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Jeffshiu's Miniatures

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by pinkfloyd, Sep 30, 2023.

  1. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for your question! in my original release announcement here :https://www.planetfigure.com/thread...-halftrack-sd-kfz-251-1-ausf-d-riders.598005/

    I have many questions ... many want to say to you and to other modelers, but my English is not good that hard to communicant! My mother language is Chinese, pls think about it if I want you communicant with me in Chinese, will you feel same as an English to you? Sometimes I need dictionary help for understand what customers say. I'm an extremely busy man, I'm really no extra times communicant and response their question!

    Okay, back to the main point I want say, in this new release I find some modelers judge my products quality and rough scratch compared with my early products.
    I guess you have been in this hobby for many years, and guess you saw many sculptors and companies couldn't success and left this business!
    I still remember when Covid-19 started, many old modelers were gone, some of them my great supporter customers! my income became not enough support my business because of the bad economic. I know if I still want to live in this business, I need change my step... MUST BE FAST! I need more items for modelers choice.
    I'm in this business since 2018 to now, I saw plastic model factories how to change modelers what they need, so I made a larger number of tanks riders.

    I change my step hope keep enough income support my business!
    One more the worst thing was some *******re-casters copy many of my products and selling with low low prices! from this way I loss a lot of incomes
    that I couldn't know!?
    Recently some modelers wanted order from me, after I checked I know they support re-casters then I refuse their order, also I don't want do business with trouble customers, this is why someone told me I have the list. Could you tell me I'm doing Wrong?
    I have a question? how could these *******re-casters still survive? because modelers feed them maybe you or your modeler friends!
    Some profit should be to me, but my profit were flying to re-casters!
    Finally, pls don't use my products compare with 3D, all my figures are hand made, these the best I can do this moment! hope people understand!

    All the best,

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  2. Corse New Member

    I love your figures and there's no need that you should 3D your figures. Look at it this way, war is rough and hard.
    I think your handmade figures also radiate this this roughness and hardness.
    And it is indeed a fucking shame that nothing is done about the re-casters, but yes, if you look at that large company from China.
    We have already banned a few club members from the club, they were so stupid as to tell several other members that they bought that figure very cheaply from that well-known re-caster "company".

    Keep up the super nice work you deliver.

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  3. Corse New Member


    And now in Traditional Chinese:

    我喜歡你的人物模型,而且你沒有必要對你的人物模型進行 3D 處理。


    I hope you can read it, I can't, but asked someone to translate it.
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  4. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Erik,
    Yes, I read it. Thanks so much for your positive and encourage message! also the Traditional Chinese translate too!
  5. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Jeff,

    thank you very much for your reply - even by starting an own thread - and I understand that this is an extra load for you to run your business and reply to comments and questions on Planet Figure. My mothertongue is likewise not English and so there is some room for misunderstandings.
    What I get from your post is that you need to speed up the process of new releases to recover losses from recasters and effects of Covid and this keeps you from putting more effort into details of the masters for your new products.
    Being one of your old customers I really like your products but former single releases had a higher quality and I miss that quality sometimes.
    When you announce another release and tell that you hope, we like it, my answer in the recent past was at times "Yes, but...", because I can see in your pictures that I have to add details or replace hands etc. - otherwise these problems are too obvious in the large scale.
    And yes, I have to calculate the money that is needed to buy your products including shipping and customs and the surplus costs and time by replacing parts with hands/weapons from kits of other brands....and usually I take a step back although I like and admire your craftsmanship.
    If it is a good strategy in business to refuse orders from customers and tell them publicly that they are not the trusted ones and blame them that they support recasters is up to you. I was not affected and I don`t have any modeller friends that were affected. It is your business and I wish you luck and success!

    Best wishes, Martin
    嗨杰夫, 非常感谢您的回复 - 即使通过启动自己的线程 - 我知道这对您经营业务和回复 Planet Figure 上的评论和问题来说是额外的负担。我的母语同样不是英语,因此存在一些误解的空间。 我从你的帖子中得到的信息是,你需要加快新版本的发布过程,以弥补因重制器和新冠疫情影响而造成的损失,这使你无法在新产品母版的细节上投入更多精力。 作为您的老客户之一,我真的很喜欢您的产品,但以前的单曲版本具有更高的质量,我有时会怀念这种质量。 当你宣布另一个版本并告诉你希望时,我们喜欢它,我最近的回答有时是“是的,但是......”,因为我可以在你的照片中看到我必须添加细节或更换手等。 ——否则这些问题在大范围内就太明显了。 是的,我必须计算购买你们的产品所需的资金,包括运输和海关,以及通过用其他品牌套件中的手/武器更换零件来节省成本和时间……通常我会退一步,尽管我喜欢并钦佩你的手艺。 如果拒绝客户的订单并公开告诉他们他们不是值得信赖的人并责怪他们支持重铸商是一个好的商业策略,这取决于你。我没有受到影响,我也没有任何建模朋友受到影响。这是你的事,我祝你好运和成功! 最美好的祝愿,马丁
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  6. Steve headley A Fixture

    Hi Jeff, I fully understand where you are coming from it’s a sad state of affairs when re casters cost you so much. I know you have speeded up your sculpting, but maybe take a little more time get back to the quality you had and I’m sure more and more customers will start to come back. I know it takes time, but it will pay in the long run. From what I’ve read and seen. It looks like it’s the quality that is causing the issues with some potential customers.

