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Review Janissary from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 17, 2022.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Time to share a belated look at a release from RP Models ( apologies to them for this )

    It's certainly a colourful subject , depicting a feared warrior of the Ottoman Empire , which proved their worth at the siege of Vienna in 1529 , particularly the engineers and miners .

    Weapons included razor sharp swords 'yatagan' , axes with muskets and pistols being used later , the palace guards carried long shafted axes .

    IMG_3950.JPG IMG_3927.JPG

    The piece is based on these with the RP team carrying out research on equipment and clothing

    IMG_3941.JPG IMG_3952.JPG

    IMG_3944.JPG IMG_3937.JPG IMG_3951.JPG

    Details of the release:

    Title: Janissary ( Battles and Commanders )

    Reference: RP-B-12-0006

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Dark Gray Resin

    No of parts: 10 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting :( In House using 8K Printers

    Box Art: Konstantin Pinaev

    Note: Limited run of 150 worldwide , All stock is with RP partners only with UK stockists being SK MINIATURES and EL GRECO Miniatures , overseas include BERLINZINFIGURE, WENDY's and many more

    In parade uniforms they wore and carried extraordinary headwear and items , representing their units

    IMG_3934.JPG IMG_3935.JPG IMG_3936.JPG IMG_3939.JPG IMG_3940.JPG IMG_3942.JPG IMG_3943.JPG

    Books are easily found here we have a few from Osprey and others

    IMG_3932.JPG IMG_3953.JPG IMG_3954.JPG

    IMG_3955.JPG IMG_3956.JPG IMG_3945.JPG IMG_3933.JPG

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    On to opening the box :

    As with all of RP's releases they are in a good safe cardboard box with a slip over paper cover , one side has a unpainted version the other a full clear picture of the box art by Kontantin Pinaev

    DSCN2590.JPG DSCN2589.JPG

    Opening the box revealed the information insert and a carefully cut piece of sponge with cutouts holding the pieces according to size , the main torso and animal skin are together for ease of packing , the long axe is safely held so all is fine there


    DSCN2592.JPG DSCN2593.JPG

    On taking the pieces out we have a total of 1o pieces , main torso, animal skin,headlong handled weapon , upper and lower pieces, axe head, sword, left hand (with pipe) headwear crescent and feathers,no base is included


    Initial thoughts

    There is a lot of equipt already in place the aim is for the modeller to have a minimal amount of prep work before he can start painting

    The animal skin fits snuggly over the torso , personally would have preferred a different fit option , once in place you lose a lot of the sharp patterning on the torso , and the equipt at the rear...in place the animal skin is impressive though

    If you decide to not use the animal skin then you'll need to build up a small collar and join the straps

    The build itself is easy with cutouts ensuring a accurate fit on all the pieces

    There is no base but the underneath has a hollowed out area with a roundal cut out , I am not keen on this and I believe this will not be like this in future releases , the idea was to save weight and resin I would have thought

    Lets look at the MAIN TORSO

    The largest of the pieces and full of patterns , these are all the same and will challenge the painter but the finished effect will be great , showing the splendour of these troops

    Clothing folds and creases are natural , with the material being pulled in more where the straps and equipt fits , talking of that he carries a water bottle , a powder horn with a knife and the handle of the axe thrust under the sash

    The printing of the resin is very good indeed particularly of note is the decoration on the pouch and the knife handle ,also the rings on the water container , not a blemish , again the decoration is there , I like the powder horn , all items are based on originals and well researched

    Across the chest is the sword chain , nicely done and positioned under the sash

    The wrist areas are accurately cut out allowing very clean and neat fitment of hands

    DSCN2595.JPG DSCN2600.JPG


    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the remaining pieces


    This has been cleverly engineered to fit securely over the torso , it does hide a lot of details but looks really good when painted ...another challenge to paint

    The texture is all over the outside and will help the painting 2 legs hang with the head also in place , nice work on the features, looks a little like its grinning , particularly the ears , you could add claws to the paws if you wish and whiskers to the head !

    I recommend you paint this before fitting to torso

    DSCN2633.JPG DSCN2638.JPG DSCN2634.JPG

    DSCN2637.JPG DSCN2639.JPG DSCN2635.JPG

    DSCN2636.JPG DSCN2640.JPG


    This has the headwear already on it and really shows the proud warrior off well , the cloth part hangs naturally and sits well when in place on the animal skin ( note the texture added on the inside to marry up with the actual skin), good creases and folds , around the base there is a band of metal with fine decoration with the holder at the front centre being based on a piece used at the battle of Vienna

    The facial features are good , ears and eyes nicely defined , with the right ear having a earring in place , the highlight being the dominant moustache ...no doubt his pride and joy ....full of character

    Fit presents no problems , you might wish to pin as well

    DSCN2607.JPG DSCN2610.JPG



    There are several weapons to fit into place the main one being the distinctive shaped halberd , the actual head is well done and is one of the many variations in use at the time , , the shaft has a wood texture , again we see RP working hard on these , again you could pin the details , , the lower piece fits well into the hand via a cutout and has a very pointed and dangerous looking end !!

    The right hand is in place gripping the shaft , good finger definition , with a fitment post on the end of the shaft that passes through the hand


    The small axe head , again well shaped and it has a cutting edge , plan the fitting of this first , remember the sword is nearby as well

    The sword is in a scabbard , again with decoration at the top and the lower , there's a single chain that fits into a cutout on the torso , be careful with the chain its quite delicate



    Being held between the forefinger and thumb is a rather nice pipe with the long stem , the hand work is good and as expected there is no fit issue

    DSCN2616.JPG DSCN2615.JPG


    You have a choice here , or both can be used together , one a crescent which fits into the holder , the feather consists of 2 together , good detailing , both look good in place


    Final Thoughts

    A subject display piece that will attract attention and give you a lot of happy benchtime and a very satisfying feeling ...no matter which product you get

    All credit to the RP team for releasing in what has been a extremely different time for the hobby Pat on the back for their continued insistance on giving the best they can


    RP would again like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input and support (y)(y)

    Thanks to RP for the review piece


    For more details on RP releases (REMEMBER all are LIMITED SO GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN)


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site using PM

    Happy benchtime

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    To end this look at the release lets enjoy the artwork from the very talented artist


    IMG_3946.JPG IMG_3947.JPG IMG_3949.JPG IMG_3948.JPG

    And some from RP

    IMG_3930.JPG IMG_3931.JPG IMG_3929.JPG

  5. Ben-nl A Fixture

    very great review, Thanks Nap. A great one to paint...
  6. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello BIG GUY

    Thank you so much for everything...

    Big hug
  7. Redcap A Fixture

    What a fantastic sculpt, great subject and the paint job is world class; what's not to like! Great review and thanks for the clear accompanying pictures Kev.


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