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"Il Volto Del Comando" 54mm Lieutenant-Colonel Paolo Castaldini Foot hunters Guard of the President

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    First sorry for my bad English !
    In parallel with Facebook (zastrow.cuirassier) , I will post, hoping to have the time, not a simple review but more a series of photos allowing you to form an opinion on a figurine or a bust.
    For information, I'm not a professional, let alone for the photo, I just share (so don't be too hard on me)!
    I would not allow myself any comment as to the accuracy, that is not the point either!
    I would simply allow myself to note certain criteria, to make some personal remarks, but which are binding only on me.
    I am not going to kick your boots or speak with a tongue in cheek worthy of some politician.
    I criticize, but in a good way to criticize.
    I admit that the figurines that I present are mostly figurines that I like, otherwise what's the point of buying them!
    Buying them also allows me to be free to think about what I write!
    So I will try to post once or twice a week!
    So I chose, for this first post of the year 2021, the last production of Piersergio ALLEVI, in his range of limited edition figurines:
    "Il Volto del Comando"
    As much to say it right away, Piersergio is a person whom I appreciate enormously, someone of a rare kindness, an extreme availability and a great professionalism!
    A small complaint however, I would like him to come and enlarge the list of members of my favorite forum:
    There I am advertising, for me it is one of the best forums on the subject and many big names in this hobby are present!
    So join us!
    I have in my possession all the figurines produced from the "Il Volto Del Comando" range, and I admit I am impatiently awaiting the new ones!
    We cannot speak of this range, nor of Piersergio ALLEVI without mentioning his eternal accomplice, who highlights so well the sculptures of Piersergio (but not only of him), Mr. Danilo CARTACCI, yes it is the man, who by his painting, highlights the sculptures of many artists so well!
    So let's come back to the chosen figure:
    Tenente colonnello Paolo Castaldini
    Cacciatori a piedi, Guardia del Presidente
    Repubblica Italiana
    Milano, 1804
    Either in English:
    Lieutenant-Colonel Paolo Castaldini
    Foot hunters
    Guard of the President of the Italian Republic 1804
    54mm resin figure (Mounted figure)
    Rating criteria:
    Packaging: 9/10, no complaints, simple, efficient. The figurine is well protected, a very solid cardboard box, photos of the front and back of the painted rider, small cardboard with history in Italian.
    Choice of subject: 10/10 And yes, find a subject on the 1st Empire, which is out of the ordinary, in addition to a Senior Officer of the Guard (even Italian), hat! It really is great art. The subject is really "esoteric", red uniform, helmet with "dragon", only problem the documentation is rare. a link for the history of the Italian Army under Napoleon, with references:
    http: //www.napoleonbonaparte.eu /.../ La-divisione-italiana ...
    Sculpture: 10/10; perfection in 54mm, the figurine is beautiful, a simple and elegant movement. The detail is impressive (it's 54mm), moreover not only the rider gives off this impression of "nobility" and of authority linked to his rank and his function, but moreover the magnificent horse is in total harmony with his rider. Piersergio is one of the best sculptor of horses, one can wonder if the horse is not one of his passions! I could write for a long time on this figurine, look at my pitiful photos you will understand why I put 10/10!
    Molding: 9.75 / 10 almost perfection, a pity that my photos do not match the quality of the molding and the sculpture.
    I could have put 10, but you would have told me that it was a bias!
    Quality / price ratio: 9.5 / 10, 60 € without shipping costs!
    To conclude, a little wonder!
    One note however, the risk of copying, the figurine being entirely in resin, the risk of counterfeiting is increased.
    The previous rider had some metal parts that could disturb the temptation of the copier, but there the temptation will be great especially when these evil ones will realize the value of this figurine!
    I know the subject of counterfeiting very well, there are no miracle cures, just the possibility of making the counterfeit difficult to produce; unfortunately, many of these possibilities impose financial costs that are sometimes too high for our sector of activity.
    However, I remain available to guide people who so desire in the possible steps with French or European organizations in charge of the protection of intellectual or industrial property and the fight against counterfeiting!

    For information or purchase:

    Continued following
  2. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    The figure,
    first the rider :

    Continued following
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  3. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Continuing the rider :

    Continued following
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  4. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

  5. grasshopper A Fixture

    Nice one- piersergio is sending me this and the other two available pieces tomorrow. Based on your images I am not regretting at all jumping into the deep end ..there seems the same care with resin as with metal...
    you perhaps saw on FB he’s starting a new series..
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  6. jai A Fixture


    new series is on the navies of all eras .. and begins a new series of unique pieces on "Les Petits Soldats De Gericault".
  7. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    The new series is inspired by Gericault's paints and drawings, but it will be unique pieces!
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  8. grasshopper A Fixture

  9. Steve Edwards Active Member

    Zastrow, thank you for your review. Great photographs! There is no need for you to apologise for your English language skills. It is not your first language but I can easily understand everything you have written. And many thanks for your continuing support for Piersergio's Il Volto del Comando line. I have collected each item as they have been released and were it not for your posting on PF then I would have never known about these magnificent miniatures.

    I dearly wish that Piersergio produced more of his figures as commercial releases. Would'nt that Chasseur officer in Les Petits Soldats de Géricault be a great one to add to the collection? Wow! Dream on...
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  10. Steve Edwards Active Member

    I meant to upload a picture of the Chasseur. I forgot! One of the FB guys was asking whether his pelisse had shrunk in the wash! Doesn't the cut look look odd? I think this guy was a "dedicated follower of fashion". And in Paris of all places. The pelisse in the early revolutionary period was much longer, hip-length and then military fashions following civilian (look at les incroyables et les merveilleuses) the cut became higher and tighter. Very high collars, high hats and jackets tight around the shoulders. Trousers are baggy and high-waisted in the Lasalle style. This is late Empire style and it looks throughly uncomfortable but you don't care about that when you're trying to impress the ladies.


    Unfortunately, we will not be able to get our paint brushes on this one. It's a one-off. Curses!
  11. jai A Fixture


    is inspired by this

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  12. Tonton Well-Known Member

    And we thought MC Hammer had silly trousers!

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  13. Nap Moderator

    Hi Luc

    There's nothing wrong with the English my friend

    Thanks for taking the time it's appreciated

    A wealth of detail on the pieces both horse and rider as we have seen ..no doubt it will be popular

    Great artwork as well


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  14. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Great review ,I just cant get onto PayPal or I would have bought this one
  15. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Ron....l ordered mine in December and it is on its way, so too late now but if you want any future pieces let me know and I'll add to my order..

    Best wishes for 2021 let's hope we get to meet up sometime this year.

  16. Ronaldo A Fixture

    That very obliging Keith will keep it in mind .

    Looks a great piece and interesting green crest to the Helmet

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