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Jeffshiu's Miniatures 200mm (1/9) Kubewagen crew (4 figures)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by pinkfloyd, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Streifenesel New Member

    in der Beschreibung steht - Totenkopf Crew 43/44 - sieht aber ehr wie 42/43 Charkow aus.
    Ist die Idee von einem echtes Foto?
  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Translation: "The description says Totenkopf crew 43/44, but it looks more like Kharkov 42/43.
    Does the idea come from an actual photo?"

    - Steve
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  3. Babelfish A Fixture


    You have to e-mail Jeff directly to order his stuff, and he will e-mail you a PayPal invoice back. There is not shopping cart & checkout on his site. See Zastrow's post above for more info.

    In my experience he has always been quick and reliable to deal with.

    - Steve
  4. FMDerbala New Member

    I love jeffshiu's work and I've tried to contact him through mail and pm in this forum but with no luck of answer. Is he too busy to answer?
  5. Des New Member

    Strange I ordered and within a week and a half my figures turned up
  6. FMDerbala New Member

    I sent 3 mails. What could possibly be wrong? Maybe he doesn't ship to Egypt? I'm not sure why he isn't responding
  7. TIGER11 Active Member


    just in case you have wrong email.

    Jeff usually responds fast. Good Luck. I have about 95% of his 120mm collection; and I love his work.
    I sent an email to him as a reminder that you are wanting to order from him also
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  8. FMDerbala New Member

    At last I got in touch with him and made my purchase thank god.
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  9. TIGER11 Active Member

    tha'ts awesome.
    my last order arrived in 10 days from him to the USA. I ordered the Panther crew (11) figures Set A Enjoy

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  10. Des New Member

    Hi there sorry but I keep bombarding the site with questions. I dont want this kublewagon crew to look like a cloan car by painting different uniforms but would they wear similar or mix and match. The crew are wearing winter wear but not wishing to paint everything white what cammoflage was comman during the battle of the bulge? Thanks all. Des
  11. Des New Member

    That should read clown
  12. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Des, three members of the crew wear the SS Parka that was worn mainly during the battle of Kharkov and later seen in some pictures of the operations in Hungary 1944. The early style parka worn at Kharkov had a step-in design while the later type had a row of buttons running down the front. The parkas seem to have been issued in different shades - dark grey to field grey and tan. The later style was also seen fabricated from Italian camo material. Next to no samples of the early pattern parka survived the war - the samples you can see on the internet are remakes. The cold weather trousers were mouse-grey. The officer is wearing a vest made of rabbit skin and a regular uniform - also seen in pictures taken at Kharkov 1943.
    All in all the parkas were not in broad use as all these cold weather garments were constantly worn and collected dirt and lice. So other designs followed to provide better camoflage and easier cleaning options.

    Jeff Shiu is very fond of these rare versions of German SS uniforms. I am not aware of footage showing these uniforms being worn during the Battle of the Bulge.

    WIP Critique - Waffen SS Machine Gunner (200mm, 1_9, MPMC) _ P_4.png WSS FIRST PATTERN ANORAK.jpg WSS SECOND PATTERN ANORAK.jpg file_32.jpg Charkow-Parka-5.jpg Parka.jpg PaulKlose.jpg Save0001-3.jpg 1cd35e7af91c3732b748ec8d408db28e55b33bd.jpg

    Cheers, Martin
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  13. Des New Member

    Thanks for excellent pictures I hope I can do 5hese figures justice
  14. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Another incredible set Jeff! Every set you put out I run scenarios thru my head to see how I would use them, my only issue being where to store them when I finish them, HA! The possibilities are endless.
  15. Des New Member

    Sorry everyone but another question this kublewagon is a large beast which I have undercoated panzer grey. I want the vehicle to look winterised with the usual worn look any tips please would be grateful I do intend to use the hairspray method but would the usual colour be panzer grey during the winter.
  16. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Des,

    it depends in what setting you want to present your vehicle and crew. As I told, your choice will be limited between Charkov 1943 and Hungary 1944. While the vehicles deployed to Charkov were most probably painted in the grey color the basic color of German military vehicles changed in 1943 till summer to the so-called "Dunkelgelb" (tan).
    Soft skinned vehicles during the hastily deployment of troops to the Charkov area 1943 were at times not whitewashed or received their whitewash during the operation. Some ideas you will find here:
    For Hungary your palette will not be limited and at least one of the figures of your crew is wearing the late style parka - so this model wasn`t seen at Charkov and needs to be modified if your setting is 1943. see next post below.
    Of course all these thoughts are just valid if you want to do it "historically correct".
    Cheers, Martin

    Kharkov 1943.jpg Kharkov 1943 a.jpg Kübelwagen Tarnung.jpg
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  17. Streifenesel New Member

    Hallo Martin64,

    Welche Figur zeigt den späte Parkamodell?
    Ich habe die Figuren noch nicht vorliegen - aber auf die Bildern sieht
    es stark nach den Schlupfparkas aus, wie sie in Kharkov verwendet wurde.
    Alle drei mit der 4fach Knopfleiste ...... übersehe ich da war?

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  18. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Frank,

    I have to admit that I misread the pictures shown by Jeff in this thread. Due to your question I went to Jeff`s webpage where all four figures are shown in full glory. All members of the crew wear the early style of the parka - so they are suited for the Charkov setting in 1943 without any adaptions.

    Best Martin

    Hallo Frank,
    du hast Recht: die Figuren werden auf Jeff Shiu`s webseite einzeln gezeigt. Alle tragen den frühen Parka, wie er in Charkov verwendet wurde.

    LG, Martin
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  19. Streifenesel New Member

    (y) die Parkas wurden noch 43/44 gehört, nur gehört man dann das MG 34 tauschen und ein 42er nehmen.
    Mein Kübel ist so gut wie fertig und grau aber ich überlege noch ob er im Frühling 44 läuft.So kann man die Hosen in Tarnfarben machen;)
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  20. Streifenesel New Member

    Hi, these are the first pics of my Kübelwagencrew - they are not ready[] 20201206_130929.jpg 20201206_130822.jpg
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