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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by pinkfloyd, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    Dear my supports,
    If you have collected my original figures and do not want keep its, please contact me for return. Please DON'T put them to Ebay or other market like Ebay for sell, because some re-casters are searching my most new items in these market as I know. Please note buyers located in China 99.9% are re-casters! My business is on your hands! Thanks again for your support! Jeff
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  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    You can exclude sales to China (or any country for that matter) when you create an auction/sale on eBay.

    - Steve
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  3. taliesin2013 Active Member

  4. taliesin2013 Active Member

    but I (rectius my husband) would never think of selling your figures.
  5. You can remove all pirated ads from the main sales platforms, some brands are already doing it with excellent results, write me a private message,
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  6. Your business is in your hands
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  7. Ray Mootsey Active Member

    Hello Jeff, You have my full support. Ray
  8. bond090 Active Member

    Don't think I will ever sell your figures... ;)
  9. khollar Well-Known Member

    Jeff, you have my full support as well.

    There are already too many recasts of your figures on EBAY, offered by sellers in China.

  10. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

  11. Sgt. Red Active Member

    Ok. Message recieved.
  12. Trep Active Member

    I like your figures way to much to ever want to sell them.
  13. elgreco A Fixture

    Use the eBay VERO program to have the recast listings removed. eBay will comply and if a seller has many of your products, they may also close his shop. Check Amazon too as loads of recasts are appearing there too.
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  14. kevininpdx Active Member

    So EBay is actually doing something about piracy now? For years I’ve been hearing from producers saying they are ignored when complaints are raised.
  15. Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay they have good tools to remove pirate figures from their platforms, they are fair and work very well, but it has to be done
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  16. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    Jeff uses the Vero system, but every time he removes a dishonest seller, a new one shows up.
    It's not that easy, you have to find the figurines then register with ebay, then wait for ebay's decision. Then it starts over and over again ...
    I help with my modest means Jeff, as soon as I see counterfeit figurines on ebay I point out to him, but it is a real sea serpent.
    In addition there is not only eBay, other sites are invaded with copies (the national sites of sales not classifieds or auctions) there is even on facebook market.
    Counterfeiting is an insidious poison, which eventually risks killing our passion.
    the only effective solution that I have seen working for the moment, the militated and numbered draw, but also it is the enthusiasts who suffer from it!
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  17. elgreco A Fixture

    The AliExpress/Alibaba system is one of the best as you upload the image of the product as used by the resellers on the various shops, and once verified, every time the image is uploaded by any seller, it will be removed automatically.
    It is very time-consuming to stay on top of each one especially when there is a big range of products. It is sad to see that even though prices of recasts have increased dramatically, there are still modellers who give them their business unfortunately.
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  18. Hauke aus Rinzeldorf Active Member

    you have to rip these things out of my hands
  19. this is a war, it is a matter of constancy, now ebay has a faster and more efficient way than VERO
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  20. stu A Fixture

    I feel for you Jeff.

    It's sad that we have to have these posts from manufacturers pleading with people to not sell to China.

    As manufacturers we have tried hard to slow and stop this filth but sadly there are even people in other countries that will buy for the recasters. How low can you go !!! Pure filth and worse than recasters.

    It's not only ebay and aliexpress but amazon too now.

    Sad times for us all as it forces prices up too. Strangely now recast prices can be more than the original. You must be a idiot if you buy them.

    There is no answer to the problem unless people change , unfortunately I don't see that happening


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