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Jo Sonja's acrylics

Discussion in 'Acrylics' started by m@rp, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. m@rp Active Member

    Hi planeteers,
    A request especially for Jo Sonj'as acrylics paints users.
    I would like test jo sonja's acrylics color so could you tell me how they seems (tube, bottle...).
    Which one I have to use to paint figures?
    Is the consistence like an oil paint?. Diluting process (water, alcohol, white spirit?)?
    Is the paint consistence like the vallejo color? time setting (equal to vallejo?)?
    Matt finish? ........
    Thanks for your help
  2. geaugan Member

    Jo Sonja's come in 70 mm tubes. You get a lot for your money. I transfer mine to dropper bottles. They are described as acrylic qouache. The colors are very vivid and they dry to a beautiful matte finish. They are thinned by water and Jo Sonja makes several different kinds of mediums that can be used with their paint. As previously mentioned if you go to YouTube and look up M J Miniatures you will find several videos by Man Jin Kim. He is a master at using Jo Sonja.
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  3. m@rp Active Member

    Many thanks Geaugan,
    Very interesting too!
  4. tonydawe A Fixture

    I've used Josonja acrylics for several years now and I can highly recommend them. The only draw back is the limited range of colours, especially in regards to military colours.

    I like that they dry dead flat all the time and when thinned can produce some very subtle filter effects and washes.

    I believe they are superior to Vallejo acrylics in every respect, except the range of colours available.
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  5. NOSAJ19 Member

    Do you have trouble with colour rubbing off whilst handling ? Do you seal the figure once completed.

    I'm painting over Tamiya Fine surface primer grey.
  6. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Can you airbrush these paints? That would be a good thing.

    Cheers, Ski.
  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi NOSAJ19, yes if you handle a painted figure the paint will almost certainly rub off or become shiny from the oils in your skin. The best way to avoid this is to pin your figures/ busts to a painting stand or base so the only thing that touches you figure is your brush. It really doesn't matter what brand of paint you use, handling a painted figure while you're painting is a sure-fire way to damage the paint work.
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  8. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Ski,

    I've airbrushed Jo Sonja acrylics. I'm not an experienced airbrusher, but after a few unsuccessful attempts and a lot of swearing, I managed to spray them quite effectively.
  9. NOSAJ19 Member

    Thanks Tony. Just getting up to speed & the assistance I have gathered from here & locally, has been much appreciated.

    Cheers, Ando.
  10. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thx Tony. I've scanned the colors and there seems to be quite a bit to choose from on a few sites. I recon a day of A/B experimentation may be in order. May have to add these to my tool box, never enough gear for this Sport.

    Cheers, Ski.
  11. Alex A Fixture

    With acrylics, you aint suppose to contaminate the paint surface with the natural oil of your skin at all.

    I paint using nitrile gloves all the time and can handle the figure with my hands if required.
  12. Range Rat Active Member

    I use Chromacolour and Jo Sonja's seem the same, colour wise, strength and their brightness of colour.
    Happy to be shot down on this.
  13. phc35 Well-Known Member

    By far, the best paints I've used for the skin tones They dry Matt.
  14. hall-moye@msn.com Active Member

    I just love the colors ! they' re smooth and mix and dilute well. I just purchased the metals and the jury is still out on them.

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