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Review Infected Gangster from Nuts Planet/Trigger Minaiture

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everybody,

    After various personal life issues now back in the saddle with my reviews so thanks to all for their understanding.

    Its my pleasure to be back with a new release from Nuts Planet and Trigger Miniature , notified here on PF

    and of course on social media as well ...where would we be without the internet eh!!!

    the subject is this


    Lets set the scene ..........

    The release continues in the same vein as previous , the streets are not safe anymore........ everyone is armed to the hilt , male, female , no matter if you are human or alien its the only way to say alive ......
    parasites are everywhere , the air is full of disease , many are infected , the air is at times unbreathable.....
    all need some form of protection against the agony of plague and other lethal conditions some can only protect themselves by covering their mouth and nose with the simplest of protection .........no matter what your street status ...

    survival is the keyword.

    Good or evil mix on the debris strewn streets and cities...

    one of these is the subject ...a gangster ....no ordinary one either ........

    he has been infected and needs to keep his face covered......

    hood up , carrying what weapons he can get hold of ...

    pump action shotguns and in this case a baseball bat with an addition of barbed wire wrapped lethally round it ....

    no one messes with this guy !!!!!!

    Details of the release are :

    Title: Infected Gangster

    Reference: T75012

    Scale: 75mm(1/24th)

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 6

    Sculptor : Joo Heum Yoon

    Box Art: None Available

    The sculptor is the same person that sculpted the last release in the series

    so we obviously have a guy with a lot of talent and imagination ....good to see .

    As always the box presentation is the blue cardboard one with the box art on the top and various views on the side, this is in clear black and white format showing the figure well .
    Nut Trigger 001.jpg
    Nut Trigger 002.jpg

    Parts were packed again as with all of Nuts Planet releases in bags where needed and sandwiched between foam layers and pieces of foam due to the groundwork shapes .

    Nut Trigger 003.jpg

    There are only 6 parts in this release consisting of the main figure the left leg , left arm right hand(with a baseball bat) a pump action shotgun and a base .

    Not so many parts as the last release , a smaller base as seen , but no matter really as just as much thought and detail has gone into the sculpt.

    Prep is minimal needing only removal of carefully located casting plugs all very easy to deal with , it snice to see that thought has again gone into where the casting plugs are .

    Dry fitting the parts revealed that minimal filling would be required ...if any ...very clean and sharp fitting.

    Lets look at the parts

    The Main figure

    Our Gangster initially looks like a pirate that has lost a leg and arm!!!....as he has the right one sculpted to the torso , the other is cast separately .

    First impressions are that this guy means business ....... full of attitude in the pose , moving carefully across the ground , looking around to the left , his right arm hangs down ready to take the hand . Nut Trigger 015.jpg

    Nut Trigger 004.jpg Nut Trigger 008.jpg Nut Trigger 005.jpg Nut Trigger 010.jpg Nut Trigger 012.jpg Nut Trigger 013.jpg Nut Trigger 009.jpg Nut Trigger 011.jpg Nut Trigger 014.jpg Nut Trigger 006.jpg Nut Trigger 016.jpg

    Wearing a torn and well worn long coat perhaps from a looted military store , the collar is up against a hood , this is worn up and over his head , offering some protection ..if that was possible , he has put a scarf over his lower face , on his head under the hood we see a woollen type cap , between this and the scarf we have the face , as before eyes are good in shape and detail , some might find it a little difficult to get into this area to paint ..but patience is the keyword here .

    Long trouser , perhaps denim , he is lucky to have these , leading down to a good pair of shoes .

    The clothing has been nicely worked with good folds and worn edges nicely represented, footwear is good with the heel and toe area being nicely defined .

    On his chest we have what could be his plasma feed or a blood drip , held against the body by a strap , the tube leading up his body ....at the top we have 3 further possibly weapons , maybe grenades or maybe spare air filters

    He has a bandolier full of rounds ( some are empty ...he has been busy!!!) and has added a couple of pouches for additional ammunition maybe , the detailing on the belts are really good , undercuts are sharply worked , we also have the weapon sling sitting nicely to the body.

    The Left leg has been left off with a excellent cutout ready to receive the separate leg ...this again shows skill in sculpting , folds are accurate in relation to the position of being slightly raised , fit to the torso is very clean.
    Nut Trigger 017.jpg Nut Trigger 018.jpg
    Left Arm this is humanoid but robotic looking with tubes around it held in place by many straps , details are again well shown the hand is with fingers pulled up in a fist like position , he has what could be a rather cracking set of knuckle dusters on his hand ...Ouch !!!!
    Nut Trigger 019.jpg Nut Trigger 020.jpg

    Weapons ...2 are provided .... a pump action shotgun nicely shaped and looking the part , the stock being wrapped in a material, this fits easily to the strap that has been cast onto the main figure .
    Nut Trigger 024.jpg
    The 2nd one being my favourite a baseball bat wrapped rather tastily in lethal barbed wire shards , it hangs at a rather dangerous looking angle ready to be brought into use when needed ...quickly!!! , there is really nice detail on the wrapped around additions ......the right hand is also included on the handle and this is very well done , good finger definition , he is really gripping this bit of hardware !!!
    Nut Trigger 022.jpg Nut Trigger 023.jpg
    The Base ..smaller than previous releases as said but still very detailed on it we have a respirator and the filter ...and a rubble strewn area .
    I said it was detailed well the filter is separate the actual mask has cracked lens ...making it useless ...we also have rather angular piece of rubble ........perhaps he has been attacked by a mob , this has hit his mask damaging the lens , rendering the whole thing useless ...so the only way was to use a scarf for some protection...will it work ....will he survive ...well that's up to you and your imagination ....I have a feeling he just might!!
    Nut Trigger 025.jpg
    Final thoughts

    Another well sculpted piece full of details from a very imaginative sculptor ,. Certainly a good addition to the series and it fits in well to this , the casting and presentation are well up to Nuts Planet and Trigger Miniature high standard ...I am sure this along with the others will be very popular , they all can easily work as a larger set piece

    Again no hesitation to recommend this

    Thanks to NutsPlanet for the Review model and I look forward to sharing more with you very soon

    For more information on this and all the products from Nuts :


    Thanks for looking in

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    As we have no actual box art ...yet lets have some more views of the unpainted figure certainly shows how much detail is there ...ENJOY

    I for one certainly look forward to seeing a painted version


    A0000.jpg A000.jpg A00.jpg A.jpg

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  3. mark761214 A Fixture

  4. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Hi Nap and Mark,
    Amazing detail in the sculpt with fine paintwork from Mark showing what can be achieved.
    For something out of your normal zone you pen some excellent reviews.
    Good on you Mate.
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for a great review Nap:).

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