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Illustration references

Discussion in '"Today in History", Literature & Media Review' started by Johan, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Johan Well-Known Member

    Hi people,

    I talked with Gordy about this idea to start a little corner here on planetfigure where we all could have interesting reference paintings and illustrations posted. I provided four images of some Franco-Prussian war paintings by Detaille, De Neuville and Bellecour, and will send some more in the coming days. Of course, this isn't just for me only, you're all invited to have your interesting illustration material posted here. PLEASE check out copyright matters however - NO D. Troiani illustrations for example!

    Not all miniaturists have access to books and libraries, or have the resources to buy lots of books and prints - the idea is to make that sort of reference material accessible to ALL here on PlanetFigure.

    Best regards,

  2. Jason W. Active Member

  3. Johan Well-Known Member

    ... It's there, but you'll have to go to "reference" in between "Gallery" and "about"

    YW, Jason
  4. KeithP Active Member

    That'd be me :)

    Thanks, Johan.

  5. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Johan, How do we submit material for this? I have some that may be of interest.~Gary
  6. Johan Well-Known Member

    Send your ill. to Gordy by e-mail, with a short description of :
    - period (fe. napoleonic, franco-prussian, ....)
    - author/painter and title/subject
    - if possible, a description of what can be seen in the ill.
  7. quang Active Member

    Neat idea, Johan!

    Although with the combined effect of the Internet AND the digicam, I gave my scanner away.

    No regrets but for initiatives like this one.


    Does anyone have some relatively clear guidance on copyright before we start blasting pictures in for posting? I have no idea what the duration of copyright on old paintings is. Is it copyrighted just because its in a book? Does the owner or the original artist and his/her heirs have the copyright? Does the law vary materially by jurisdiction?

    I'm in the dark on this one.

  9. Johan Well-Known Member

    In Belgium, anything older than a century is, in theory, free for all. How is that in the USA?

    Now, it might be interesting if someone could check out copyright on old paintings in collections in the USA...

    ANYWAY: the paintings posted here under reference are paintings you'll find on several wargame websites too.....
  10. Luis R. Active Member

    one painting might be copyright free, but the photograph of that picture might be copyrighted. Most museum websites images are thus protected
  11. Richard E New Member

    I think you have to be careful on copyright on this one.

    With illustrations the publisher is usually the owner of the copyright, and will tend to sue at the drop of a hat, because usually they have been created with the sole intention of publication. and there is a copyright notice at the front of the book.

    Paintings and photographs are pretty much the same, the artist/photographer retains copyright, for 100 years after death and usually the copyright is then purchased (usually by a publishing house or gallery) who will sue at the drop of a hat.

    Copyright has to be notified though, and as we are talking about reference books it will exist. If you post in a gallery it is the same as printing it in a book, as it is deemed to have been published.

    Just saying, it might be opening a real can of worms.
  12. frank h Well-Known Member

    On the subject of copyright,
    rather than post on site and incur any breach issues.
    If a member was to ask for a particular reference I would think sending
    it via personal E-mail would not constitute such a breach.

    Johan, your idea is terrific, unfortunately implementing the exchange
    of visual information seems to be a problem. I put forward the above
    as a suggestion.

    Frank (y)
  13. Johan Well-Known Member

    Thank you Frank. I already have sent ill. material that I have to other members. Whenever someone posts a question on pf about references, I'll always check on what I have, and will be glad to help where I can.

    We could be even more proactive and think about establishing an on-site list of the major uniform references people own or have access to and which people are willing to share with others. Even if folks don't want to scan and send copies by e-mail for fear of breaching copyright, its possible to summarize info in words or do a quick sketch.

    I have an extensive library fo Napoleonic refs. including Rousselot, most of Rigo, Elting, Osprey and many others that I am happy to look at if someone needs info.

    Also, being in Toronto, I am blessed with a municipal reference library that has just about every significant Napoleonic uniform plate reference you can imagine. While I wouldn't be willing to go there daily, I do cross the threshold fairly frequently and would be willing to pick up info for folks if needed.


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