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Images of Prussian Soldiers

Discussion in '"Today in History", Literature & Media Review' started by Jason W., Apr 21, 2004.

  1. Jason W. Active Member

    Hi All,

    Here's some images of Prussian Soldiers around the time of the Austro-Prussian
    and Franco-Prussian War's.

    Hopefully there's no copyright issues w/ these since they were downloaded off e-bay.

    Like uniform and equipment reference, images of Prussian soldiers of this time peroid are rare.
    Sorry if there a little fuzzy. I have no scanner so it's a pic of a pic :lol:
    Some of you may find them interesting...enjoy! :)

    My favorite
  2. yeo_64 Active Member

    Cool pics,Jason (y) ! Thanks for posting.Cheers !
    Kenneth ;)
  3. Manfred Active Member

    THANKS for sharing Jason,

    I'm hunting flea markets here since many years but I've never ever found any 70/71 pics, despite lots of imperial german period pics.

    Even books seldom show german photos.

    The earliest pics I own are hussars and other cavalry from about 1874.

    This comes handy for my project :)

    Edited for spelling ;)
  4. Jason W. Active Member

    Here's some pic's of a Prussian soldier 1870 in bronze (size?). Again, I saved these off an e-bay auction. Can't remember how much it went for...sorry. :lol:

    Gorgeous figure that shows some neat detail.

    Sorry, there was no pic's of the rear of sculpture.

  5. Jason W. Active Member


    Yes, Prussian images as well as uniforms, equipment and weapons, are a rare find.
    Maybe it was because the Austrian and French conflicts where so short. It didn't help to have long supply lines either. Particularly during the war with France, where many soldiers in the Prussian army resorted to wearing French military and civilian clothing during the later part of the war.
    And at the end of the Franco-Prussian war I believe the there were a few uniform reforms as well. I know the knapsack arrangement changed from the greatcoat-roll over the shoulder to the French style where it was attached to the knapsack.

    Please tell us more about your project. :)

  6. Manfred Active Member

    Jason, I'm still playing with poses wanting an advancing or running at the double pose.
    I have not yet decided between prussian or bavarian, having rifles for both from Hecker & Goros...

    And I do have my first digital camera now :) ...

    However I like to share a picture. It's the oldest dated one in my small collection.


    I've not been able to verify the specific regiment, however I think it's one of the white braided ones. The photo is dated 1874, so relatively few things should have changed if at all after the recent war. He is an Einjährig-Freiwilliger from the braid around the shoudler flaps, a person paying his equipment and therefore serving shorter duty.

    Any ideas about the regiment welcome...


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