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Jean Louis Brigitte Espagne - 54 mm Scratch

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by MAB, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. paulyrichard New Member

    Very impressive! Genius.
  2. megroot A Fixture

    All i can do is echo the others. Great work.

  3. aiantas Active Member

    fantastic work from both of you,amazing sculpting and also the paintjob,congratulations my friend...
    keep safe Babis
  4. slaj Well-Known Member

    Maurizio, complimenti ad entrambi. Un lavoro eccelso. Bella la posa e l'esecuzione pittorica. Bravi

    Stephen Mallia
  5. Francis Gekiere Active Member

    "ma que bella !!!!!"
    Complimenti, prima scultura e una prima pintura.

    Saluti Francis
  6. Taiko Well-Known Member

    I have a question. Your model is "Jean Louis Brigitte Espagne". But I find other model on Pegaso site. His name is "Etienne M.A. Champion Count of Nansouty" (I have this model at home) . I see, that the uniforms are identically...colours,ornamentation, hat atc.
    Are they different? I think yes. But why the identically uniform? I´m sorry for the question but I´m not a Napoleon-uniform-specialist. I´m only painter ;)

    Thank you for your time...
    Milan D.
  7. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi Paul - Babis - Stephen - Marc and Francis
    Thanks Gusy for your comments and Visit ....... I are well Apreciate This.

    For Milan - You have reason us to be no difference in fact are not both commanders of the same regiment....... if you see in my piece I have used the Arms and the sword of Nasouty.
    Some small difference is in the tails of the dress that are sewn said "Agrafè"

    Salute to all MAB :)
  8. spidy58 Member

    ciao caro Maurizio,
    ti rinnovo i complimenti che ti ho già fatto... in separata sede:D , e volevo dirti che ho risposto al tuo messaggio...:p
    ciao e a presto Roberto
  9. marcellin de marbot New Member

    Hi Milan,
    What did it mean: I'm only a painter? If you have an historical interest putting this question, it's already a good sign, you are not only a painter. By the painting or the sculpting of figures, you must entry in the history. I believe it's more interesting to know what man you have in your hands, his life, his death, his uniform, not only give some touches of brush and colour, ok?
    Having done to Maurizio the historical research for the two figures of Espagne and Nansouty, I can give you the answer. Yes, the two men dress the same uniform, being both generals of division of Cuirassiers. This means that these generals had the command of a division (two brigades of two regiments each, total four regiments of cavaliers). Another famous general of Cuirassiers using a similar uniform was for example D'Hautpoul. Espagne was also charged to study a project for a new cuirass and helmet for generals of heavy cavalry, never ended. During the campaign of Russia in 1812, Nansouty had the command of the first Corps of Cavalry, three Divisions of mixed Cavalry, the Heavy C. formed by Cuirassiers and Carabiniers, and the Light C, formed by regiments of Hussars, Chasseurs and Lancers. These great generals of Heavy Cavalry often kept the bicorn hat, instead to use the helmet, to distinguish themselves from the other officers with the helmet.
    Best regards
  10. Taiko Well-Known Member

    Thank you Maurizio for your answer.
    ...and when can I buy it...?;) ;) :D :D
  11. John Bowery A Fixture

    Maurizio and Emiliano,
    I just echo all the above just simply stunning and the lace work is fantastic.
  12. Taiko Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much Marcello.
    I´m very sorry. You are right. I´m not only painter. Truth is when I begin paint some new figure I learn history about this model. The colour scheme, equipment, accessories, history etc. I buy books, journals, magazines and watch on internet.
    And now I know about history more then when I began whit this hobby.
    My specialist is old Japan. Samurai in 900-1876 era. And respect for all people who knows the Napoleon army and history...so many regiments, uniforms, troops, equipments....whou...realy respect...
    Thank you once again Marcello

    Milan D.
  13. marcellin de marbot New Member

    Very well Milan,
    Now I recognize a good cavalier. Your theme is also complicated, I bought some books on Samurais, and their costumes, their philosophy of life, their way to fight are very interesting. And the armours...a real enjoyment to paint. I'm a bit ticklish about Samurais, if you looked at another thread on "References", you can see I'm yet riding to the Far East. In that site "Samurais archives", there is a link to another site, where explain how is builded a samurai armour, from the kabuto, the domaru, the sineate, to the feets. If you don't know this site (Wagakashira?) it's really amazing.
    All the best
  14. georges64 Member

  15. ivopreda A Fixture

    bel cavallo e bel cavaliere. Mi piacciono...
    Bella la pittura di Emiliano sia per il cavaliere sia per il cavallo... un'altro 1/2 punto?

    ciao Ivo
  16. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Maurizio-!
    This model of the horseman a gift for all!
    I am very glad to see your horse figure - it is fine-!
    You have plans on for the future to continue horse figures-?
    I Congratulate on fine work! It is very pleasant release ;-)
  17. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi John - Georges - Ivo e Sergey
    Thanks to all for your comments ........ it is a pleasure to see that I have much friends ........ :) thanks

    Per Ivo - purtoppo il pezzo è gia stato consegnato quindi sarà impossibile portarlo a SV ...... spero di portarne un'altro all'altezza di questo.:)

    Saluti to all MAB
  18. Taiko Well-Known Member

    Hi Marcello,
    thank you for the Japan-site. There are lot of history informations about the old Japan...My books and magazines are in Czech language. Now I can study more deeply to the history...and maybe begin paint some samurai ;) :D

    Milan D.
  19. pkw4 Active Member

    Ciao Maurizio
    quest' ultimo lavoro e` fantastico.Non ho parole per descriverlo.
    La pittura e` incredibile.Non riesco a credere che la coperta del cavallo non e` vera.Sembra fatta di lana.Mi potresti dire che colori sono stati usati per dipingerla(se puoi).
  20. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Awesome !!!!!!!

    WOW !!!!! That's one AWESOME piece of modelling :eek::eek::eek: !!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us, my friend ;). Cheers !
    Kenneth :D.

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