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IPhone application to manage paints

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade/Accessories' started by Merkava, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Merkava Active Member


    I have just found a useful tools to manage my paints: an application for my iPhone/iPad.

    Model Colors is an application for helping us to keep track of our hobby model colors and projects.

    Very useful if you want to stop buying twice the same color.

    The application contains lists of all colors from a set of brands and you can browse these lists and mark the ones you already own and the ones you need to buy.

    And you can even list you stock with barcode scanning

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  2. hypertex Active Member

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  3. pmfs A Fixture


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  4. Infinite Monkey New Member

    I have been using the Model Paint 42 app - works very well on iOS devices. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/model-paint-42/id357012161 on the UK app store.

    I do like the look of the UI for the Model Colors one though. Model Paint 42 is pretty basic - but allows you to keep a stock list, and other lists (I created a "to be bought" list, as well as specific lists to group sets of paints like "Napoleonic" or "WW2 British"). If you have a particular colour, it does flag it with a small marker regardless of where you are looking at the particular paint (so you don't buy more by accident).

    Next trick is to then find the actual paint bottle/timlet/tube now I know I have because it is on my stock list :)
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  5. fogie A Fixture

    Does anyone seriously need an app on their phone to tell them about paint ? I wondered at first if this was a wind-up,
    but after due consideration I now realise that I must live in a parallel universe.
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  6. Infinite Monkey New Member

    For the purposes people have mentioned already - it's very useful. Stock list, shopping list, equivalent colours. Yes, could be done with pen and paper or maybe not at all.
  7. fogie A Fixture

    Understood.....if it works for you then it's a good thing and who am I to criticise........ just an old duffer who chooses
    to mix everything from a limited oil colour palette, and doesn't really understand iPhones (I couldn't tell you which
    end the flint goes in) or how people rely on them these days. Pay no attention and keep painting and using whatever
    you prefer to help you.

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  8. Infinite Monkey New Member

    No problem Mike - if you are working the way you have described, I completely understand you have no need for info on a phone. I have always struggled to get the right colours - so rely on the paint manufacturers to do it for me :)
  9. fogie A Fixture

    Working with paint can be daunting at first - not just choosing the so called 'right' colour, but also choosing the
    type of paint with which you feel comfortable ( oils, acrylics, enamels, so forth ). Just keep beavering away, read
    other people's views and really look at other painter's work. You can learn much, and more importantly you will
    gain confidence in your choices and start to see improvements in your own work, which is the best incentive for
    any painter. Rock on..........eh?

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