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WIP Critique Iron Fist of Justice

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ChaosCossack, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Hey All

    "And now for something completely different..."
    I have jumped out of my comfort zone on this one. This is a "54mm" Space Marine that is massive... about a pound and a half of white metal... stands slightly taller than the average 75. The detail is unbelievable and all the pieces went together well. Due to the weight of the pieces there was alot of pinning. It was kinda fun not having to follow a colour scheme and just have at it. It's done all in Vallejo Acrylics over "chaos black" primer. The fig is done but I have to come up with how I will base him.

    Space Marines are enhanced, superhuman warriors who fight to defend the Imperial system against alien threats, heretical human rebels and the evil Chaos Space Marines. They are huge, around 8-9 feet tall and ranging around 500 pounds. They are organized into Chapters of 1000 marines under a Chapter Master based on a home planet. Armed with boltguns, plasmaguns, flamers, powerswords and axes, chainswords and axes and various heavy weapons (that would take a team of normal men to operate) they are a brutal, fearsome force to defend humanity.

    This Space Marine is a former Blood Angel who has been drafted up into the Inquisitor Chapter... An especially pious and devout branch of the Space Marines who hunt the worst of the heretics and daemons throughout the 40k universe (sort of a Nomad Chapter). When joining the Inquisitor Chapter, their old identity is left behind, they are given ancient Inquisitor armour and weapons. This Brother-Inquisitor still retains some vestige of his old self in some bits of his Blood Angel armour, boltgun and fighting knife (all the red bits). The armour is thousands of years old and passed from Brother to Brother, as seen in the wear and damage all over the armour.

    Meet the Iron Fist of Justice...

    IMGP0613.jpg IMGP0614.jpg IMGP0615.jpg IMGP0616.jpg IMGP0617.jpg IMGP0618.jpg IMGP0619.jpg IMGP0620.jpg IMGP0621.jpg IMGP0622.jpg IMGP0623.jpg
    As usual the pics are crap and alot of the shading and highlighting is washed out, particularly in the face.
    Thanx for looking in... please feel free to comment.

    "In the vastness of Space... There is only War"

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  2. megroot A Fixture

    Looks good to me.

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  3. Mark S Guest

    Excellent work Colin. It's a very dynamic pose, looks great.
    Lots of well painted detail too.
    I'd like to see more contrast in the hair colour myself, but maybe as you said some shading and highlights have been washed out in the pics.
    Very nice piece,..well done.
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  4. NickM Well-Known Member

    That's one angry looking dude. Nice painting, mate!
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  5. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Thanx for the comments...
    Good eye Mark, all the highlighting on the hair is done, starting with ochre brown through golden brown and finally dark sand... but I totally missed the shading wash. Good catch.
    This was an interesting change of pace but give me my Nappys any day ;)

  6. legend69 Well-Known Member

    Nice work Colin, I have been thinking about painting one of these space marines myself (you almost convinced me)...but the fact that they are metal has convinced me not to have a try. I have decided never to purchase any metal figures again (I have couple of metal figures sitting in my grey army)...it's only resin figures for me from now on.

    p.s. to be honest I dont know how long this embargo on metal figures will last, but I haven't made a metal figure prchase for a year now!

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  7. tiberius57 A Fixture

    Wow, this is a big and heavy guy to handle during the painting process. You did an excellent job with all those non nappy textures! Great work, Colin! (y)
    Can't wait to see this fella! Any thoughts on how are you going to base him?
    Great stuff!
    Cheers mate,
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  8. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Anthony, not sure why you got a hate-on for metal figs but I perfer them. This one was kinda heavy but I painted him as subassemblies which worked out well. The casting is as good or better than any resin fig I've done. Metal, resin or plastice, if I like the fig and the cast is decent... I'll do it.

    Zeno, I will enter him in Ajax if I am happy with the final display. I'm thinking some kind of ruins and battle debris... stuff like that.

  9. legend69 Well-Known Member


    Hi Colin, not so much a hate for metal figures, but I am always disappointed with metal figures, the cast quality is not as good as resin, and they are a difficult to convert! But never say never, as you say if the casting is good why not. Anthony.
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  10. Colin_Fraser A Fixture

    Looks good colin....I too look forward to seeing him in the flesh as it's my experience that your photos indeed wash out your shading and understate the shading you have done. It's always a hard decision whether to acquire a new support tool (I.e. Camera)when the $ could pay for figures. What kind of camera are you using BTW? I can't handle large metals either....they always fall or tip and break....must be an old man thing.

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  11. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    The camera is a Pentax Optio P80. It's really just a pocket digital snapshot camera... the kind you take to parties to take snaps of your drunken friends and family. It doesn't give much in the way of options beyond 'situational' presets. I keep fiddling with the lighting, one day I'll hit on the right combo... and then hope I can replicate it. I think I'll try filtering it as even indirect lighting seems to be too much. Thoughts?


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