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Review Jeff Shui 1/9 WW2 German w/Stg 44

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Dr Force, Feb 28, 2024.

  1. Dr Force A Fixture


    I have recently received this excellent figure from Jeff and thought I’d try my hand at a short review.
    I’ll grade each part between 0-10 with 10 being excellent.

    Lets take a look:-


    The box is sturdy and all items are held nicely in separate plastic bags and packed up nicely in bubble wrap

    Boxing Grade =10

    Comms with Jeff were excellent and delivery was 5 days to my door in the U.K.
    Grade for both = 10

    So what do we get?:-


    As with most Shui figures the main body and the head are sculpted as one. All pieces have large casting blocks. I tend to remove these with a dremel disk and then use a dremel sanding drum to take nearly all the excess off before using a no11 blade to scrape clean. If there is any sanding required, use a 2000 grit stick.

    Contents Grade =9

    Lets take a look at each piece starting with the main body:-

    IMG_1587.jpeg IMG_1588.jpeg

    The main body is sculpted nicely, proportions are spot on as is the accuracy as far as I can see. The belt buckle tells us this guy is Waffen SS, wearing a Zeltbhan poncho. As he is handling the Stg 44 we can assume it’s late war theatre so Eastern/Western front or in Germany itself.

    The fabric cuts are beautifully done, the poncho hangs perfectly and gathers well at the belt. Strap and Y harness detail is good, as are the magazine pouches. The belt buckle is a little soft, it’s difficult to make out all the detail , but that’s a minor point.

    Jeff is a master of facial expressions in my opinion, he manages to convey the hard as nails German look very well. Eyes are crisp and well defined for good eye painting. There are no air pocket defects here and the proportions are bang on.

    Buttons and stitching are great .

    Overall main body sculpt-Grade=9


    The casting is overall pretty good but we have a casting slip at the rear from the head running through the collar, through the Bread bag clip to the bottom of the Zelt. For me personally, it’s an inconvenience rather than a deal breaker, because I’m confident to blend in with a bit of sculpting, but I could understand that some might find this difficult.

    There are also air pockets on the shoulders, that need filling, but again this is not easy when casting, even if the resin is degassed prior to pouring.

    There are some resin blobs to remove too, but nothing that detracts from the overall quality.

    Overall casting- Grade= 7

    Stg 44

    IMG_1589.jpeg IMG_1590.jpeg

    This is great, the detail is beautiful and very crisp, the gloves are superbly sculpted and give a real sense of him gripping the trigger housing. There are some slight repairs underneath the Stg but not enough to take away any marks.




    So we get the gas canister and water bottle with the bread bag sculpted to the main body. I also appear to have a spare grenade top, I’m not sure where this goes but will sit nicely in my spares! I love the fact Jeff has put texture on the water bottle and Gas strap, that’s a really nice touch with great attention to detail. The casting block is situated on the side that fits into the main body so what is seen is very crisp. There are some slight slips across the recess, but nothing major. The strap holders always break off the canister, I use a bit of wire to reshape when it gets to sculpting.

    Grade= 9

    Legs and Arms

    IMG_1593.jpeg IMG_1594.jpeg


    Another strength of Jeff’s is boots and overall clothing folds, it’s testament to his talent and skill that things always look natural and within the realms of gravity. The boots and gaters look superb,. The laces and straps are nice and crisp with no casting issues. The short arm pieces are also excellent and you get the small thumb piece to fit once positions are fixed.

    Body Parts- Grade=10



    Nice crisp sculpting with a couple of pin holes to fill. The casting block is set at the back so use the dremel/scalpel method to remove and smooth out. Sometimes the cast here is very thin, but this is nice and solid

    Grade= 9

    Conclusion and overall score = 9

    So I’m going to give this 200mm an overall score of 9. The pose and detail is very well done, in the main items are crisp and well sculpted with lots of attention to detail. Proportions are spot on as are the facial expressions and weapon, it’s a great piece, with a mark taken away by the decent but not excellent casting. The joints are done with jagged cuts so they need a pin and sculpting to blend in, therefore a bit of skill is needed here, but most should be able to make a good job of it. I would not hesitate to recommend to any fan of this period. The communications and delivery were top drawer and with a bit of work you will end up with another fabulous figure in your collection.

