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Hussar preview

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Gra30, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Waterman Active Member

    Thank you for that Paul, it is now as clear as mud to me. Lol Now think of what they will interpret from your explanation in 100 yrs time. The minds will Boggle.
  2. peedee A Fixture

    In 100 years someone will go through my effects and find a few leftover packets of ciggie papers.
    They will no doubt arrive at the intellectual conclusion that in the absence of proof to the
    contrary this must be the portable version of the quaint 20th and 21st century handy post it note !

    I know for a fact that stonehenge was a simple public abstract art installation erected in collaboration
    with the blandford and glastonbury art collective as a protest in simple counterpoint to the growth in popularity
    of the romantic rambling-ruin Follies of many a country gentleman's estate.
    today, who would believe it for a moment! But there we are.

    (This may or may not all be true)

    Right I'm getting my hairy sticks out now so as to abuse a perfectly innocent
    and beautiful sculpt with acrylic daubing.
    I may one day be forgiven.
    Nighty night to all
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  3. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    At last a bit of humour :)
    I didn't know that about Stonehenge lol :)
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  4. peedee A Fixture


    Tsch Tsch fancy you not recognising a bit of conceptual art Gra.
    It's obvious now you know isn't it ;)

    P druidee
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  5. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    An interesting study of a peisse over a dolman. I appreciate a modern day picture but it does show with correct tailoring it is feasibly possible. The sleeveless gilet unfastened and as sculpted would not interfere :)

    image.jpg image.jpg
  6. moz A Fixture

    i can back it up by this true story.
    A hussar called albert kleine pimmel was standing in a que to get into a night club,
    it was pi55ing down with rain at the time so he was wearing his pelisse.
    After a long wait, foreshortened only somewhat by the fact four hussars
    in front of him were not allowed in due to the fact they were wearing trainers, he was in.
    He handed over his soaking pellise, apid his entry and was given a ticket.
    Sometime later being ever so slightly pi55ed he left with a local strumpet,
    He flagged down a taxi and went home.Arriving home he was frantically hunting in his trouser
    pocket for his last rolled up fiver to pay the driver, or so he thought.
    Inevitably he pulled out the cloakroom ticket.
    Cursing himself for leaving his pellise at the club he knew that with all
    the will in the world it would probably stay there forever along with
    two or three other pellises he had left there in the past.
    keen to get back to more pressing matters he undressed, removing his dolman and gilet. etc.etc.
    by deduction therefore this true story demonstrates without question he was wearing all three at one point.
  7. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    Graham, is that picture from "Wellington's army in colour phots"? If so the ugly bugger on the horse is yours truly!..
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  8. Funky50 Guest

    Martin would that be this"ugly bugger"....lol..Kevin

    Attached Files:

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  9. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    That's the chappy :D Let me explain though. The horse is from Northumbria Police's mounted branch. I originaly went along just to have a look around the stables. When I got there I one of the coppers was an ex trumpeter from The Life Guards. We kitted up the horse and the rider for the photos, then this Inspector said "so what are his qualifications for riding one of our horses ?" Everything went quiet, then the trumpeter pointed to me and said "he's from"up town" So that's why the uniform (overalls especially) are a bit tight! I was lucky to get into one layer. :LOL:

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  10. Funky50 Guest

    Now you
    Martin Now come to mention it they(The overalls) do look a bit stressed...LOL..You might have to explain the uptown bit to me (My Dad An ex Grenadier did once explain to me what a Hyde Park Cowboy was)...Kevin
  11. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    Sorry Household Cavalry speak. When yo're "up town" it means you're on mounted duties. When you're with "the regiment" you're on armour. There are people that have served in the same regiment as me at the same time but we've never served together!
    The system has changed since the regiments joined, but it was always the case that it was the decision of the individual when
    (or if) to transfer from one side to the other. With the foot guards (including the "Grumblies":) ) the whole battalion is on public or active duties. They were always jealous of our seniority!

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  12. Waterman Active Member

    Officers always go up to town, London. That is why the railway line for London is the Up Line. If you go from London to Edinburgh you are on the Down line, despite people saying I am going up to Edinburgh. Coming back you are on the Up line. Up to Town.It all starts with London.
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  13. peedee A Fixture

    Great story chaps

    more of this stuff please

  14. DEL A Fixture

    Can't even begin to tell you how delighted I am that I have zero interest in Napoleonic figures.
    From the uncharted depth of my ignorance what I see is a really challenging painters figure that will be popular.
    Obviously there will be specialists for whom as detailed a level of accuracy is important and presumably they wont buy it ........ fine.

    Back to the Social Club now
  15. theBaron A Fixture

    At the risk of spraying more Ronsonol on an open flame, I actually thought he looked more like Keith Carradine, who has more of a narrow face than Keitel does. But it doesn't detract in any way from the quality of the figure.

  16. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Following this discussion with interest. It is evident from photographic evidence from the Crimean War onwards that what is written in uniform pattern books does not often tally with uniform as worn on campaign. Wellington wasn't interested in what his tropps wore as long as they came onto the battlefield with enough ammunition and a well maintained fire-arm. He did object to his officers carrying umbrellas though!

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  17. kevininpdx Active Member

    Awesome figure. Is this the one that had everyone's panties in a bunch? :LOL:
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  18. stu A Fixture


    Just to show that sculptors leave no stone unturned as they say, please find the attached reply to a conversation as to the probability of wearing all 3 garments as shown in CGS Hussar sculpt by Moz Corry. The question was put to a French company that makes reproduction costumes esp First empire and pointedly French Hussars. The company can be found at www.en.empirecostume.com/pelisses-et-dolmans-hussards-c370.htm


    Dear Sir

    Don't forget that hussar uniforms were initially made for hungarian
    horsemen, it means in cold countries.
    So have 3 or 4 different levels of cloth seems quite normal as
    protection against cold.
    Pelisse is always bigger than dolman, because you must be able to pass
    your arms inside pelisse, wearing dolman, I am sure of this indication.
    Then gilet...as it existed, why don't wear it when you wear 2 other jackets.

    Regards Y Guinhut

    You can interpret this comment as you see fit and hopefully shows that it is probable

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  19. megroot A Fixture

    I hope its going on the market. I allready saved some Euro's for this exclusive figure from Moz.
    It would be a joy to paint it.

  20. JonH Active Member

    LaSalle.jpg Good one Stu. See your 3 layers and raise you one. LaSalle with a possible 4-layer combo.
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