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I need some help sculpting feet.

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by smeagolthevile, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. smeagolthevile Member

    I am trying to sculpt bare feet in 1/35th scale.

    This is my first time sculpting anything. I'm using milliput and files.

    Can anyone help, give me a quick run through how or a tutorial or something please?
  2. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    How are you for references?

    And can you post some of what you have done? That would help.

    I am facing a simialr challenge (in the luxurous scale of 1/15) and am just working on glocking it into approximate shapes, and then carving down from there with a scalpel.

    I'd share the images, except they are on a seperate computer.

    I'll see if I can drag them across later, if you wish.

  3. je_touche Member

    Try mixing some Green Stuff (otherwise called Kneadadite) into the Milliput, works wonders to enhance the sculpting qualities. Try different mixtures.
  4. smeagolthevile Member

    I dont have any money to purchase any other supplies to be honest, im stuck with what I have for now, my federal work study was cut this semester.

    As far as what I have done...


    reference shot of what im trying to hack/sculpt here...
  5. ookami Member

    You will do fine wit milliput it is actually a good medium, the way that i work os ita I start wit an aproximated anatomy first, like on your picture i do the basic shape of the foot on a cured piede of milliput, I refine that shape with sand paper until it isd more anatomically correct on chape and after that I sculp the details over it is not dificult is just that you need to invest some time and make your oun mistakes on this.
  6. smeagolthevile Member

    I'm willing to try and make mistakes. Im using my feet as a guide, heh, best references I guess. My problem is sculpting the toes at such a tiny scale, im not sure how...
  7. ookami Member

    It is actually not that dificult, use a small needle to trace the shapes of each finger on an unciured muliput piece, let it dry a little bit and the wit this same needle you can do the finger nails, you dont need to concentrate to much on the actual shape of the needles just need to have a reference for the eye, they are so small that is not that easy to do much detail
  8. smeagolthevile Member

    Thanks, I will give that a try!

    On this note, if you look at the reference picture, at her hands, how might one go about doing her fingers in 1/35th scale, I tried but the putty ended up to thin and brittle...

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