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I'm Ready to Print

Discussion in 'Digis - Digital Miniatures 3D Modeling' started by RKapuaala, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. RKapuaala Active Member

    At long last I have acheived the level of detail I wanted for this project and I will be ready to print in 1:20.32 scale and 7/8ths scale. I improved the likeness so I will reprint the 1:6 head also. 3b.jpg
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  2. Waterman Active Member

    I hope it turns out better than the ones you sold me. The printing was awfull.
  3. RKapuaala Active Member

    Wow,,, BAD FORM! This is the first I've heard from you, and you have to do it on this page. BTW,,, what print did I sell you? I don't sell prints, I sell castings so I clean up the prints and make molds. So, I'm assuming you are talking about a casting? Which casting are you speaking of?
    If you please, the next time you have a problem Mr. Waterman contact me directly I will be more than willing to correct the issue or refund your money.
  4. Waterman Active Member

    I tried to contact you, but it is very difficult,because I had lost my ref number, and you won't accept e mails without an ID,because of spam. My figures I ordered from you, in Hawaii? But they came from mainland USA. I saw the figures on Planet Figure, in a debate about DS that you put on here, so assumed I would get DS figures from you. Yes I could see when they come that they looked as if they had been made in a mould, but because I knew nothing about DS I again assumed that that is how they come out. Come off it Sir you can not show figures on here in a discussion on DS, and when someone orders these same figures from you, send out ones made in a mould. I would not have minded,but whoever cast them, needs to seriously think about changing his profession. I bought 4 figures 1/20/3 scale. A seated Driver,a Fireman shovelling, but no shovel came with him, another Driver wearing a loggers hat, and another seated Driver that looks the same as the Fireman. In all ,by the time I had imported the 4 figures and paid VAT and a further 8 pounds to the Post Office for their charge to collect the VAT, they had cost me getting well on the way to £100. I put my comments on here as you seem to use this site pretty regular, and it has got me a response from you, rather than experience the difficulties you seem to have built into your website. Sorry if I sound rude,but I am fed up with firms that take my money, and then send me rubbish goods.
  5. RKapuaala Active Member

    "Come off it Sir"! Waterman, you had to of ordered them from my site. I don't sell prints. Every single description on every single items says 'casting' not print. Every single description includes a description of what is included in the kit. There is even a picture of the fireman shoveling and he isn't holding a freaking shovel. Why would I show an image of him without a shovel if a shovel is included. I do have images of figures wearing stuff that is not included in the kit and in the decription I state clearly it is not included in the kit. So why didn't you read the description before you purchased it?
    However, no one has ever told me about these additional charges so I didn't have a clue. For that I do apologize. I will alter my site to include that information also, but the responsibility is on the buyer to read that info if I provide it.
  6. RKapuaala Active Member

    BTW, I copied the exact description of what is on my site below:
    <img src="/available_images/pippinshovelngthumb.jpg" height=243 border=0><br><b>Pippin Shoveling</b></a><br><i>ET&WNC</i><div style="margin: 5px 15px 10px 1px;" align=justify><font size=-2>This is a five part kit. The top of the hat, the arms, torso and bottom are all separate castings. Click on the thumbnail image for assembly instructions. While the pose is for shoveling, the hands are close enough together to be holding a grease gun or an oil can.</font></div>
  7. RKapuaala Active Member

    Note the language "separate castings"
  8. Waterman Active Member

    I did not order them from your site. I saw them on Planet Figure when you posted about DS. I got hold of your e mail address and I can't remember how I got it but I did. The only thing that I knew about you was what you wrote on PF about DS, and the picture of several figures. No where did i read that they were made in a mould. I did see a picture of Poiroit, and an old lady, and I believe also Sherlock Holmes? And Laurel and Hardy? We're they yours? Very nice and it was on the basis of that depicted quality,that made me order from you. The impression I got from your PF articles was that all your products were DS. Nowhere did I read that they were mould castings, and that Sir is the honest truth. I DO NOT TELL LIES. I also have collected figures since like you, I have been able to sit at a table, possibly even longer than you from what you tell me.
  9. RKapuaala Active Member

    Then you are confusing me with some one else. I have a site http://scalehumans.com . I do not take email orders, never have, never will. I did not do any sculptures of Laurel and Hardy but I did do a british person that people said looked like Holmes. You can easily scroll through all of my entries and each of them with the exception of a few of the first I did will state I am making molds.
    Here is the one covering the figure you say you bought through email
    It would be impossible for you to buy those through email, because first off you state you tried to contact me but could not, so how would I be able to send you anything if I got no email especially since you have to order through paypal?
    I don't know if you are lieing or just confused, it would be helpful if you could take some photos of those figures and show me what you have. There is no way for you to have them unless you bought them through me and I have no record of a sale to you.
  10. RKapuaala Active Member