    *** EDIT I think I now know why there is an extra grenade top….it should have been the magazine for the 44 which is sadly missing!

    Ill contact Jeff for a replacement and update.
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  2. Redcap A Fixture

    A nice figure and as you say, JS certainly knows and likes his Germans and having a couple of pieces myself, they are full of character.

    I think however you are (very) generous with the markings given on this piece and there is no mention with PIC 4 of the huge mould line running the length of the rear of the figure through uniform, belt and equipment. Also, how can you give 10/10 where you say ....There are some slight repairs underneath the Stg but not enough to take away any marks. How can something requiring (any) 'repair' qualify as 10/10..? If you want to see a real 10/10 QC resin cast figure, then take a look at an 'Avanpost' figure sometime.

    It is all subjective and I am sure members will arrive at their own grading assessment irrespective of the otherwise enjoyable review -thank you.

  3. Dr Force A Fixture

    Hi Gary

    The issue with the casting slip is marked in my casting summary which I marked as a 7?

    Slight repairs as in two air bubbles that need 2 pinches of putty in an area unseen. I’m scoring in the knowledge that we know Jeff’s figures need some work but overall figure is superb imo.

    Thanks for looking

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  4. Redcap A Fixture

    Hi Dave.

    As I said, it is all subjective to the individual as many people don't like extensive clean up with resin pieces for a number of reasons and especially so, with the dust that generates. Irrespective, it is certainly a pretty unique and very popular range of figures.

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  5. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    I too am a fan of Jeffs figures, and have a few 120mm and a couple of the 200mm.. But as yet I am yet to built one.. :whistle:
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  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    We can all only call it as we see it, but I tell you what Dave ..... I wish I'd had a maths teacher like you marking my homework back when I was at school. Have to agree with Gary, your marking regime seems VERY generous, given the amount of clean up & corrective tweaks needed.

    I'd certainly give it an overall 10 for the sculpt and the pose. It's a very imposing figure, and at 200mmm this will look fabulous when painted up by a capable brushsmith. The casting though? I'm not going to break it down in detail like you have, but overall I'm going between 5 and 7 for the various parts. And personally I'm not a big fan of the "jaggedy joins" that Jeff seems to specialise in, although I get why he does it. That's my take anyway, for what it's worth.

    - Steve
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  7. Nap Moderator

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the review of this , not my period of interest and it’s got legs ...lol

    Good description of each piece , personally those casting plugs scare me !...but people will buy knowing what to expect from a JS release

    Grading a review is imo a personal thing

    Appreciate your time

    Looking forward to following the V Bench build https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/1-9-waffen-ss-operation-nordwind-1945.642918/

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  8. Dr Force A Fixture

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your comments and opinion, it is very welcome.

    I think it’s come across as skewed because I love these figures and apart from the clean up, I see a great all round sculpt, despite the casting flaws in some areas.

    Its a learning curve for me too buddy, first one I’ve ever reviewed for the forum and perhaps when I see something of equal size and period from a different sculpture/manufacturer I may have a slightly different view.

    For now, it’s a great piece and I would highly recommend to anyone who likes this scale and period despite the work that’s required to conclude.

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  9. Babelfish A Fixture

    It certainly is that Dave, and I will add that it's a piece that I'd certainly consider buying myself (despite the prep work involved).

    And leaving the (subjective) issue of quality aside, I would also add a note of thanks for taking the time to post up your thoughts, along with accompanying photos that are very useful to see for parts breakdown etc.

    - Steve
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  10. Dr Force A Fixture


    Thank you Steve

    That means a lot to me. I have ordered the 1/9 French Line Lancer and will review that once it arrives.
    I enjoy doing the reviews but I might not always get them right.

    Best wishes
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