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WIP Critique Japanese warrior monk

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by YellowBear, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. YellowBear Active Member

    hi fellow planeteer

    here is my new project.
    i just start and there are still long way to go
    any comment and suggests are all welcome

    ** first with the face
    i have done it as normal
    but didn't feel it was ok
    so i add a little of grey/green shade
    at the end i quite ok
    but if anyone has suggestion on this please say
    i aim at getting various shade to get more live to the face

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  2. YellowBear Active Member

    i also want to ask for suggestion on the color
    what do u guys say about the outter coat, which according to box art, it was orange
    i want to get more grim/dark tone
    do the monk at that period wear other color?
    i add a quick search photo from google with i think i like
    but would like to get an idea from here first

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  3. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Turnbulls Book Samurai Warriors shows a Monk wearing the traditional white under robe with a Black outer Robe. In Ospreys Warrior Monks it states "over a loin cloth the under garments would be White while the outer garments could be White, Tan or Saffron. Over the outer Kimono would be worn a Jacket usually Black and often of a stiff Gauzy see through material. Socks, if worn, again were white.
    Hope this helps......Keith
  4. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks Keith
    what about the face, do u think should i add any extra?
  5. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    In most illustrations they are clean shaven although some of the more famous Warrior Monks are illustrated with beards or a moustache-my advice would be to keep it as cast.

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  6. Helm A Fixture

    Some of the Ikko Ikki monks are mentioned with red robes,but I've never seen an illustration of that
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  7. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks for the reply, of these keep me motivated

    i am planning with probably khaki/light brown shade for the head cover
    and outeer jacket looks dark brown, i would love black but i am bad at painting black
    also the sock and pants would be white, and this is my most concern
    i am bad at white
    and i don't want to make it bright white / so it looks out of place
    any suggestion on how to do good white with acrylic /
  8. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Looks like a good start. Nice work on the face... but, and this is just a thought, maybe the skintone is a little pale for the subject... looks a little bit European. As the areas around the face get painted in, the tone will appear even lighter.
    Could be the camera flash, your eyes will tell you what's right

  9. YellowBear Active Member

    Hi colin
    it may look a bit pale coz i keep adding the highlight, then i pull it a bit dark by adding the green/grey shade

    i am looking at the face it is ok, but nothing special
    i am thinking should i add more hightlight? to make it more stand out and more dynamic

    also another think i don't like is, green shade above the mouth, it doesn't look right (for me) what do u think ?
  10. Helm A Fixture

    Mix a tiny amount of yellow or blue in the white to take the "whiteness" out
  11. YellowBear Active Member

    yep, try it but only tiny, looks better - thanks
  12. YellowBear Active Member

    an update,
    just got an opportunity this afternoon
    in several fold, i still cannot do it well, but a bit tired so leave it first

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  13. Einion Well-Known Member

    Some Japanese are very pale ;)

    Ben, if you paint the face first and you're having trouble deciding if it looks right it's often a good idea to paint the surrounding areas to view it in context. Sometimes you'll find it looks just right, other times you can see you need to tweak it slightly.

  14. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks Einion, you probably right. i will paint other parts then will come back to see how the face look
  15. YellowBear Active Member

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