    I've done a little due diligence for you waterman and here are the links to the threads discussing the figures you have mentioned so far. Each of them clearly states resin kits or castings on the thread,,, not prints.
    That being said, I also belong to the SE lounge, which has a lot of British folks. You woulnd't happen to be a member of that forum?
  11. Waterman Active Member

    image.jpg This is to prove to you and everybody else that I did buy these figures from you, despite you saying that I did not.
  12. RKapuaala Active Member

    I never said you didn't buy my figures I said you bought them from my site. I also said I have no record of you (Waterman) buying them from me in paypal. Those are 1:20 scale figures, and I never sell them via email, because its too much trouble so since you bought them, you bought them from my site (FACT) and therefore you had complete access to the descriptions. BTW, I'm a little confused on the sculpting page you complained that they were so awful you couldn't bare to assemble or paint them, yet there they are two nicely painted figures and two more waiting to be painted. BTW, I do keep records of all my sales, and that particular grouping of figures listed as
    Pippin Shovelingunpainted
    Pippin Sittingunpainted
    Fred With Hatunpainted
    Schutte Sittingunpainted
    Only came up on one search. No other combination of those same figures came up with a Shutte Sitting for the entire year of 2013 and 2014. The Pippin and Fred figures were not available until 2013.
    These figures were sold at the end of December to a lady named Rosemary living in Derbyshire. I have no other sales of this combination for the entire year (one of the benefits of low volume sales is the ability to track them).
    Schutte (the big sitting guy that is already painted) is a single castings whose prototype was done with clay. The rest are DS printed and molds made as I say they would be in the thread http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/lastest-batch-of-prints.53725/
    The above sale was from my site, not from email. You are very much confused about that, that much is certain.

    Now, since we have established that I got this same order from someone named Rosemary, and that this is your order, and you claim you tried to contact me and that in addition you know exactly who I am why did you not choose to contact me using PF messaging but instead started a thread in sculpting and on this thread to complain? Bad FORM SIR.

    BTW your painting of my figures is pretty good, but I can't be certain because of the quality of the image. Could you take some better shots? And for the record I am 60
  13. Meehan34 A Fixture

    I don't want to get in the middle of this argument, but, for the record a DS figure is only printed as a master much the same way one is sculpted from putty as a master. Companies use the print to make the master mold to reproduce it in resin or metal. This is always the case unless it is a "one off" like I have done a couple of times.
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  14. Waterman Active Member

    For the record, my wife ordered them. I only saw what you had put on PF, I thought I was getting DS Figure, I never saw what was on your website untill now. Yes I spent a huge amount of time cleaning them up, they are still not good, but then I was hardly going to throw them away after what they cost. I did contact you through PF, on the Sculpting Site where I originally found you. And last I am not too confused yet,despite approaching 71 yrs of age, but pleased that you thought that I had painted them pretty good.
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  15. RKapuaala Active Member

    Did you bother to read through the threads where you claim to have gotten the information that lead you to believe they are prints. I put a list of links to them for your convenience. All if them indicate I am making molds or doing castings.
    With all due respect you are confused. You made this whole issue confusing by insisting that 1. they were prints and 2. they were ordered by email and not by my site. The Marcus Schutte figure is not DS and only appears on my site not on PF.
    Insulting me on a thread is not contacting me. PF does have a messaging system and I received no messages from you.
    I meant it, they looked pretty good. I'd like to see better images of them though under better light. Did you use an air brush?
    In conclusion I feel bad that I didn't know about the additional charges. No one to date has told me about that and I do apologize. I will update my checkout page so that my international customers know that they will be charged by their own government. I don't know nor do I have the time to determine what those charges might be, so they will be on their own. Quight frankly I don't mind if I get international orders at all. The shipping is too high, and the packaging and shipping requirements are too labor intensive. If I stopped getting orders from abroad it wouldn't kill me.

    Back on topic - that is an impressive portrait of JFK. Are you considering doing a bust version only?

  17. RKapuaala Active Member

    Colin,,, just to be perfectly clear, I will be offering castings of the head in 1:6 scale resin kit castings. I will have 7/8th and 1:20 scale resin castings kits for the figure. I have toyed with a bust, but nothing firm. I've only done clay busts 1:1 scale and am not sure what scale to do for people interested in painting him.
  18. Meehan34 A Fixture

    1/10 to 1/12 scale is typical for most of us on here

    I would have thought a 1/10 or thereabouts sized bust might have some appeal. Perhaps others can say. Nice thing about digital is that I guess you can go and size and truncate at any point- true?

  20. Waterman Active Member

    Ah, peace perfect peace. By the way I was privelidged to meet President Kennedy once. It was his first visit to Gt Britain after being made President. He told us of when he was in the Navy during the War.
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