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January 15, 1951

Discussion in '"Today in History", Literature & Media Review' started by Martin Antonenko, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Ilse Koch - Beast In Human Form...!

    On January 15, 1951, Ilse Koch...


    ...the wife of the ex-commander of the Buchenwald concentration camp, SS Standartenführer Karl-Otto Koch...


    ... is convicted by the district court of Augsburg for incitement to murder, attempted murder and incitement to serious bodily harm to life imprisonment.

    Ilse Koch, who had been a member of the NSdAP since 1932 (membership number 1,130,836), is the only woman who was sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with NS crimes in the Federal Republic (compared to 165 men).

    At the time of your sentencing, her husband is no longer alive - Standartenführer Koch (the picture shows the flayer half-concealed and grinning broadly while tormenting an inmate)...


    ... was executed by an SS firing squad on April 5, 1945 after being sentenced to death twice for murder, receiving stolen goods, fraud, embezzlement and incitement.

    Ilse Koch, who was able to move about freely in the Buchenwald camp complex, acted out her sadistic tendencies towards the prisoners there in every conceivable (and unthinkable!) way, according to the unanimous testimonies of witnesses.

    They arbitrarily imposed the heaviest "punishments" and tortured inmates in every way wherever possible. One of her special preferences was hitting the defenseless in the face with the riding crop that she always carried with her...:


    She is said to have deliberately dressed provocatively on her "excursions" to the camp and reported prisoners who were staring at her to the SS guards, who were then usually whipped.

    Since she rejected housework as "below her dignity", she chose "house slaves" from among the camp inmates, whom she kept like animals in cramped shacks in the basement of her house next to the camp grounds.

    The prisoners called her "The Witch of Buchenwald".

    Ilse Koch had commodities such as cleaning cloths, cases and lampshades made from tattooed pieces of skin from camp inmates - after the fall of the Nazi dictatorship, the US liberators found such items in Koch's former house...:


    These gloves made of human skin also belonged to Ilse Koch...:


    Did I mention that she had shrunken heads made from the heads of murdered prisoners for her collection?


    When her husband was deposed and arrested in 1943 because of proven corruption and related murders, despite Himmler's sponsorship, Ilse Koch also had to leave Buchenwald.

    Koch spent the last months before the end of the war in Ludwigsburg, where part of her family lived. Because of her lifestyle, which was characterized by sexual excesses and alcohol excesses, a housekeeper and relatives tried to take custody of her three children away from her, but this did not happen in the turmoil of war.

    In June 1945, Ilse Koch was arrested in Ludwigsburg by the US Army as a suspected war criminal...:


    During the trial in the summer of 1947, Koch untruthfully denied having been involved in or in any way aware of the abuse and murder of camp inmates and also denied having known about the starvation and death of inmates by numerous inmates...:



    The court considered their knowledge and at least indirect participation in the exploitation and murder of the inmates proven.

    In August 1947, she, the only female defendant in the Buchenwald trial in Dachau, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a US military tribunal for crimes against humanity. She escaped the death penalty only because she was pregnant.

    22 of their 30 co-accused in the same process died on the gallows!

    Koch successfully appealed against her sentence: In June 1948, General Lucius D. Clay...


    ...Military governor of the US occupation zone, reduced to four years, which led to considerable protests in the USA.

    As early as October 1948, on the initiative of a special committee of the US Senate, the US occupation authorities had instructed the Bavarian state government to initiate new criminal proceedings against Koch for crimes committed against German citizens.

    Immediately after her release from the war criminals prison in Landsberg in October 1949, Koch was arrested at the prison gate by the German police and taken into custody...:


    They were then put on trial in Augsburg - whereby the evidence was far more incriminating than at their first trial...:





    After the verdict of "life imprisonment" she was imprisoned in the Bavarian women's prison in Aichach...:


    Ilse Koch hanged herself in her cell in Aichach on September 2, 1967.

    I really hope that she suffered as much as possible and died in agony!
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  2. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Lest we forget.
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Evil evil woman .........at least the authorities didn't have to hang her

    Hope she rots in hell


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