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Jeff Shiu ... still trading?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Babelfish, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. Babelfish A Fixture

    I just read this in another thread, posted by a new member:

    "I believe that Jeff Shiu does not want to sell his figures anymore for fear that they may be "stolen" (recast) by the Chinese and sold at very cheap prices. I completely understand and I will make no further efforts to purchase his figures."

    Has this been verified by Jeff Shiu himself? It may or may not be true, but either way I'd like more than just a new member "believing" that this is the case.

    Did I miss an announcement? Anyone know anything?

    - Steve
  2. Ferris A Fixture

    I heard Jeff is selective to whom he sells, for fear of recasting. Perhaps that’s behind the remark?
    I don’t think he stopped trading, as he has released several new figures very recently.
    But you never know....

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  3. FlaBtl (Sfl) 606 Active Member

    It seems that the website from jeff is not working for this person for a long time.
  4. Forté A Fixture

    Many sculptors are getting protective over their work, and rightly so. Doesn't help that even show exclusive releases are making their way into Russian and Chinese recasters hands. Even worse is that there are those that defend it because they feel entitled to someone's work but don't want to pay the asking price. I've caught a few of these people on Facebook, showing their collections and WIP photos. Especially items from Nuts Planet and Young Miniatures.

    Frankly, I have zero time for anyone who knowingly buys recasts. Even out of production items (you missed out... get over it and actually support the hobby community and help it continue).
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  5. Babelfish A Fixture

    Genuine question: How do you "catch" someone unless they openly say that the figure is a recast? Especially if it's a completed figure? I get that it could be easier to rumble if it's a WIP (e.g. different colour resin).

    - Steve
  6. Alex A Fixture

    With Nuts Planet, it's pretty easy.. their casting are so perfect that you can spot a recast from miles away !
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  7. Forté A Fixture

    Resin colour, cast quality, messages from the company that produces, not being able to tell you who makes it, not knowing what the piece is actually called, not having any packaging, missing parts, huge collection with multiple casting issues, comments, and multiple things that combine.

    Just put it this way... I can be a sod for questions.
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  8. Russ Member

    Key indicators for me are source location and price. From China or Russia, it's suspect; same if it's priced significantly below the norm for scale/subject. And if you have BOTH warning signs, it's pretty much assured. Another post-purchase clue is if it's not in the type/quality of boxing that you'd expect, especially from a known provider.

    When I first got into figures and busts, before I knew better, I got dinged on a couple I bought on Evil Bay. I picked them up because they were interesting and less expensive than I'd seen elsewhere. They were noted as coming from China, and arrived in plain white cardboard boxes with no labeling, pictures, etc. I realized after finding Planet Figure that I'd fallen into the "recast" trap.
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  9. Forté A Fixture

    Easy trap to fall into. Especially when you find recasts on most market place type sites and some very professional looking online stores.
  10. Babelfish A Fixture

    I think you might have misunderstood my question. Recasts are easy enough to spot for sale online, but you seem to be saying that you can spot a finished one a mile off on, say, a show table. That surely is more tricky. I can honestly say that I've never seen a well painted-up figure that's jumped out at me and screamed "RECAST!!"

    - Steve
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  11. Forté A Fixture

    I did not use the phrase "spot them a mile off". This is what I actually said, to quote "I've caught a few of these people on Facebook, showing their collections and WIP photos".

    But I have seen fully painted busts and then gone looking for WIP pics because the proportions and shapes looked off. The problem for me is I'm one of those people who when they spot something that seems off, it niggles at them until I do some digging.

    As for misunderstanding your question; you'll find I didn't at all and I was more stating fact on how many sculptors value their work and their way of earning a living to the point that if people are going to rip them off then they will just stop creating new products.

    And frankly, anyone who feels they have the right to enter a recast into a competition or event doesn't understand the idea of a 'hobby community' and can frankly [edited to keep it clean, but you get where my stance is on recasting].
  12. Babelfish A Fixture

    It's just a turn of phrase, fella. Calm down! :D(y)

    I do though find it sadly ironic that if and when a sculptor decides to throw in the towel supposedly to "beat the recasters", the only ones who will carry on making money off the back of his work are going to be said recasters. But that's the sculptor's decision to make of course, and looking at it from their standpoint it must be incredibly frustrating and anger-inducing so I do get it.

    But getting back on track, I'd still like to know definitively whether JS is or isn't still active, because there's a couple more of his pieces that I could be interested in.

    - Steve
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  13. Redcap A Fixture

    This is the first time I have heard about Jeff Shiu not selling his figures any more and it seems odd him just stopping absent announcement given he has recently just released / announced some big 1/16 sets of US Rangers at D-Day and also, some 1/16 US tankers and tank riders along with the usual big German tank rider sets. Given how recently they were released and also that the big 1/16 Andy's HHQ Sherman plastic model kit is about to hit the shops, then that kit will doubtless provide a healthy demand for his 1/16 WW2 US products?

    Whilst I don't paint WW2 subjects, he will be a sad loss to the hobby if true as I rate his 1/16 WW2 stuff as being peerless other than the stuff John Rosengrant used to produce for S&T.

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