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Human anatomy study

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by DrLutz, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. DrLutz Member

    Happy New Year everybody!
    Last year I finished with on-line anatomy study and there are some photos. Much more photos is avialiable to see here.
  2. Cicero New Member

    Hello Vlad,

    This is looking scaring real. I hope your aren't a body snatcher working deep down in your cellar to gain some experience!

    Still fantastic work (y)

    Johan ;)
  3. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Vlad, Nice step by step.~Gary
  4. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Vlad - Very engrossing SBS! What a challenge!

    All the best,
  5. megroot A Fixture


    Out of my profession i have seen the human body from inside to the outside.
    Except some things are not as they should be you did a hell of a job.
    I find it stunning. It is almost as in the practice room for anatomy where you work from outside to the inside.
    You did it great.

  6. Roc Active Member

    Vlad, very interesting, and I'm sure will be of much help to sculptors and painters alike.
    Thank you for taking the time to post.

    Roc. :)
  7. Arminous Member

    Hi all!

    Man,you are really talented,so I suggest you repeat the sculpting using the famous Sinelnikov's Russian Anatomy Atlas(I'm studying it at the moment :( ).There are some points you should take care of on your figure.

    Anyway,you've done a great job,so I have to congradulate you!

  8. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi Vlad,

    Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to study anatomy as much as possible as I'm getting intrested in sculpting too and you're SBS is a great help. Thanks once again.


  9. megroot A Fixture

    If you wanted to study the anatomie there is just one bible for that and it is the
    It is on cd, dvd and in two hughe books.
    Here is a link, but you can buy it in several languages.

    So if you really wanna study anatomy here it is.

    Kostas, the Russian i'm not familliar, because i had ts study the SOBOTTA,

  10. DrLutz Member

    Thank you friends by replying.
    I get the idea of anatomy study 'from inside to the outside' after reading Bruno Lucchesi's book Modeling The Figure In Clay. Soon I saw that it could be a useful way to refresh my anatomy knowledge (though I studied it once - 15 years ago by Sinelnikov's Atlas, as Kostas studying now ;) ).
    I recognize that what I've made isn't really perfect work and full of simplifications but it gave me a good experience in human body anatomy.
  11. Manfred Active Member

    Most impressive project !!! (y)

    I have that book too but haven't got my butt up to actually try that.
    I was thinking of hunting down the old discontinued Airfix 1/6 skeleton and doing muscles and tissues with Sculpey as an exercise and maybe do one with epoxy putty later.
  12. Arminous Member

    Hi all!

    Hi Marc and thanks for your advice,I really appreciate it!I have studied anatomy using both Atlases,since Sobota can be found translated in Greek.But I study Medicine in Bulgaria,and Bulgarian language has a lot in common with Russian,so I can understand what is all about.Furthermore,I prefer Sinelnikov's Atlas to Sobota's.It's more extented-3 books,each one bigger than any of the 2 books of Sobota,and the pictures in it are painted by Academics of The Art School of Russia(where Arsenyev and his parteners studied ;) ).Comparing the two Atlases,my Professors and me highly recomment Sinelnikov(It's a classik :) )

    But,again thanks a lot for your recommentation and the link :)

  13. Stefano Borin New Member

    Oh!!! doc. :eek:
    It's terribly fantastic!!!
    I normally use the anatomy to be dressed... I never thught about that, yes I definetly decide that this will be one of my next project thank's Doc. for the idea!!! ;)

    ciao Stefano
  14. Stefano Borin New Member

    Oh my god !!!
    I sow to it only now
    your model loose a steak on the floor what part is it?

    :lol: ciao Stefano :lol:
  15. fsdesimone Member

    Very cool and informative Vlad! How long did it take to do this?

  16. DrLutz Member

    when you will start to do such a project - I want to see it. I'm sure yours will be better than mine.
    :lol: Maybe it was appendix?

    All on-line study took approx. 3 weeks but most of the time spent not on sculpting itself, but on reading different anatomy books and atlases and trying to underatand wat is inside under the skin.
  17. yeo_64 Active Member

    AWESOME SCULPT,Vlad (y) (y) !!! Cheers !
    Kenneth :) .

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