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Idea ! Public Workshop !

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Major_Goose, May 17, 2006.

  1. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Well talking with Kisifer alot --as always -- and since the two of us happen to paint some same figures over the year we had this idea.


    1. We can make a poll here in PLanet figure and decide by public voting or other
    system which 54mm people would like topaint in a digital workshop.

    2. We decide the figure with most votes .

    3, we allow some time to be purchased

    4. then we set the ending period of the Game like ..in one month

    5. And then in a special post we all post our finished figures .

    I think it would be much fun see many different rendering ideas , from all over the world, in different painting and bases and everything . Would be total fun

    The willingness to paint the choosen figure even if its not your choice is the obvious need to have success in this game

    Works must be brand new for this common workshop and not older figures just reposted,and this will be trusted in everyones honor !

    So what do you think ?

    If you agree i guess we can have this post for proposing the 54 mm figure to be commonly painted by all

    Every one is allowed to propose maximum 3 figuresso we will have some common ones to make a match

    Ideas propositions and all are welcome on this one guys !!!

    Lets make some fun , it willbe like painting together on the bench but from thousand miles away !!!!!!

    Costas + Xenofon :lol:
  2. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    My choices are :

    1. PEGASO Art. 54-224
    Louis Brun de Villeret, ADC of Mareshall Soul


    2. SEIL MODELS SH54033
    Scorpion Warrior


    72nd. Highlanders
    Sgt. Afanistan 1879

  3. s.walks New Member

    Sounds good to me Costas, the only sticking point might be the one month completion, my daily work would'nt allow that. Overall brilliant idea, it will be interesting to see what the fellow Planeteers think.

    Cheers Steve Walks
  4. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Steve this is the frame suggestion. Its not one man show , we will make it as it pleases most of us . Period can be 1,5 or 2 months for example . Thanks for Supporting
  5. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Sounds very intresting, but I would need at least 2 months. I paint slow and as this is my job I first need to paint those which I get painted for.

    I'll have a look for which 3 I'm intrested in and postthem later.


  6. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    What a damn interesting idea, I would have no problem with the timescale, I will choose 3 that I would like to paint and pu them up later

    I’m in...... :)

  7. nagashino New Member

    Hi Costas & Xenofon

    What an excellent idea :) This sort of thing works really well in magazines, as we have seen in the past, so there is no reason why it can't work here on line. So you can count me in for definite. I'll have a think and post my three in the next day or two.


  8. Angaliel A Fixture

    Hi all,

    good idea. I'm in too !!!!!

    Here in France we decided to do a similar project with the Lattore 's Hobbit.
    We 'll paint it for Blagnac Show. We are already 40 to participate. More to come.

  9. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Absolutely, and your choice of figures is very tasteful as well gents. Except that second one...
    The timescale of a month shouldn't be too bad, although I do agree with Steve, with myself it would only present a problem dependant upon the figure...
    I fully support this one.
    :eek: Another suggestion could be that fellow Planeteers judge on the best one? :eek:

    Or is a compitition element missing the point? Simply taking part would be enough really.
  10. MattS Active Member

    Neat idea. The very first virtual figure show. Now if we could get Pete to email everyone a margarita, it would be perfect ;)
  11. Arminous Member

    Hi all!

    Costas,Xenofon,great idea guys!I would say I'm in because I like it as an idea,but I can't promise I can participate a lot because I'm an only student away from my country and I have limited time and funds :(.This would be a little difficult though,because every member needs it's time and it's choice...So,I'd like to add some points to this fantastic idea that's gonna keep us all alive in the hobby even more:

    Every three months one could propose 7 different figures of the SAME company.This will help us hit the most famous pieces of every company and the possibility to vote for the same piece will be higher(who's the one who wouldn't like to paint Frederick the 2nd of Swabia-Pegaso 90011???).

    This proposal should be carefully made,so that the figures are popular(figures that almost evryone would like to add in his collection!!!)and could be painted in different ways(for example,LaTorre's Northumbrian would be a better proposal than LaTorre's Maximus,cause the painter has much more options about the colors and the result will be much more interesting!).

    After 3 months,the one who made the proposal announces one last week of preparations.After this week everyone will have to post his own masterpiece to this mini-online-gallery!

    What do you think?

    (Bravo paidia,poly kali idea,ante na tous anapsoume ligo ta aimata emeis oi Ellhnes giati an perimenoume ap'tous varvarous...;)).

