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Jeff Shiu’s WW II US Military Police for Italerai Harley WLA

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by MattMcK., Nov 23, 2019.

  1. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hello all-
    I just got this one in, despite my promise to stop buying until I paint what I have (ha ha!). When I saw Jeff’s posting of it here I knew it was a must-have, as I liked the Italerai WLA kit, but always feel figures are what makes a model live. Jeff shipped speedily from Hong Kong in a well-wrapped box that survived a rainy day in an open mailbox (thanks postman!).

    The box top has instructions to adapt the saddle mount so the figure sits properly. Pieces are well cast in grey resin, with only the casting blocks to remove. Casting is sharp, and mold lines are minimal, with the exception of one running along the back. It’s right out in the open, so should be easily addressable. Joints have a rough surface that should provide lots of area for adhesive to join the parts. They look to come together relatively smoothly, so a bit of putty will make them disappear.

    With a little luck, I’ll push this one to the front of the build pile. The large 1:9 scale size will make this one to work with the airbrush before the palette comes out. He has a serious but cocky demeanor that will bring lots of great attitude to the finished product. I’d rate this one a solid ‘A’ but recommend it for builders & painters with at least moderate experience, considering there is the bike to build as well. It would make a nice bust too, if you’re listening Jeff!

    Best to all!
    FEC55185-3885-4438-943F-0A0322741F0D.jpeg FBB68D7F-EEE6-4554-B471-9B5EAF7FFA44.jpeg AB503EA7-AF5E-487D-9D78-B02AE0CC97DE.jpeg 71E90F5C-1E0C-491F-92D6-22924DE3E2C2.jpeg 6FF2C130-E11D-4043-99C2-08D1088C64AA.jpeg 2ECDA967-A56E-4080-94B8-42FF0244CA1D.jpeg B8A5F1CE-05F7-4659-BD27-F9E8ACB72097.jpeg 17D10DFC-97BF-4CC5-8A45-CEFDBC999BF6.jpeg 8F807C67-2CBB-42E6-9912-68138649175F.jpeg 05412DA8-F3B0-4EAF-8F13-0BCED8D734D2.jpeg CBD9D68C-2E44-48EB-BF38-E9FE26ED6B0C.jpeg DCF60621-9038-4737-8B9E-1172E8F2F8A9.jpeg 710EBBAE-A9E0-4ADB-8CD5-3947973D5CE2.jpeg
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  2. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Thanks for sharing.. Jeff is a fantastic and prolific sculptor.. Feel free to post your build..
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  3. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Very useful insight into what's in the box, I really like Jeff's vehicle figures put have never actually bought one because of the need to build a vehicle kit in order to show the figure offv
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  4. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Sorry folks hit something on the keyboard and sent the last post before I had finished, anyway continuing on:
    I haven't built a model kit in about 50 years but when I seen this latest figure from Jeff I found myself online checking the price and availability of the motorbike kit and then watching videos on youtube about its assembly so seriously thinking about the figure and bike as a project for my retirement in about 4 years, along with the box full off other retirement projects.
    Hope you do a SBS on this.
  5. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Be careful what you wish for :)
  6. DaddyO A Fixture

    Great looking figure and will look fantastic when painted up. (Anyone else reminded of the old Bill Hearn scratchbuilt figure with the green tinted sunglasses?) :cool:
    Academic probably since this one's a bit out of my area, but I'd just modify the index finger on the Thompson to rest on the trigger guard rather than be on the trigger as shown which would suit the relaxed yet aggressive posture better I think (tiny detail and not intended as a criticism of the kit, but at this size it's the sort of thing that I'd notice)

    Nice honest review Matt
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  7. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

    That looks very interesting indeed
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  8. Rob Brown Member

    that is an awesome kit, I didn't know he had made that one. thanks for sharing.
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  9. EPHISTOIRE Member

    Very, very nice congrats!
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  10. Gary_81 Active Member

    Nice review Matt and the rider model looks great, I always wanted the 1/9 Italeri Triumph 3HW bike but the Harley looks good to.

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