WIP Critique Jefe de Centuria, Milicias de Falange Espanola, 1937.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Dan Morton, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Dan Morton A Fixture

    This is number 2 of my figures related to the Spanish Civil War. This description is excerpted from the illustration of Jefe de Centuria in the Osprey Spanish Civil War - Nationalist Forces book.

    “This Falangist militia officer from Southern Spain” (is shown) “in everyday summer field uniform wears the blue cap and shirt of the Flanage with privately acquired riding breeches, leggings and ankle boots. He has armed himself with an Astra 900 (a Spanish version of the Mauser C96 ‘broomhandle’ pistol) complete with wooden holster/stock. The cap is trimmed with red and silver and bears the two stars of his equivalent Army rank of lieutenant, as ordered in 1937. He continues to wear his Falange insignia, however. Those on his left breast are, from top to bottom: his Army rank stars on an infantry-red ‘biscuit’; the Falange badge of a red yoke and arrows, on black. When Falangist units received Army uniforms they tried to retain blue elements (if not a complete shirt, then sometimes blue collars and/or shoulder straps added to khaki shirts) and the yoke and arrows badge.”

    The figure pose is taken directly from the illustration. The figure is intentionally skinny and of average to short height - just me scufflin' with proportions and stuff. It's less than 100mm from bottom of shoe soles to top of head (not cap). Because he is small, the Astra 900 appears large in his hand, as does the wooden and leather holster/broom-handle on his hip.

    Sorry about the quality of the photos. When I get back from our vacation, I’ll see if my friend Pat Student is available to take some better ones and re-post.

    Looking for a painter with an interest in collaborating on the completion of this figure. Drop me a PM if you might be.

    All the best,


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  2. Dekiman Well-Known Member

    Great figure.
    I didnt see many figures from Spanish civil war but this one is beauty.
  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    "I didnt see many figures from Spanish civil war but this one is beauty."

    That's right, Dejan! At least not in this scale. Many thanks! Glad you liked it!

    All the best,

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