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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by CondeJulian, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. CondeJulian Well-Known Member


    I've paid a Jeff Shiu miniature for the first time this year, and after 70 days of no sign of product delivered (Tracking number no longer works - lost or stolen item), the seller was contacted (Jeff), he said he can't do anything, and after asking for a refund or send a new product, he accused me of fraud.

    I'm very sorry to have this behavior with a seller, he surely can't make business over the internet, and this is no way to treat a customer.

    Hope no one else buy anything from him, I will make sure no one in brasil modeling community will buy from now on.

    A Paypal dispute has been open, but I have received e large F... Y.. via email from Jeff.

    I would love to settle this in person, with a plier and a blowtorch....

    Julian Conde

    IPMS Brasil
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  2. Ferris A Fixture

    Very frustrating that this happened to you. I can understand your anger.

    However, I've also ordered from Jeff and found him quick and reliable. I've heard more such feedback.
    Maybe it is the mail that is at fault, not the seller?

    Too bad you could not resolve your conflict satisfactory, Jeff could have made some offer, but disqualifying a seller with others based on one bad experience may be a bit harsh in my opinion. This seller has a good reputation overall.

    Hope you can still work something out.

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  3. Martin64 A Fixture

    Sorry to hear about this. I had once the problem that one item ordered from Jeff disappeared during shipping. It was replaced by Jeff and since then never ever any problem accurred when Jeff used registered airmail for shipping. The personal contact to Jeff has always been pleasant and polite.
    I will carry on to be a customer of Jeff and hope that your problem can be sorted out.
    Cheers, Martin
  4. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Julian, .. I wonder if Jeff has you confused with a couple of other guys from 'Sao Paulo', who were prolific fraudster's, and scammed 100's if not 1000's of dollar's worth of kit from numerous manufacturers, over the last couple of year's.
    You may well be caught in the shadow of doubt! .. As these guys also claimed non-receipt of goods, and were reimbursed via Pay-Pal. Which left the seller out of pocket. As I understand it there are some sellers who now refuse to send there produce to Brazil, because of there on-going actions. Its a real shame you got tied in with this.


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  5. waterloo1815 Active Member

    I had a prior problem with Jeff a while ago about missing parts - problem has been taken care of !!! I NO longer buy any of his figures!! Dave
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  6. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Perhaps Jeff was afraid with your Email adress ...
  7. Helm A Fixture

    If your email is anything like your post I'm not surprised. I'd have told you to f off as well, feel free to pop over with your pliers and blowtorch at any point :wacky:
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  8. bigtodd PlanetFigure Supporter

    I understand how you feel about losing this order, you wanted something that brings you joy. It hurts twice, the first pain is the money that was lost, and second is the item you wanted is lost as well. :mad::sour::shifty::mad: :depressed:

    I would like to ask some questions about the tracking number.

    Were you able to track the package in the beginning? If so then would it not be the shipping company who is responsible for the loss?

    Did the shipped package have insurance?

    I do not want to change your feelings about your incident. They are yours to post. (y)

    I would like to share my experience. It is only for balance and not an attack towards anyone else in our community.

    I have ordered many, many, many figures from Jeff Shui and I have had no problems. They have all arrived in the expected time frame and they were all well packaged. The castings were all normal (no air bubbles, mold shift or flash) and nothing was missing from each box. (y):happy::happy:(y)
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  9. CondeJulian Well-Known Member


    My email is stage.tech@me.com, I work with technical direction of live concerts and Artist's in brasil. My avatar or nick name has nothing to do with a seller being polite and taking care of customers.

    If he was afraid we from "Sao Paulo"where scammers, he should not have sold it in the first place.

    Usually the products from china and japan takes around 30 to 45 days, and only after 45 days paypal allows me to file a claim or such.

    The tracking number never worked for me. Jeff send it and I was waiting for updates that never came.

    Now after 70 days, I get "FU.. YO.."over the email , trying to settle this, or at least have a new piece coming.

    This was supposed to be a gift for a friend, I personally don't like his sculpting, and for sure I have nothing to do with 2 figures of the same here.

