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IPMS Torbay 25/5 plus update on Chota Sahib

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by Nap, May 26, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    Spent the day with Carole and Bob Orr and Paul Lawday from BMSS Bristol displaying at the Torbay show , very enjoyable day , weather great , good journey there and back ...and I didn't get lost !!!

    Sone great displays there , saw Andrew Janowski's ( arj )Magnificent 7 busts ...( 5 actually there ..2 on the bench ) and many other fine displays

    Here's our stand , no piccy of me though ..too busy talking and signing autographs from the female groupies ........

    The sun was shining off he display so a bit orange !!!!

    image.jpeg the guy on the right is Kyle from Mr Lees's Minis ...great stuff there

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I mentioned Chota Sahib in the title .....why because a trader there now has acquired all the moulds and is casting from them

    They are reworking these ...there's a lot !!

    A quick look revealed many happy memories from my ill spent youth when legs were the thing ..lol

    Small amount of flashing but easy to clean off .....Andrew bought the Charles 1st ..nice

    Who was the trader image.jpg

    They are currently in the process of getting them onto the website so well worth bookmarking

    They will be at BUGLE CALL on the 24/11/19

  2. DaddyO A Fixture

    OOOOH - I love Chota Sahib figures. Colour me excited :D

    Nice display folks - a few pieces there I haven't seen before. Hopefully catch up at Salisbury next week (Groupies notwithstanding) ;)
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Leggy

    Thought you might post!

    Afraid no display at Salisbury will be at Plymouth late June

    Got to go there's a coach full of women just pulled up outside !!

    Happy benchtime

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  4. billyturnip A Fixture

    That's great news re. the Chota Sahib figures. I've order kits from the Frome Model Centre in the past and they are already bookmarked as a good trader. (y)
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  5. Joe55 A Fixture

    Cool displays Kevin:cool:!

    Those gatherings are always loads of fun, especially when you're blessed with bustie groupies.....er bust groupies......er you know what I mean!

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  6. arj A Fixture

    Hi Kevin,

    Nice to meet up and see your ever enlarging display.
    I was particularly impressed seeing your Worcester Yeomanry bust close up.
    Moving on to your mention of re-issue of Chota Sahib figures under a new name, the following photos show what I bought:-

    IMG_3573c.jpg IMG_3575c.jpg

    I tried to locate the website (Studio Model Designs), but to no avail. As Kevin stated, they are updating their Frome site.
    W.r.t. the figure, flash is obviously evident (due to the use of the old moulds), but I'm sure will clean up well.
    The figure itself looks excellent, and is well worth the £12.50 that I paid.
    I understand that Frome Model Centre are looking into getting new moulds made.

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  7. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Just tried to fine Chota Sahib on their website but search came up with no result...presumably they haven't loaded up anything yet.

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  8. Nap A Fixture

    They did say they were in progress sorting it ...might be worth dropping them a email as well

    Nice to know these figures will be available again

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  9. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    What, what, what ?.. Chota ?
    Let's hope
  10. studio Model Design New Member

  11. arj A Fixture

    Further to my purchase of Charles I under the Studio Model Design banner, I'd like to confirm that this figure is not a Chota Sahib miniature.
    This is the base that came with it:-
    IMG_3642cr.jpg which clearly bears the name of 'A Stadden'.
    I must admit, I didn't remember Charles I being part of the Chota Sahib range, but failed to look closely.
    Sorry if misled anyone.

  12. studio Model Design New Member

    Good evening Andrew,

    This is 54mm Chota Sahib - all moulds went to a company called Sarum soldiers

    Which later was transferred to us

    Hope this helps
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  13. arj A Fixture

    Afraid it doesn't.
    While I cannot argue regarding Sarum Soldiers, the 'A Stadden' is Andrew C Stadden (sculptor).
    I believe he either sculpted for Sarum or, some Stadden figures were sold to Sarum.
    Either way, I don't believe the Charles I is a Chota Sahib miniature.
    I have painted a number of Stadden and Chota Sahib figures and this has the look and feel of a Stadden (a nice figure in itself), rather than the neat and crisp look of a Chota Sahib.
    The engraved name on the base is a clear indicator.
    Hope this helps.

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  14. studio Model Design New Member

    This makes sense - I believe we could have a mix of both figures this would mean probably all English civil war figures was sculpted by Andrew
  15. JonP PlanetFigure Supporter

    As far as I know Sarum did have the Chota Sahib range as well as their own range of figures so not all SarumSoldiers are Chota Sahib figures.
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  16. arj A Fixture

  17. studio Model Design New Member

    Thank you all this helps

    We do know that Sarum soldiers had two ranges they had a gloss toy soldier range as well

    The figurines we purchased was all bagged in Sarum soldier bags - which some have reference to Chota Sahib - as we dig into the range we will find which figures these are - I was told there was 450+ figures in the original range
  18. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    A collector has listed the Chota some with both refrence Chotte and Sarum
    Hope this can help you to sort off
    The one signed A Stadden were sculpted on commission for Sarum .
    Learn about it reading here
  19. peedee A Fixture


    Great Display Kev....
    great new for us Chota Sahib worshippers.
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  20. Kevin Gibbons Active Member

    Always nice to see old David Grieve figures and busts
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