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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 22, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone,

    Following on from my post in Figure news here:

    We all know of JSM so hearing of new releases is particularly welcome , using 3D sculpting they are well known for the accessories that we see in dioram's and on single figures as well adding more to the pieces

    ZWednesday 033.jpg

    Note if your wondering what that is on the business card its a rat...curled up!!...great for trenches when you buy something you get a free rat !!

    This time we have a wide selection of heads both French and German

    Lets have a few references .....

    Books first

    ZZZZZ.jpeg ZZZZZZZ.jpeg ZZZZZZZZ.jpg

    zzzz.jpg ZZZZZZ.jpg

    • As always presentation is well done items in small individual bags with full details
    • Various styles are available
    • German caps at various angles
    • Wearing glasses and without
    • Bareheaded
    • Different facial expressions
    • Facial hair
    • French caps being worn under helmets
    • And so much more in both !/35th and 54mm
    • Minimal prep needed
    • ALL giving a great variety of add ons
    Here's the packets of what JSM sent me

    ZWednesday 012.jpg ZWednesday 015.jpg ZWednesday 018.jpg ZWednesday 021.jpg ZWednesday 024.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets now have the 3 D renders from JSM

    Firstly French

    S-SH39 4.jpg S-SH34 5.jpg S-SH35 3.jpg S-SH36 1.jpg S-SH36 3.jpg S-SH37 5.jpg S-SH51 5.jpg S-SH51 2.jpg S-SH53 1.jpg


    S-SH40 3.jpg S-SH45 4.jpg S-SH45 1.jpg S-SH45 3.jpg

    Next we will have the German heads

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    The German heads both helmeted and with caps

    S-SH44 5.jpg S-SH41 3.jpg S-SH41 5.jpg S-SH42 2.jpg S-SH44 4.jpg S-SH50 3.jpg S-SH46 1.jpg S-SH47 1.jpg S-SH47 4.jpg S-SH47 5.jpg S-SH48 1.jpg S-SH48 3.jpg S-SH52 5.jpg S-SH52 1.jpg S-SH52 2.jpg S-SH55 5.jpg S-SH54 5.jpg S-SH55 1.jpg

    Continued in next post

  4. Nap A Fixture

    Now my pics virtually to scale size to allow you to view correctly , if you wish for larger images click on picture.

    General comments
    • Very good in house casting by Jon at JSM
    • Sharp definition
    • Excellent folds and facial features
    • All on easy to remove casting blocks
    ZWednesday 013.jpg ZWednesday 014.jpg ZWednesday 016.jpg ZWednesday 017.jpg ZWednesday 020.jpg ZWednesday 022.jpg ZWednesday 023.jpg

    ZWednesday 025.jpg ZWednesday 026.jpg

    All the above are 1/35th scale

    To compare these are 54mm

    ZWednesday 029.jpg ZWednesday 027.jpg ZWednesday 028.jpg

    All are really nice to look at and appreciate the skill in both sculpting and casting quality = VERY HIGH QUALITY

    Now I mentioned Rats earlier....

    ZWednesday 030.jpg ZWednesday 031.jpg ZWednesday 032.jpg

    I had a couple of business cards sent as well these are the rats from them ........same skill in sculpting and casting applies and a must for that scene in WW1 or even a civilian with maybe children playing in ruins with them

    Have a look at this as well for further items available

    ....more fine resin available

    Final thoughts

    Excellent additions to a wide series of items , well cast , excellent presentaion

    Highly recommended for all

    For more information on this and all the releases both figures in 1/32nd and 1/16th from JSM contact details are here:

    e mail:


    ZWednesday 033.jpg

    Happy modelling

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  5. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great review for an highly recommended product and brand !
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  6. Chezzie Well-Known Member

    I love Jon’s stuff. I have the full 120mm trench system and figures sat waiting to be done. Beautiful pieces and he’s a pleasure to deal with
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  7. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member

    An excellent new range, to be sure. What we now need is a terrier to deal with those rats!
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  8. Jon Smith New Member

    Thanks for all comments regarding the recent JSM reviews from Nap. The idea of a rat-catcher has already been suggested a few times and a small dog (the Germans favoured Jack Russells) would be a good challenge for a future project.
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