    All stores I've got items from so far, even not being in the model maker's business can have a good solution for missing and stolen items, such as Andrea miniatures, Miniature park, MichToy, Pegaso, Hannants, Maurice Corry, etc. I've never been offended by one of them, and all my issues where always solved.

    This is a bad experience, and getting called as fraud and being called names from a seller that doesn't care abou me is annoying, and for sure will make sure no one will ever go through this again, ate least not my friends.

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  10. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Julian! .. Perhaps now that you have highlighted, this concern and your grief! on this forum .. 'Von Bock', may intercede, on Jeff's behalf, and assist you with the particulars of your situation. I do hope a compromise can be reached, between you both! .. Unfortunately Jeff's Rep, is not beyond questioning from the above posts, and other threads. .. See what transpires? ;)

    That's me done, on this issue;)

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  11. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mark !
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  12. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    ;).. There is always hope.!

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  13. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    I will check with Jeff on this issue. I have never known Jeff to be anything but polite. If I can help I will try my best. I consider Jeff a friend and I like his figures. I will e-mail Jeff. I can only say on my behalf that I have bought lots of his figures and never had a problem. I did have a set take awhile to arrive but they did show up. Regards Brock
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  14. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Having received and read the e-mails between you Julian and Jeff. I think you left a few things out of your post here. But I have decided to remove myself from this. I have helped people who have had trouble reaching Jeff and have had issues. I have never had anyone e-mail me that their issues were not taken care of by Jeff.
  15. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    Well, it seems there is a first time for everything. Too bad he cannot solve his customer problem, I did nothing but ask for his help until things got ugly.

    You guys live in Countries that have a good working postal service. I do not. I have issues with some packages, and that's why I always have tracking and insurance if possible. The Tracking number Jeff gave me never worked in my country, and he as a international seller should know this and try to help, or don't sell at all to some countries.

    Now, I'm the bad guy, who paid for a product that got lost or stolen somewhere in the way, and the seller washes his hands and treats me as a fraud.

    I don't need U$ 53.00, or his figures. It was supposed to be a gift for a friend who likes his pieces.

    Lesson learned. The world comes around...

  16. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Traking-no often changes when the package comes to the new country.

    My suggestion is to get the information which forwarder was used in the start and find out who is their partner in your country and contact them.

    Janne Nilsson
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  17. IIICorps Active Member

    I fail to see how that would be constructive.

    I have no psychic powers, but I saw that coming.
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  18. Dr Force Well-Known Member

    Avid fan of Jeff Shui and his work, having purchased most of his figures i have only ever had a problem with one and that was not his fault( a broken helmet so guess what he posted me another!!) im sorry your experience has not been good but it does not echo the experience i have received.
  19. MrBMB A Fixture

    I have bought over 20 figures from Jeff
    Once he sent me three figures but one was the wrong one, as I asked to 2x one figure it was a easy mistake. When I emailed him, he said sorry and said he would send the right figure to me which he did and was very quick about it.
    Jeff asked me to send the wrong figure back to him, but he didn't wait for me to do it before he sent the right figure to me.
    In sending the figure back to Jeff he also said he would refund my postage costs or add it to my next purchase.
    I would buy from Jeff any day of the week and would give him 100% positive feeback.

    Sometimes things happen with postage stuff, sometimes a parcel is given to the wrong house by the postage service, its happen to me. Sometimes the person that gets it, does the right thing and sends it back, sometimes they don't.
    Jeff is great to deal with.

    Sorry what happen to you but I am sure it's not Jeff's fault!!!
    And no I don't know Jeff other than the great service he has given me over the years
  20. pmfs A Fixture


    Did you track the package in US postal service? I think Jeff is American?
    I sent a figure a couple of days ago to Italy and the info I get from my postal service is that it has been dispatched. I know she is already in the hands of the new owner.
    Maybe you guys are suffering of a misunderstanding and the best way to solve this is talk each other to reach an understanding.
    If you opened a case in Paypal you soon will get your money.

    All the best,

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