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I'm Ready to Print

Discussion in 'Digis - Digital Miniatures 3D Modeling' started by RKapuaala, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. zodiac Active Member

    Thanks Blue Thunder.
  2. RKapuaala Active Member

    Thanks again for the advise and the info. One issue with taking more time with the body is, polygon count. If you are going to do a halfway decent job on a likeness it takes at least 350 million of the little buggers and that is nearly 1/3rd of what Shapeway allows. I spend another 400 million on the shoes and hands. So that only leaves 250 million for the rest of the figure. My comprimise is to finish the detail off once I make the first casting of the print.
    I will make the suit details on that casting and then make a master mold off that casting.
    It is frustrating doing it that way because there will be slight variations from one scale to the next. I'm experimenting with separating the figure into printable parts on my next project. If that turns out, then that is how I will proceed in the future. I had some success on using that method with my Mz M and Clyde models whose files were so big I had to divide them up into separate project files for printing.
    But that was just the accessories the hands and legs and a small difference would not have been too bad. As it turned out, they fitted perfectly BUT they were oriented differently from the rest of the model and the debris from the support material was all over the detail in the hands and the shoes and the hat. I have to figure out a method of insuring that they get printed out properly on my next attempt.
    BTW, the prints are not perfectly opaque, they are clear on the front, but the support material makes them frosty on the places where it is used, thus the frosty appearance. If they didn't need support material they would be completely clear.
    Which has given me to look into the newer technologies using the Formlabs type technology where the platform is dipped in a bath of liquid material and slowly raised up from the vat one layer at a time. For those printers, the material itself is the support material so you don't have instances where the wax is cooked into the material causing a frosted effect.

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  3. Comic-Club Member

    my english is not well enough to really give some advices or even some time not well enough to give my opinion.
    I commissioned some 3D Artists, and of course the final Step was Print-Out and then planed to get mold, cast etc.
    I spend/lost a lot of Money and time, by printing from different Guys around the world always the same Part.
    If you want a figure, printed like the one from Ownage (He is my Printer too) you need someone printing the "stereolithography-System" not the sinter!
    Yes there is a printer here on this forum from Ukraine, I have contacted him, he seems to be a nice guy.
    The Prices are similar to the ownage print-out.
    But I do not change for similar.
    Ownage is now my regular printer and so we have found kind of mutual understanding (my English !!) and he is really really friendly.
    And of course, the Print-out will be just as good as the sculptor did it. And if it looks "Strange" then the 3D artist has not enough skills for a better result.
    There is nearly no difference betwen a traditional or 3D Sculptor.
    When I sculpt in polymer Clay the result is always a little bit cartoonish/Childish. Because I do not know nothing about all the Anatomy, folding clothes rules, skin textures etc.
    Sculpting is an Art, no matter if Digital or Traditional.
    Some 3D Artist charge as much as traditional Artist (or More) but then you have to pay the printer ! And this doubles or triples your bill. BUT you can print different sizes of the same. Thats the only way to get back some the input money.
    So I can produce a 1/6 scale Gargekit Figure, and with the same File I can print a 70mm Figure and/or a 120mm Bust.
    Of course the printing is always to pay, but not the sculptor.
    If you like, take a look at my treads here on PF I have some Print outs (Thor, Poison Ivy) in Pics Online.
    When using a GOOD Printer, then no work at all is requierd before mold/cast.
    If you have any Questions, I will try to answer, but do not forget :
    I am the producer, NOT the sculptor, nor the Printer. So maybe some technical Questions I cannot answer.
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