.
    Nuts Ceaser 001.jpg
    The release has been available for a short time but lets have a bit about the man himself :

    Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12th July 100 BC a in Rome ,son of Gaius and Aureli and assassinated in 44 BC by being stabbed 23 times

    He is said to have been tall and fairhaired and well built suffering at times from epileptic fits.

    The historian Suetonis tells us that he was embarrassed by his balding head , being the subject of jokes and comments by his political opposites , so much that he used to comb his hair forward from the back !! he was happy to be able to wear the laurel crown as it hid the area!!!

    The subject of many books of course and a world famous play by the Bard himself Shakespeare.
    There are lots of statues and images of him and he continues to be a name that invites further research by all .

    0aa.jpg 0a.jpg



    Continued in next post:
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Now then onto the box:

    Details are as follows:

    Title: Gaius Julius Caesar

    Reference; NP-B016

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray resin

    Qty of parts: 3

    Sculptor : Jun-Sik Ahn

    Box Art: Myeong-Ha Hwang

    As with all of the products from Nuts Planet they are in the instantly known coloured boxes of blue with full colour boxart on the top and sides , needless to say superb painting as usual.
    Nuts Ceaser 001.jpg Nuts Ceaser 002.jpg
    On opening the box we find the resin , 3 pieces the torso , the head and a base , all held between foam sheeting , providing great protection to the treasured resin.
    Nuts Ceaser 003.jpg

    Prep was the first thing I look at , on this release ( well the review item ) 2 casting plugs/excess to deal with on the underside of the torso , , careful though when removing them as they are below the cloak folds , but it should be a simple operation to sort these. On the head there is a casting plug to take off , this is again on the underside , easy to do , the base needed nothing doing . Once this bit of work has been done the result is a 100% super smooth casting ( can I add that all of the actual bust is like this anyway)

    Nuts Ceaser 015.jpg Nuts Ceaser 005.jpg
    Lets look at the pieces now:

    Lets look at the Torso first , this is a big chunk of resin our subject is depicted wearing a very volumulous cloak with armour underneath .

    Nuts Ceaser 006.jpg Nuts Ceaser 008.jpg Nuts Ceaser 007.jpg Nuts Ceaser 009.jpg
    What can I say except the sculpting is absolutely awesome the cloak folds are amongst the most natural that I have seen , The cloak is held in place by a decorative brooch.
    Nuts Ceaser 012.jpg Nuts Ceaser 014.jpg
    The decoration on the armour beautifully detailed and defined , around his armor we see a sash , again very correct in its position and the way its tied .

    Nuts Ceaser 010.jpg
    The shoulder armour are held with a tie onto an embossed lion leading down to another depicting an emperor , again great work on the ties and the actual area itself. Nuts Ceaser 011.jpg
    The hanging shoulder pieces again are all perfectly well done the tasselled ends sitting well over each other , these are only on his right side the other being hidden under his cloak.
    Nuts Ceaser 013.jpg
    Onto the Head now , this could only be Caesar , looking slightly right , he looks determined with strong features , inspired by various sculptures seen in museums, needless to say all features are wonderfully done from the eyes to the ears , all finely worked , the mouth is held shut , with the face showing good muscle features , with the neck ones being of note , all these details and care taken in sculpting can only assist the painter in enjoying the bust.
    Nuts Ceaser 016.jpg Nuts Ceaser 019.jpg Nuts Ceaser 018.jpg Nuts Ceaser 017.jpg
    The hair is a good area with the strands being defined (no sign of baldness though!!) , around his head we have the laurel crown, tied at the lower neck at the back , as with the hair well represented .
    Nuts Ceaser 023.jpg Nuts Ceaser 022.jpg Nuts Ceaser 020.jpg
    Nuts Ceaser 021.jpg
    Fit into the neck area needed no filler whatsoever

    The Base is the standard pedestal type well formed , nice and smooth and a perfect fit into the recess on the underside , I would advise pinning as well . Nuts Ceaser 004.jpg

    Final Thoughts:

    This is another really nice addition , a popular subject that I have no doubt , well sculpted and cast as always with Nuts Planet to such a very high level , once painted it will be a fine talking point when you proudly show this to your colleagues.

    Thanks to Nutsplanet for the Review model and to you all for looking in .

    For more details including great pictures go to the website at:


    or visit them and like at facebook :


  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    superb review.
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  4. tonydawe A Fixture

    Thanks for the review Nap. I'll be getting this one for sure.
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    Great sculpt. I recall the controversy when it came out re. lack of similarity to extant bust portraits of Caesar. I don't recall if anyone suggested that this might be meant to depict Ciaran Hinds in the role of Caesar in the HBO mini series. Maybe as it seems to very popular these days to depict actors in the role od an historical character rather than the actual subject.

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  6. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Great review Kevin of a superb looking subject. The resin looks almost porcelain in appearance .
    Very tempted.

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  7. storm_zh Well-Known Member

    Great review!
  8. Johan Kees Active Member


    TBH, I do not see any resemblance with either Caesar himself or Ciaran Hinds :D But what a great bust this is! Even the resin casting seems to look acceptable too... LOL

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  9. debrito A Fixture

    Great review, thanks once again..

    BTW, how many times a day you change your avatar?
  10. Graham A Fixture

    I was wondering that.... Just got used to looking for Barbie and here he is without makeup.. Make your mind up that man ;)

    Great review as always by the way :)
  11. bane3D Member

    Thx for the excellent review!
  12. Pekka Active Member

    Just saw this fantastic bust live. Anybody else noticed how different the box art looks from the actual casting? The face in the box art looks much broader and not as "noble" as the real thing. Maybe the box art photo has been given wrong proportions in photo editing and has been flattened ever so slightly.
  13. Martin Philpott Active Member

    Love the stuff Nuts Planet are releasing, another great addition here and another fab review Mr P.

  14. brian A Fixture

    Who gives a s*** if it looks like Caesar,or not? It's a cracking bust and i fancy it big time.
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  15. swralph A Fixture

    Another great review nap.(y)

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