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is there no end to this scurge?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Henk, Dec 7, 2021.

  1. Henk Well-Known Member

    It didn't take long for the scum to get there pox riddled hands on a set of these then...

    I can't off hand recall who sculpted/produces these, but I remember seeing them announced here. I've reported it to evilbay, for what that's worth.

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infect the trousers of recasters

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  2. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Hi Henk,
    Stalingrad miniatures are the original makers.....mine cost 195 euros for the set.
  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Henk

    These scum have no scruples , nothing is safe it seems ......I removed link as it's PF policy not to share on site but replaced with a picture

    Looking at the listing it's coming from Middlesbrough , UK

    It's disgusting

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  4. Forté Well-Known Member

    The trouble is that people buy from them which means they'll keep on doing it.

    Some do it without even realising and often get quite pissed off when they find out. But there's too many who believe their own self entitlement comes first and they don't care of producers don't get funding to keep going. The arguments of "prices are too high" and "it was limited edition" fall on deaf ears with me these days.
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  5. valiant A Fixture

    When I raised the recasting issue on social media last year, I was appalled at the number of modellers/painters who really dont care as long as they get their fix as cheap as possible. There certainly seems to be a hard core of people who really cant see what is wrong with it...!!(y)
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  6. kevininpdx Active Member

    The only people I ever noticed defending counterfeits are referring to Games Workshop. I still don’t agree with it but it’s a world away from stealing from firms/artists that sell a couple hundred of each kit…at best. Never heard of anyone proudly declaring they buy knock off historicals but clearly there are a lot of them. It’s sickening and unlike Games Workshop, puts the producers in real danger. The notion of piracy killing small production display miniatures is sadly not hyperbole.
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  7. Forté Well-Known Member

    I've caught a few out sadly. Usually with large collections of Young Miniatures busts. And the response is always along the lines of "how do you buy all the miniatures you want?" My response... by saving.

    Plus, the GW Chinacast supporters don't understand that their sales loss actually pushes prices up.
  8. kevininpdx Active Member

    That’s a bizarre scene all together. It’s like they hate the company but can’t stop playing their crappy game. There’s way better games with better rules and reasonable costs out there.
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  9. Forté Well-Known Member

    Sure are. Just sadly many of them picture companies the size of GW for all types of miniatures when most are more one person in a shed.

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