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JMD Aayane 1/10 bust WIP

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Got this lovely little bust from skminiatures a couple of days ago, and decided to bring it to the front of the waiting list :)

    very nice castings and as you can see from this shot very little clean-up will be needed! i have left off the boom mike and the "blade" thats in the holster on her back

    i'm going to show more of the intermediate stages with this WIP so expect to be bombarded with pics :)


    here are the components just after cleanup and just before washing :)

  2. mil-mart A Fixture

    Come on Mark, it's been a full 10 mins and still no pics :D. looking forward to seeing your version.

    Cheers Ken
  3. rej Well-Known Member

    Keep us posted Mark as I'm sure this will be great!!

    Ray ;)
  4. unknown01 New Member

    Good start 、Mark.
    I'm looking forward to progress of your work very much.

  5. Rob Brown Member

    that looks like a cool kit Mark, am looking forward to seeing you work on it
  6. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Ken, Ray, Mitsutaka and Rob... Cheers guys :)

    been out walking all day ( training for the lyke wake walk at the end of the month ( 42 miles!! )) so only had an hour or so on this bust


    whites AVC 006 Light Flesh

    disc AVC 169 Black
    iris GW 61-32 Regal Blue mixed with AVC 004 Off White
    H-light AVC 004 Off White

    lower lid AVC 037 Salmon rose with AVC 033 Red
    upper lid AVC 148 Burnt Umber

    i spent a bit of time looking at this piece and made a couple of decisions....

    she is gonna be pale, blue eyed and blonde, i'm gonna paint her without any makeup on but
    i could change my mind on that bit :)

    i'm going to try and paint the clothes and head wear as dark rubber and leather ( goffik innit! )
    but again i may change my mind and add colour, but i guess it will be a primary if i do

    I'll let the pics do the rest, i googled some nice pics of eyes as reference



    plan on doing some of the flesh tonight :)
  7. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Mark, thanks for sharing the WIP shots, plus your mix formulas.

    Again, random thoughts from the down under weirdness that is Jamie.

    "I'll do some flesh tonight"....only heard in painting areas, gentics labs, and Frankensteins lab

    And how was the packaging? Probably pretty good from your supplier, I remeber the review found the packaging lacked padding and a sturdy box at the time. Improved any?

    Looks good, and the eyes look well proportioned (Iris to whites sizing)

  8. Jeff T Well-Known Member


    Great work on the eye's Mark!!

  9. Kirtles Well-Known Member

    Nice work Mark!

    Glad that you like the bust.

    Look forward to seeing this as it progresses.

  10. cblakey1 Member

    Great piece. Steve has some awesome stuff over at SKminiatures.
  11. RFL Active Member

    I`m looking forward to your work on this one Mark, JMD`s busts are among my favorites, but I`ve never been to good with female skin tones....
  12. frank h Well-Known Member

    I am working on this one ...its a great bust

    nice work on the eyes

  13. gothicgeek A Fixture

    LOL! hullo Jamie! see below re. packaging :)

    Thanks Jeff :)

    i do like the bust a lot Steve and thanks again ;)

    Agreed :)

    This is only my second female face ( verlinden sniper being my 1st )
    i'm working on the idea of soft transitions mainly ..... worry worry :)

    thanks Frank :) feel free to post a pic if you want too :)

    Face 1.

    base AVC 020 Sunny skintone mixed with GW 61-21 Dwarf Flesh

    shade AVC 139 Mahogany Sand

    base 2 GW 61-21 Dwarf Flesh

    shade 2 AVC 033 Red

    high 1 GW 61-23 Elf Flesh ( AVC 017 Basic Skintone ? )

    put about 2 1/2 hours in on this today and i'm quite pleased with where it's going,
    tomorrow i'll go for a few blood red washes and the final highlight

    a note on the packaging .... supplied in a baggie with a small leaflet in it and a card top,
    arrived in a jiffy bag in A1 condition ;)



  14. frank h Well-Known Member

    Hi Mark

    I have used pretty much the same mixes as you have for the skin tone

    female skin tone takes a bit of working out

    will see if i can get a pic tomorrow ...I take them in day light

    Not put the eyes in yet

    like the way yours is coming along

  15. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Thanks Frank :)

    Face 2.

    shade 3 GW 61-06 Blood Red

    high 2 AVC 006 Light Flesh

    ok so i spent another hour on her face :)

    added the reds then 2nd high, some blending with high 1 to tie it together and re-high light with high 2

    i did no steps on this stage as i find it kinda flows from here to finish :)

    anyone got a nice receipe for bleached blonde hair ( other than some hair and peroxide :p )


  16. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Nice work so far Mark. Bleach blonde huh? I don't have any mixes for you, but an interesting challenge for that would be to do some darker roots where the color has grown out just a tad. Always a dead giveaway on a dye-job!

    Jay H.
  17. megroot A Fixture

    Very good work sofar.
    The eyes are incredible.

  18. Black Army Well-Known Member

    Hi Mark!

    I liked the woman with grey face and nice eyes :D Only the eyes were enough to see it will be a great paintjob. And yes, the skincolors are very ligtly, good for a woman. I'm looking forward the blond hairs.
    JMD has made a good job by casting this hair, I wonder how they made it.

    Keep us posting!

  19. Marcel Active Member

    Great start Marc, looking forward to see how this one develops!

  20. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Jay... didnt quite work out that well :(

    Marc... many thanks :)

    Balázs... thank you! and the hair is an amazing sculpt...

    Marcel... cheers :)


    Base VMC 128 Ger. Cam. Orange Ochre

    wash 1 VMC 150 Ger. Cam. Blk. Brown

    wash 2 GW 61-84 Catachan Green!

    wash 3 Gw 61-12 Scorched Brown

    base VMC 128 Ger. Cam. Orange Ochre

    high VMC 006 Light flesh

    filter GW 61-09 Golden Yellow

    wash 4 VMC 148 Burnt Umber

    high 2 VMC 001 White mixed with GW 61-09 Golden Yellow

    High 3 VMC 001 White

    spend upwards of 4 1/2 hours on the hair .... uh.

    some of it is virtually invisible and its a bit dirty to be true bleached blonde

    but i'm reasonably happy with it so .....




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