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Jon Smith Modellbau 1/16 French Infantryman Chauchat MG Gunner, 62nd Regiment, 1916

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    New, from JSM available also in 1/32 (review soon) and in 1/10 bust
    French Infantryman Chauchat MG Gunner, 62nd Regiment, 1916



    First figurine of a French soldier in the superb 1/16 ° series of Jon Smith Modellbau
    resin, 1/16, Sculptor : Jon Smith
    First full figure in 3D conception. IMG_1523.JPG
    French Infantryman Chauchat MG Gunner, 62nd Regiment

    • Scale / Maßstab: 1:16
    • Approx. height of figure / ca. Höhe der Figur: 113mm
    • Material: Resin (figure), Model Plaster (base) / Resin (Fugur), Modell-Gips (Sockel – synethetische, kunststoffveredelte Gießmasse)
    • Parts / Teile: 29
    • Infosheet / Infoblatt: English
    • Code: 33LCG
    Contents / Inhalt:

    • Figure (9 parts) / Figur (9 Teile)
    • Head with Kepi / Kopf mit Käppi
    • Alternative Head (Adrian Helmet) / 2. Kopf (mit Adrianhelm)
    • 2 CSRG Frontal Magazine Pouches (1st type) / 2 Stck. CSRG Magazintaschen (Typ 1)
    • Ruby Pistol Pouch M1916 / Ruby Pistolentaschen M1916
    • Common European Frog (Rana temporaria) on Stone / Grasfrosch auf Stein
    • Figure Base / Figur-Sockel
    • Chauchat Mle. 1915 MG – Main Body / Chauchat Mle. 1915 MG-Gehaüse
    • MG Barrel – old type / MG-Lauf – alte Art
    • MG Barrel – new type (from 1917) / MG-Lauf – neue Art (ab 1917)
    • MG Rear Sight / MG-Kimme – hintere
    • MG Handle / MG-Griff
    • Bipod Legs / Zweibein
    • Magazine with 9 Rounds / Magazin mit 9 Patronen
    • Magazine with 18 Rounds / Magazin mit 18 Patronen
    • Spare Parts for MG (Bipod Leg, Rear Sight & MG Handle) / MG-Ersatzteile (Zweibein, Kimme & Griff)
    • [IMG]
    • Information courtesy of JSM
    Attention, I remind you that I am not a professional photographer and that my photos are not always up to the quality of the figurines.
    I'm going to take photography lessons, and I asked Santa Claus for a new camera and a mini photo studio.

    Before editing the photos of this beautiful figurine,
    the references:
    Books :
    Verlag Militaria :
    The French Army (available in Germen, French and English) Vol I & II
    Osprey : very useful little books

    H&C available in French and (somes) in English
    Plates also available from :
    By André Jouineau each plate is downloadable, price 2.5 €

    Film : recommended documentary :
    On Youtube 5 episodes not available in France, apocalypse 1ere guerre mondiale
    and also

    Also : Capitaine Conan

    And the wonderfull
    Paths of Glory

    Next post the figure !

    Attached Files:

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  2. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    And now the figurine;
    Finally a French at 1/16 °
    Perhaps the second realization to my knowledge in this scale
    No comments from me just a rating at the end of this post.
    It's up to you to make up your own mind.

    Do not forget that I am the worst phtographer of Planet Figures

    The figure painted by the talented DAVID LANE

    IMG_1466.JPG IMG_1470.JPG IMG_1475.JPG IMG_1473.JPG IMG_1481.JPG IMG_1479.JPG IMG_1485.JPG IMG_1487.JPG IMG_1489.JPG IMG_1492.JPG IMG_1497.JPG IMG_1504.JPG IMG_1506.JPG IMG_1511.JPG IMG_1502.JPG IMG_1515.JPG IMG_1517.JPG

    little info from Jon Smith, he is not very happy with the head helmet ... I really do not see why!
    My rating criteria:
    - Choice of the subject 11/10 (It's a French !!!!)
    - Pose 10/10
    - Sculpture 10/10
    - Molding 10/10
    - Packaging 10/10
    So an Highly recommended figure !
    Available :
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  3. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member

    That's a great figure. Maybe Jon's dissatisfaction with the helmet relates to that moulding plug on the rear rim. It will be tricky to remove and maintain the shape and smoothness of the rim which, due to the quality of the casting, is very thin. Surgical skills required!
  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    A lovely looking figure, but weapons in broken down into multiple parts (often unnecessarily) is one of my pet hates (little to no keying surface for the glue makes building the thing extremely tricky and the resulting assembly very fragile).

    +1 to Richard's comments re the helmet.

    - Steve
  5. Warren SMITH PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have this figure and he was a pleasure to built, the weapon was not that hard to put together, but the tripod legs, being resin are fragile.. Have to agree with the comments about the Adrian helmet, as that is the head I preferred to use.. I did my best but the helmet did sustain a few scratches... hes not yet finished, but thumbs up and I hope to see more of the same.

  6. fogie Well-Known Member

    <p><br data-mce-bogus="1"></p>

    Love 'la petite grenouille' ... it's a master stroke !


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