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Jeffshiu's Miniatures 120mm "Panther G tank crew & riders Europe summer 1944"

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by pinkfloyd, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. TIGER11 Active Member

    Ive been told set 2 will have 5 figures; maybe more :woot:
  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Very nice figures, but if they're only being sold as a set it'll be something just for guys with deep pockets.

    - Steve
  3. marco55 Well-Known Member

    120mm WOW!
  4. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    What an amazing piece of work, a mammoth undertaking for any modeler to complete, how many will get into debt and due to neglect of your partners how many divorces or break ups will this kit cause, this kit is the other woman, thank heavens I don't really do WW2 stuff.
    Wicked Jeff
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  5. İbrahim Öner Active Member

    Jeff hello
    I have been sending you mails for almost a month. Can you check your mails please?
  6. newtonk Active Member

    I wonder how I could write that into a review, “may cause divorce”... or, should models/ figure sets of this scope come with a warning label, “Purchase of this product may cause debt”. Is there any liability of the manufacturer? Please, I’m not making light of divorce or debt, both are very real and serious facts of life, I just don’t see the relevance here. There are ten figures in this, what will be a centre piece of any modelling show it turns up at, and I’ve more than that in my stash. If I can afford to drop a couple of hundred dollars on the kit, then I can afford the same for the figures. Indeed, I’m serious when I say I’m combining my stash to see what I can sell to purchase this. Because I know I’m looking at a year of modelling happiness working on this. I wait with baited breath to see the next release.

    Keep up the great work, Jeff; you’re an inspiration and a true innovator in the hobby. Thank you
  7. newtonk Active Member

    Ok, this is alarming, 11 (eleven) JS figures for $378.90US, or buy the figures individually at 35-39.50 each, depending on which one you choose. That is great value for great figures.
  8. PanzerIV Member

    This is just awesome, I have nothing else to say.
  9. TIGER11 Active Member

    I had to have them. Ordered. Thank Jeff for excellent communication and service. I've supporting Jeff Shiu Miniatures from the beginning and have 90% of his 120mm line up. Can hardly wait. Keep up the great sculpting and service.
  10. TIGER11 Active Member

    Wow!! just received my Set A figures. Super Fast shipping and nice looking figures.
  11. jumpugly Member

    What can you say? Jeff is the greatest of them all!!!!! Here's my sculptural group "Men of Bronze" using Jeff's figures.

    Attached Files:

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  12. Monsoon Member

    that's an insane set of figures.
  13. Stepa Member

    Very well sculpted figures.

    are these figures a limited release or will they be available for some time to come?
  14. DavidByrden New Member

    Hmm. The radio operator seems to be listening to the radio while sitting on top of the Panther's gun.

    Were his headset cables THAT long?


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