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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Alltors0.jpg continue to release different subject that give all painting preferences a option

    A release giving just that is a modern/possibly futuristic piece that of a young lady with a jet pack and wings

    Sculpted with her getting ready for a flight pulling on her right glove wearing a figure hugging suit and helmet


    Details on the release:

    Title: Jet Girl

    Reference: B - 145

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Lt Gray resin

    No of parts: 8

    Sculptor: Alexander Deryabin (PF member Zippo)

    Box Art: N/A

    The sculptor's Alexander used these references for inspiration ( Thanks to him for the pictures )

    jet.jpg jet5.jpg jet2.jpg jet4.jpg jet6.jpg jet1.jpg jet3.jpg

    As always the resin was packed in a good black cardboard box in clear bags and with foam on top and bottom sandwiching the pieces .

    The slip over cover has the distinctive black label and yellow text with a unpainted picture of the piece (see above )

    Altores Jet Girl 001.jpg

    Parts consist of Torso, 2 arms, head, a wing and 2 engines , a rose , no base is provided

    Altores Jet Girl 002.jpg


    With so few parts this is going to be minimal consisting of :

    • Torso...Remove casting excess from underneath , casting line on her right lower side
    • Arms...Fit in place ( tiny bit of filler needed at the shoulder )
    • Head...remove casting excess from under neck and fit
    • Engines..Small casting post on each and then fit
    • Wing...Small casting excess on lower edge and edge , slight filling when in position
    • Rose ...Remove casting post and fit to hand
    All very simple and easy to do

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the resin


    Wearing a very skin tight suit accentuating her full female form very nicely , down the middle of the suit is a flap leading down to a wide belt with a central plate ( no design so a good opportunity to do whatever you wish there )

    Wearing a parachute ( hopefully!!!! ) with wide cushioned straps going over the shoulders ( the edges are padded in sculpt , both are joined by one on the upper chest pulling into the body nicely .

    Talking of a parachute there is the release handle in the shape of a "D" sitting on the left ...something I am sure she hopes never to use !!!

    The parachute is cast onto the rear sculpted in several sections each edged with stitching being evident

    Below this a locating hole for the wings to fit to

    On the underside a hole to use for the post( possibly brass rod ) you use to fit

    There are no badges or the like so you can easily add what you wish to

    Altores Jet Girl 014.jpg Altores Jet Girl 012.jpg Altores Jet Girl 010.jpg

    Altores Jet Girl 013.jpg Altores Jet Girl 011.jpg Altores Jet Girl 009.jpg

    Altores Jet Girl 015.jpg Altores Jet Girl 016.jpg

    Altores Jet Girl 008.jpg


    This is the most detailed part wearing a flying/space like helmet with the visor up cast on

    Its a shame a clear visor wasn't an option with another head but you could use the cast visor as a former to produce one ..just my thought on this !!!

    The casting on the helmet is very well done , really smooth , good definition with padded edges ( stitching is there as well)

    Peeking out we have the pilots face a cutie for sure slightly turned up nose , well formed at the nostrils , etyes are good well shaped , nice work on the lids

    Hair flows out from the top and edges of her face and from underneath the helmet , good sculpting on this ...I see her as a blonde !!!

    At the neck we have the wrap over collar , fitting to the torso is clean and no issues will be encountered

    Altores Jet Girl 006.jpg Altores Jet Girl 003.jpg Altores Jet Girl 004.jpg

    Altores Jet Girl 005.jpg Altores Jet Girl 007.jpg


    Initially these might look long when not on the bust but in place look just right again the material is tightly worn in keeping with the torso, there is a band of material running down each arm , again as on the torso sharply worked

    Creases and folds are in keeping with the material

    The right hand has the glove slightly longer than were the actual hand would be as its being pulled over the hand

    The fingers look like they are stretching the gloved material with them slightly angled upwards at the ends

    The left hand is fully gloved positioned to fit over the edge of the gauntlet nicely

    Fitting is no issue with really good posts and cut outs , a swipe of filler once in place

    Altores Jet Girl 019.jpg Altores Jet Girl 020.jpg

    Altores Jet Girl 021.jpg

    Altores Jet Girl 017.jpg Altores Jet Girl 018.jpg


    Cast as one piece nicely shaped as you can see , cut out to fit on either side of parachute at the back , there are area's that are defined on the leading edges and a rounded area ( possible fuel access )

    There are locating holes for the separate engines on each side

    Fitting is a simple matter of linking the small post to the hole in the read of the torso

    Altores Jet Girl 024.jpg Altores Jet Girl 025.jpg

    2 are provided , cylindrical in shaping with pipes cast on , top and bottom show inside of the engine, fit is the same as the wings

    You could add lettering to the engines themselves as well ( Archer transfers or freehand )

    Altores Jet Girl 022.jpg Altores Jet Girl 023.jpg


    A interesting addition , nicely sculpted and cast , held in the hand , delicate and a nice contarst ...a beautiful rose for a beautiful pilot ...perhaps from her boyfriend prior to her next flight

    Altores Jet Girl 026.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Mr Deryabin is a very talented sculptor for sure , its something different as a subject and one that opens up plenty of painting options both on the figure and the wings etc

    Casting and presentation is very good and what we have seen in all of the Altores releases , no matter what the scale or subject


    For details on this and more from them :



    They are also a member of social media and the forum here on PF

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece

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  3. franck edet A Fixture

    i love this one, I see the Rose as a kind of lucky charm :) A lot of possibilities for the painter here.

    thanks for the review Nap !
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  4. Nap A Fixture


    Pleasure Franck ........reckon she needs more than 1 rose wearing that jet pack !!!!

    Thanks for looking in

    Stay safe

  5. Jed Active Member

    Looking forward to this one Nap
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  6. Gary_81 Active Member

    Nice review Nap. I liked this model right away and it's good to see from your review just how high the quality of the piece is.

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