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Review Hussar Prussian Cavalry 1805 from Paul Blaber Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Today I am going to take a look at the latest from one of the smaller companies namely Paul Blaber Miniatures which is owned by PF member Blabsy

    Paul will be the first I am sure to admit he is not the most prolific in releasing but of course its refreshing that the hobby is supported by all size of companies with Paul's he likes to do something different , character pieces which you can see on his website of course.

    See my other bust reviews I have done here:





    Paul also sculpts full figures one which I will look at soon will be this:


    This review will as always be honest and show the pieces fully

    Paul runs PJM between his other passion.."mopeds"...sorry Paul ...I mean motorbikes ....LOL....and of course his ever supporting other half.

    This release was notified here:


    With the artwork painted by Paul here:


    This is the bust we will look at:
    Blaber Hussar 001.jpg



    Title: Hussar von Prittwitz 1805 Prussian Cavalry

    Reference: PJBB 15

    Scale: 1/8th approximate

    No of pieces: 8

    Material: Gray Resin

    Sculptor: Paul Blaber

    Casting: In House by Paul

    Box Art: None on Review

    I will put some reference etc at the end of the review together with more painted pictures from Paul

    The first thing to say is that this is a big piece of resin , certainly more than previous releases from Paul , speaking to him he is wanting to continue in this larger size in the future

    Scale is as I said approximate but Paul estimates 1/8th or 1/9th

    All work from the initial idea to casting and boxing is done in house .

    Received in a more than simple but strong cardboard box with the resin wrapped in bubble wrap with a business card included and a black and white cover picture on the lid

    Parts consist of torso,head with helmet, plume , 2 raquettes, cords , hairpiece and a base plus a insert of a colour reference

    Blaber Hussar 015.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 014.jpg

    General comment on the casting ....Its a little more "rugged" than the larger companies but never the less its has a charm , details are strongly worked in Paul's sculpting style

    Prep...considering the scale and that Paul does everything , prep is not too bad whatsoever

    • Torso...Remove small casting posts from underneath
    • Head...Remove casting posts from Shako top and casting line running along and downwards
    • Raquettes/Cords...Remove from formers and flashing from cords
    • Plume...Remove from the former and fit
    • Hairpiece... Remove from former and flashing , then fit
    • Base...Remove casting excess at top and fit ...if you wish to use **
    ** Personally I will not be using the supplied base primarily due to the size of the pieces

    To give you some idea of the size difference here we have a picture of the head against a previous release

    Blaber Hussar.jpg

    Lets look at the pieces now


    Paul has sculpted this in a "V" style with the arms being cut at the shoulder area , our hussar is wearing the pelisse on his left shoulder

    Details are as you will see are very well defined with deliberate sculpting on the cords , the collar has the shako cords cast at the lower edge , the collar edging is sharply worked

    The neck area has the scarf showing , nice folds at the front

    The fur effect is also well defined making painting easy , the same applies to the lacework

    There is a point to fit the base ( I would certainly pin if you do use it )

    You might also wish to sand the rear surface and edges

    Blaber Hussar 016.jpg Blaber Hussar 006.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 003.jpg Blaber Hussar 004.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 002.jpg Blaber Hussar 005.jpg


    No matter which company the head is the focus of any bust and Paul has achieved a piece full of character and action and very much the typical hussar ...certainly a older campaigner

    The face is as you will see very good , lots of area's to enjoy painting , mouth is open with the teeth being clenched together ...and a nice touch we have a missing lower tooth

    The chin has a cleft in the middle , something we see in some of the other releases ..perhaps a signature from Paul

    Above the mouth we see a perfectly styled moustache pointing upwards at the ends ...waxed no doubt

    Nose and ears are well done , good work on both the lobes and nostrils

    Moving up to the eyes...love the bags under the eyes , the eyes themselves are showing up and lower lids well , the actual eyes are wide open ...making painting easier.

