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I have a question... Why regiment?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by BlackWarrior, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. BlackWarrior Member


    I have a question when i subscribed the magazine, "Military Modelling".
    That has a regular article named "Famous Regiment".

    Why is the regiment a unit of army?
    Is it specialized only Great Britain? or Is it normally formed in the European army.

    Nowaday, In this korea, Korean army accepted that organization. then, The Korean Army organized with platoon, company, battalion, regiment, divison, army.
    but, Before about 130 years ago, the old korean dynasty, named, "Chosun(Josun)" organized a different structure. and oldest dynasty also was different from current formation.

    In old korea dynasty, Chosun, always prepared the reserve troops against outside threat. Needly to say, they have a regular army.
    But, I know that the reserver troops were consisted with 8000 men each province.

    and I know that the mongol has a organization from 10 men unit to 10000 men unit. their army consisted with 10,000 men unit.

    and I heard that Chinese old dynasty, Ching has a formation totally 8 army unit.

    Then, I suspected that the meaning of "regiment" is a unit from "Duke" or a feudal lord. Is it correct?

    In world war II, the war story wrote with divison or army. US 82nd airborne division etc... I want to know why the older story of war in European consisted with regiment unit...

    have a nice day!!!
  2. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Not being an expert on the military terms, but in some if not many country an Regiment is the training facility for troops before being assigned to their units.

    But on occasions Ive seen fighting units being named as Regiments.
  3. Lou Masses Member

    My assumption is that the codgy old Brits have a "regiment" for everything-"Queen's own Lancaster, Range Rover washing Regiment", "Prince of Wales own future mistress spotting regiment", "The Duchess of Yorks very own weight watchers regiment", etc, etc, etc, :eek: :lol:
    Sorry to all the Brits, I just couldn't resist.

    And the section in the Mil Mod is dedicated only to British Regiments since it is a British Pub.
  4. btavis Active Member

    I believe regiment is part of the echelon of military units starting with squad, platoon, company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, corps, army, etc.
  5. Robin Active Member

    Lou no need to be sorry, (y) we understand that you could be upset that some of our regiments are older than your country, , we often used to make up names about our sister regiments, usually a lot more derogatory than that.

  6. Lou Masses Member


    Not upset at all I've always found the regimental names quite amusing and always figured the Britsh Army consisted of 20,000 regiments with 10 men in each But in my view more interesting and colorful than our own.

    Yes, Britain has had a mighty past (y) No one could ask for a better friend than Great Britain, age notwithstanding.

    Forgive my ignorance in these matters, but "sister" regiments. Wouldn't that be brother regiments ? I thought the feminine was reserved for ships, vehicles, etc.

  7. Robin Active Member

    From my regiment all the rest was sisters basically girlies, who pretended to be soldiers.

    Unit affectation

  8. Lou Masses Member

    Aha, that is what I suspected you'd say.

    So what were you? A Tanker? SAS? Para?
  9. Robin Active Member

    leave you guessing. it is there, give ya a clue, I don't like tanks(big metal targets), I don't look good in black.

  10. Lou Masses Member

    ....So you prefer instead to "fly"
  11. Robin Active Member

  12. Johan Well-Known Member

    Sorry, dude, but of course I can't resist here myself... ;)

    How about renaming some US army units - "Dubya's Own Cowpunchers" would be a good one for starters I think. :lol:

    .... Never mind - "better the devil you know" ;)
  13. Lou Masses Member


    Please let's not go down the political road.

  14. Johan Well-Known Member


    I'm not really interested in politics... actually I do prefer to stay off this road.
    I hope you feel the same.
    You know what : I sometimes do have a funny feeling. Sometimes, for a split second, I picture you and me and others, somewhere in the future, having a couple of beers and recalling the time when we played these "games without frontiers".
    And we would talk figures and casual stuff too of course. And we'd realize that actually we're very similar, and we might even like each other.
    In that case, we would have added a little worthwhile something to the sum total of human achievements, and we would contribute to achieving the goal of PlanetFigure.
    On the other hand, "games without frontiers" will finally and inevitably just lead to nothingness and extinction of this beautiful forum.

    I apologize for going off topic, but the above are my "true colours".

    I hope my post will be considered as "constructive".

  15. Lou Masses Member


    I agree with you completely and I guess I should have added an emoticon. I just fear from experience that by bringing President Bush into this or any discussion, our meaningless friendly dialog could quickly escalate into a flame war - not by you and I necessarily but by someone else who misinterprets it or pushes it a step further than it's original intent. As this forum is international, the next thing you know we have our own political conflict. I've seen it happen too many times before-hence my "let's not go down that road" comment. Political emotions are still high here and outside of the U.S., even though I feel you and I could joke and possibly even have a political discussion, this is not the place for it.

    It would be great if there were "no frontiers" I mean truly, no frontiers. But there are and inevitably someone will cross one. I just want it to be you or I.

    Lou (y)
  16. BlackWarrior Member

    Thank all...

    May be...

    My intend to writing this question is not announced correctly...
    I just wan to know the origin of the term "regiment"

    In worldwide, So many people have lived depending on our planet, earth :)
    with so many different thought, different environment...

    hmm... The British and American people ...

    In this East Asia, Korea, Japan, China people has a complex emotion each other from a thousand year ago.

    Lets enjoy our figure after you've cooled down a little.

    have a nice day!!!
  17. gordy Well-Known Member

    Kyong-Jae Lee you are speaking of the origin of the word [regiment] not the meaning, correct?
  18. BlackWarrior Member

    Hi... Gordy...

    To tell the truth, I have want to know What is the origin of "Regiment" word and Why have they a basic unit possessing distinct flag and distinct pattern of cloth and flag.

    nowaday, In many country distinguish each group using division mark.
    when i read the magazine and the book concerned with European War History, I know that the old time, about after 17 C, the basic unit distinct other unit is not a division but regiment or same things. then, i have want to know whether the regiment based on each province or area or class like Duke, count, king, feudal lord

  19. Pete_H New Member

    What in God's name are you talking about? Who's Dubya? Sorry, but I'm a numbers kind of guy, remember?
    If I were to rename a regiment in today's US Army/Marine Corps (note I left out the Navy and Air Force since (speaking as a former Airman) they live in air-conditioned luxury and give everybody a ride to their next duty station ;) ;) ;) ), I'd rename it "Rummy's Ranger Regiment."

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