    I would say back to your old way of doing things and then watch the business grow again as customers start to come back to your wonderful kits. Re casters only survive because people buy them. Re casters would give up if people would just stop buying them and the likes of eBay got to grips with them. But at the end of the day eBay makes money and that’s what counts.

    We wish you all the best with your figures and hope you can get back on track.


    TFB Miniatures Team
  7. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Jeff, I'm going to chime in here if you don't mind and reiterate what Steve has just said. IMHO, your poses are incredible and very useful, but if you could just slow down a little bit and get the details corrected, the payoff will come. Quality is just as important as the subjects themselves.

    You've got a talent most of us could only dream of. I surely don’t have such talents and I really could use quite a few of your kits.

    I do appreciate you addressing this issue publicly, that is the first step to success, IMHO. By your own acknowldgement of the issues presented I have full confidence this will be a thing of the past and that you will far exceed our expectations, once again!

    Cheers, Ski.

    P.S. Sorry for your troubles in regards to re-casters, they will never go away.
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  8. Noel Walker Active Member

    Jeff you're doing great work keep it up
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  9. newtonk Well-Known Member

    Quantity is a quality...

    I buy Jeff's figures knowing they may need work because it is easier for me to fill an air bubble than it is to sculpt an entire figure; also, I buy Jeff's work because I like supporting original and innovative work in a scale that is usable (to me). Further, the price / quality trade-off is right for me. And, I do not buy those figures that do not appeal.

    Keep up the good work, Jeff.
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  10. JasonB Moderator

    Steve Ski hit it on the head. Quality of the figures has suffered. I have bought original figs from Jeff, and the continued rough separation of parts, requiring a lot of filling and sanding, and sometimes, resculpting, gets old. Also, some of the details have gotten rough. Someone mentioned that critiquing figs like JS's and AC's isn't fair. It is. It should be taken as a means of improving and not a slight or personal attack. I shouldn't feel as if I need to resculpt an entire area on a fig due to poor casting, details, or both. Alpine, Airborne and others manage to release resin cast figs that are superbly detailed and beautifully cast.

    Just my opinion, a list and limiting sells isn't going to do anything, except maybe drive those people who you won't sell to buy the recasts. Trying to close the price gap between the originals and the recasts would go further, I think. E-bay is never going to crack down on recasters. Period. They are making money off them, and proving to ebay that something it a recast and should be taken down, even if you can get it done once or twice, is a losing battle. You'll spend more time and effort, not to mention the stress involved, to win one battle while you lose the war. Its a true case of Whack-a-mole. I have said it before. Try bringing your prices down to closer to what the recasts are selling for. Selling more items at a lower price is preferable to a few at a higher price, since the price is what causes people to buy the recasts. Get rid of the rough separation of parts at weird areas on the figure, make sure details are correct and well sculpted. That goes a long way. I have never experienced a poorly detailed, cast or sculpted Alpine figure, so even sight unseen, I assume they are going to be good to go. Reputation goes a long way.
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  11. Babelfish A Fixture

    1000% this.

    With bells and cherries on.

    - Steve
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  12. Nap Moderator


    I totally agree with Steve on this ......

    The modelling world is in comparison quite a small marketplace imo and many companies cease trading for many reasons including these scummy recasters , quality is important modelling time is a premium for any so quality comes to the forethought

    You work hard and I wish you success

    Think on what your potential customers say

    I have added the link to the original release thread


    In Traditional Chinese






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  13. Corse New Member

    I completely agree with you Steve, but only referring to eBay is OK, but that large manufacturer of a lot of cheap junk from China can also be included. The one with the masculine name followed by the synonym for fast or direct.

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  14. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for your comments! ofcouse I'm totally understand what you mean, honestly I much more enjoy my early sculpt life! if you ask me would you return to such step? my answer is not! I almost 100% sure couldn't survive.
    At this moment I need is BALANCE and a little bit slow down, hope a little bit more details come back on my new sculpt figures.
    One more major thing is I can't control the factory that help me production my figures quality! Because it's my only trust factory, others may bring your figures for re-cast.
    Well, look see the near future I was lost customers will they coming back if I make somethings change in the future.
    Anyway, thanks again for your kinds comments!

    All the best,
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  15. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! I absolutely agreed your opinions, I think I should slow down a bit because most of comments were the same!
    Thanks again for your times! hope your business also smooth and success!

    Best wishes,
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  16. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your kinds comments! I'm totally understanding, I will try a little bit slow down my step, and try to produce some more figures make most people would say " Jeff is Back"(y).
    Thanks again for your times!

    Best wishes,
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  17. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Noel,
    Thanks for your kind words!

    Best wishes,
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  18. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your kinds comments! I totally understand!
    If you notice my recently release prices, I did adjust prices a little lower compare my early production.

    Best wishes,
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  19. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi, thanks for your kind words and comments! seem you are just the only one no negatives to me:cry:!

    Best wishes,
  20. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Hi Nap,
    Thanks for your kind words and comments! I'm totally understand.
    Thanks again for your support!

    All the best,
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