    Poking out the peak are strands of hair with the remaining hair being pulled back into a pony tail with the sides pieces being plaited , we also have a the same on the lower edge of the hair

    Looking now at the shako ...this is worn at a very jaunty angle which I like and adds interest to the piece

    The peak on the initial review item was received damaged but Paul sent another within 2 days ,he will be looking at this area and of course the head will be packed well .

    The shako is knocked about at the back and sides wich is a good thing to see rather than a parade version

    The upper part has cast on cords with the lower edging having a band running around it , the shako itself is held on the head with a leather strap which has been tied in a knot under the chin

    On the front there is the skull and crossbones ...Deaths Head Hussar insignia , often seen by the Black Brunswickers in the Napoleonic period and indeed other country's like the Gula Hussar from Sweden and in later periods of history.

    Fit to the neck is cleanly achieved , a tiny amount of filler might be needed ...I will say pin the head in place

    Blaber Hussar 017.jpg Blaber Hussar 022.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 019.jpg Blaber Hussar 018.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 020.jpg Blaber Hussar 021.jpg Blaber Hussar 023.jpg


    This is a very prominant piece ,angled with good surface texture , fitting will be assisted by pinning at whatever position you wish

    You might like to add more putty on the plume surfaces over the indentation as seen in 2nd picture

    Blaber Hussar 007.jpg Blaber Hussar 008.jpg


    Easy to fit with only a little putty needed , the hair is textured and folded up at the end in a loop and tied with cording

    Blaber Hussar 012.jpg


    The raquettes are cast separate , nice work on tassels and the surfaces shaping , the cords are cast together making it a bit easier to fit

    Definate pinning is needed and might be a little fiddly but when all in place adds movement to the completed piece

    Another option is to replace the cords with suitable scale twisted wire and change the position of the "flying" cords

    Blaber Hussar 010.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 009.jpg

    Blaber Hussar 011.jpg


    A simple shaped pedastal , not the ideal option in size so I suggest you might like to find a better option ..I will use brass rod ( 5 or 6mm )

    Blaber Hussar 013.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Nice to see Paul releasing and a bust as well !!! Subject matter is good , sculpting is carried out by a traditional sculptor , the piece has a real charm full of character and a good scale , larger than normal which will please those of us in later life.....LOL

    The piece also has plenty of conversion options as well with other hussars

    Paul like to give the modeller something different and at a reasonable price ( this is only £30 ) and all of the releases are POST FREE

    Releases are not very often but always welcome to see


    For more details on this and other releases go to his website :


    You can also PM him via this website or contact him via FB

    Thanks to PB for the review item and to you all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

  2. Nap A Fixture

    As promised to end this review some references including books and pictures of Paul's artwork



    z.jpg zz.jpg zxx.jpg

    zzz.png zzzz.jpg zzzzzzzzzz.jpg zzzzz.png


    x1.jpg x.jpeg xx.jpeg

    xxxxxx.jpeg xxxxx.jpeg xxx.jpeg
  3. Katjuscha Active Member

    Thank you Nap for the well made review!
    I've really wished a Prussian Dead Head Hussar from the Napoleonic period.

    Just a point to your posted pictures: the one from Patrice Courcelle shows the freecorps "von Lützow" and most others depict the 1st Hussar Regiment after 1812. ;-)

    Best regards
    Nap likes this.
  4. Gary_81 Active Member

    Great review Nap as always. It really is a bust full of character and at that size the price really is a bargain.

    Nap likes this.
  5. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks Philip for your comment

    You are right I posted the pics for potential conversion ideas

  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Gary

    Thank you and your right with your comments as well

  7. santi fernandez Active Member

    Very good review and after seeing it here and on fb I have already asked Paul about the bust, I would like to give life to one.
    Nap likes this.
  8. Kevin D. Active Member

    What is the material of the skull and bones.....metal I assume?

  9. Nap A Fixture


    It was metal Kevin

  10. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    Fantastic Nap as ever.
    Nap likes this.

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