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ICM (Ukraine) - News

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Martin Antonenko, May 25, 2021.

  1. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    New from ICM:

    Title: Roman Gladiator
    Scale: 1:16
    Plastic injection molding
    Number: 16303


    In the photos of the assembled figure, he does not have a scutum, but a round shield - unfortunately, it remains open on the website whether both shields are included.



    But what kind of gladiator that is, leaves me a little perplexed ...:

    If it should be a "Murmillo", they fought with the gladius and had a scutum and ONE leg brace to protect themselves ...:



    The tool of the "Thraex" was a piercing tool like the one on the figure - but it had a much smaller shield, two leg braces and also waist-high protection made of fabric on both legs ...:...:

    Here both species in comparison ...


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  2. Wayneb A Fixture

    Same old song......Looks like the 90 mm Pegaso metal I painted a few years ago..........Nothing new, just a new way of singing the same ole song.
    I fear we're in trouble...

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Not my thing but I am sure despite the similarity between Pegaso , the scale will attract many I am sure , good conversion possibility as well

    Wonder if ICM will do the other types

    Thanks for sharing

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  4. Martin64 A Fixture

    well looks to me more like a Thrax - and both shields are obviously included https://icm.com.ua/figure/roman-gladiator/- not too close to Pegaso IMHO - protection of copyright is ok but if the same or similar pose is done by another company using a different medium/scale the allegation of "mental recasting" is a bit overdone IMHO.
    ICM Thraex 16303-1-2.jpg ICM Thraex 16303-1.jpg gladiator-thraex-thraker.jpg
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  5. Redcap A Fixture

    Interesting video but I suspect the representations here of Gladiators wielding a Gladius and Sica blades (little more than dagger sized here), meant these re-enactors have to get in much closer than occurred in reality using full sized weapons and also, that resulted in the 'action' being much faster and more frantic in the reenactment shown here too.

    Given the fight on YT was obviously highly choregraphed, if two athletic blokes in their prime got that close in with daggers, one of them would invariably get stabbed within seconds despite all the protection and which isn't what the crowd would have wanted to see. Rules existed and were enforced by a Summa Rudis ( a sort of fight referee) to prevent that very occurrence - i.e. a short fight that lasted only seconds and with someone killed almost every time.

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  6. Martin64 A Fixture

    Agree and the guys know that their weapons are blunt - so they take more risk than a real Gladiator would have taken. Anyhow it shows quite well that the armor was effektive and that it wasn`t that easy to overcome the defence of your opponent.
    Cheers, Martin
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  7. Wayneb A Fixture

    Interesting info...... After searching high and low for Pegaso Thraex 90mm metal kit; and finding and painting one; as nice as a figure that it is; I find it very boring to look at as if it "craves" an opponent. Yea, I know, maybe your painting stinks. That's true, so it's just my opinion when it comes to stand alone gladiators.

  8. gogok Active Member

    Great~! This can be convert a great diorama~!
  9. jimpy New Member

    It's absolutely, definitely a Thracian. Two greaves, griffon proteome, sica, small shield (curved rectangle or circular are both authentic).
  10. winfield Active Member

    I get no end of amusement at claims about inaccuracy in people who lived thousands of years ago. Exactly who was on site
    with a camera at every gladiator event? Yes, there are references that can lead to generalities. Yes, we have reason to believe in uniformity. But to raise hell and claim absolute, no arguing knowledge of exactly what happened and what was used and worn...we have trouble verifying issues that happened in the last century.
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  11. jimpy New Member

    We are pretty certain about what people wore in the last century. No one is "raising hell" here but it is not fair to deride the interests of people who have actually deeply researched the topic. I'll just leave it at that.
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  12. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    You don't seem to have been particularly concerned with antiquity - and hardly with the history of gladiators!

    On the one hand, there is a wealth of contemporary evidence about these fighters - on the other hand, it was not a "wild slaughter" á la "Gladiator" or "Spartacus" movies, but strictly regulated and choreographed exhibition fights with fixed characters, which were also carried out by one Referees were directed.

    The rules with the specially defined characters - the ones I showed - have also been preserved.

    So it was impossible that certain characters were allowed to fight against each other!
    And the "Scissor" was only added as a character during the imperial era, the other types of fighters already existed during the republic.

    Can you read everything!

    You are of course also welcome to continue to be amused - but that doesn't compel me more than a tired smile.
  13. winfield Active Member

  14. winfield Active Member

    Yeah, every once in a while I fed up with hidebound know it alls and protest. Don' t know that I addressed you, and if you take offense, well, maybe I did. So, we know it all about the last century? Quick like tell me what uniform the US Army wore when deployed to Desert Storm. What mark M16 they used. Better yet, find any photo of modern troops and tell me exactly how uniform they are. Who wore the issue uniform during the Ardennes Offensive? Get real. I do not share the idea that complete and absolute agreement is what we are here for. The merest shadow of disagreement, regardless how nicely presented, often is commented upon. And I remind everyone that this is an international forum and not the private preserve of anyone one loud group of participants. No matter how dominating or loud. So if you think a figure produced in the 21st c. of an ancient era has to be exactly what "common knowledge" dictates, I suggest historical myopia. Never, ever say "never" about history. Now I must apologize for free thinking and take my turn in the stocks as dictated by the experts who run things.

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