  12. megroot A Fixture

    Costas, Kisifer,

    Great idea. You count me in. But i think the choice of the figures that are now made are for the novices far beyond their limits. Example is the Tartan, and the leaces on the Napoleontic.
    My choice wouldt be: a simple knight
    the Sans Culotte.
    Nothumbrian warrior
    This kind of figures. So therefore i am with Kostas, simply for the free choice in colours.
    With that the artists freedom can also speak a word in the virtual contest.

    Just my two cents.

  13. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Here are the 3 figures I would like to propose

    1:pegaso 54220 French revolutionaire sans culotte


    2: Romeo models RM54-56 Templar knight with axe XIII th century


    3: Elite : PS/54.29 Viking warrior


    Thanks for looking,

  14. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Hello to all and thanks for the great interest that you are showing so far.
    First of all I would like to ask from the staff of this great board to pin this post into the painting section, so we know where we can find it all the time (if that's possible).

    Second from all the participants I would like to ask them firstly to suggest a time frame of the workshop along with their figure entries so at the end we take an average example 2 months and say.. that's it.

    Moreover I would ask kindly from all the participants not to post progress photos. I believe that the element of surprise is the fun here. Imagine 20 or so different approaches of the same figure at once!!!

    Finally a word to my friend marc... the choice is free for everyone, why not take advantage of such an opportunity and try a tartan?? But it's not 100% sure that this figure will be elected.

    So people make your decisions and surely we will have a great fun trying to paint the same figure. I tried once with just me and Costas... and the fun was amazing.

    Anyway... here are my suggestions.

    Romeo Models - Gioacchino Murat 1767-1815

    Seil Models - Landsknecht with Beer

    and finally I will agree with my friend Costas on this lovely figure:

    72nd. Highlanders
    Sgt. Afanistan 1879

    I finally suggest a 3 months (all 3 summer months) for the time spa ...So by the end of August (1st of September??) we should start posting our final results.

    Thanks you all again in advance for your interest and participation.
  15. Charles Denomolos New Member

    A few years back, the SCAHMS show did pick the LaTorre Maximus piece, and, surprisingly enough, the results were quite varied. Having said this, no matter what is chosen, there will be some who are painting "outside" their interest. This in and of itself should not be a bad thing, and one should not let this curtail participation.
  16. ghamilt1 A Fixture

    I Like it! I Like it alot! I'm in...when do we start! Just imagine participating in an international exhibition, and not spending a cent on airfare or hotels! :lol:

    I think the best way to ensure participation is to leave the competition element out of the equation. I'm sure many more people would be happy to participate in an exhibition. Besides, I can imagine judging would be very difficult on-line because one would be judged not only on their skills as a painter, but on the quality of their photography equipment and photography skills. I don't have any suggestions for a subject figure, but will happily purchase whatever figure the majority chooses.

    I've seen many "group build" projects on other sites, mainly with aircraft or armour models, and they generally allow anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Maybe if you set a deadline on the first of the month in the autumn (October 1 or November 1?) that would give everyone time to finish. Well, I suppose whatever deadline you decide to set, someone will have a hard time meeting it, so you'll probably have to just pick a date and go with it. I am very excited about seeing what everyone does with the subject figure!
  17. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Just one question as Im not sure if I understood this correctly.

    Are we supposed to paint a figure as usual and post images or paint it photoshop?
    I suppose its the first but I must confess Im a little uncertain.

    If it is as I first thought Im interested.

  18. Kandor8 Active Member

    Hi guys!
    Sounds like fun. Count me in. I'm leaning towards Seil's Landsknect, Romeo's RM54-56 Templar Knight, and Pegaso's 54220 French Revolutionaire sans culotte.
    I agree that this should be exhibition only - no competition other than completing the figure within the time constraints. Two months is fine and I propose the months of July-August (July 1 - September 1). We should also agree as to the limit of images of each participant that will be in the virtual exhibit... 1 front shot? Front & rear view?(2). Front, back, and sides? (4).
    Best! :)
  19. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Janne, we elect the most popular figure, we purchase it... and then paint it as you would paint any other commercial figure. Then you post your outcome for everyone to view it.

    Good point there Ric. Three photos of the finished figure I believe are enough, front, back and a general view of the whole front.. so we can see the groundwork too :)

  20. Lancer Active Member

    Sounds like a great idea, might be the incentive I need to get to the workshop a bit more! I guess any figure the forum decides will work for me but I'll offer my suggestion simply because this one caught my eye!

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