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Hospitaller Gonfanonier c1263

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi to all :)

    Just a side note before I start the actual thread............my two nephews William aged 11 and Jeremy aged 8 are in the process of painting their first figure and they are so eager to get them finished so I'll take them to Euro with me........two figures out of the spares box, but more on this at a later date, where hopefully I will post the finished pics............

    So the Hospitaller Gonfanonier is ready for the undercoat and the painting...........I was thorn between this one and Pegaso's 54mm Prince John of Eltham (to try and get done for Euro) and given the "short time" prior to 19th Sept (departure date) maybe I should have gone for Prince John, but seeing that our untamed puppy Samwel is AHEAD of me so much when I PROMISED him that we'll tackle the figure together, I might as well try and catch up a bit with him, even if it MIGHT not be ready for Euro, seeing Sam's figure last Wed, have made my fingers TWITCH!!!!!

    The only alterations to the original kit were the bigger Hospitaller standard, which I formed from lead sheet, and stuck in place to the kit's "stump" where I cut off the original standard just running by the holding hand, and a spear head from the spares box was fitted to the pole to form a lance............also a new sheild, again from the spares box which was cut off at the top and covered with lead sheet, distressed and cut and fixed on the mantle which in itslef required some filling up with MS since my sheild is smaller/shorter then the original..........

    Fit of parts wasn't that bad , except for the neck/body of the horse (still have to find a good fit in this area on any kit, where even the most prestigious PM suffer a bit in this area :( ) ..............also the rider to saddle fit required some careful aligning, since the left arm holding the horse's reins, rests on the front saddle panel, so the elbow was filled with MS, and the rider made to rest...........when set the excess MS was sanded smooth with the clothing............

    The other addition is the horse's genitals (much to the AMUSEMENT of my nephews when they DISCOVERED them!!! :D) well my belief is that even though mares might/were used for warfare, most mares would have been left for breeding, and that stallions were extensively used (that is my medieval theory and as always I STAND to CORRECTION)..........it will be partly obscured by the horse's barding, but I had some extra MS at that time and thought of doing it with a DUAL purpose as I described above :D

    Anyway I now have 4 components to paint, that is the horse which is mounted on the kit's scenic base for support when painting, the arm holding the standard, the rider, and the horse's tail which was left seperate for ease of painting..............

    The scenic base which you can see in the pics below is a piece of cork bark, cut/chipped off to simulate a rocky over hang from where our Gonfanonier is on the look out for the enemy.............

    The lower pics show the painted face before the visor was attached, and with the attached visor.........the different hues to the pics (some whiteish and some yellowish) are due to the lighting effect WHICH is the same throughout the whole shoot out..........something I never did comprehend, but I guess its the way the light rays hit/reflect the camera lens or something like that.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :eek:

    Warmest regards to all...........

    Ray ;)

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  2. theseeker Member


    I always learn something from you. I truly like your approach to painting and your techniques are extremely beneficial. Ray, as usual, you are off to another great figure!

    To the point about the horse's genitalia; I have had similar issues. I always find myself stumped when it comes this issue. It is amazing to me that a producer of kits would go so far as to include such items.
    I have never had a mounted kit judged, but do the judges look at such trivial items?

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. renarts Active Member

    If we go so far as to have the right number/size of buttons, the proper shoe laces, armor, bayonets, knives, feathers, amulets, medals, cuff ribbons etc. then why not the horses junk? Personaly, I'm always impressed if the sculptor or painter adds things like genitalia, proper horse shoes (or not), brands or something as subtle as the chestnuts on his legs.

    Rej. Nice job on this.
  4. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    More or less this is a classic figure and a really nice piece to do . I wish you good luck (that you definately dont need !) and will be waiting to see the progress and the ending !!!!
  5. Sam Active Member

    You already know my opinion on this one mate......only I haven't seen it live:(

    You must finish is for Euro biex tiehu Gold :) Me just finishing the horse :) Still to make the drapery though :)

    Tc....cu :D

    Samwel Vella =]
  6. Hawn siehbi

    Finally MILES CRISTI! Tajba is-suuufra :)

    Comming out nice, finally I am seeing this chap as a Hospitaller not our rival order colours : ) tghallem Sammy!

    Are you planning an all black scheme or a red surcoat? I like the shield you have updated from the kit's kite am I right?

    With 8th September on our doors and in remembrance of the Hospitallers glory in the Great Siege ... VIVA SAN GIOVANNI! God wills it!

  7. megroot A Fixture

    Good start Ray.
    I must say that i like the scratch banner more then Pegaso's, but that is personal.
    The base, yes, keep it that way.
    I like the smaller shield. It's more realistic then the one with the kit,but also this is very personal.

  8. Bad91Fellow Member

    Really nice so far! i love the face.
  9. templar New Member

    Looking good!!!!The flag is than the one of the kit.I'am looking forward to see
    the result. Christos
  10. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Ray

    Good to see you “back in the saddle again” as they say, this is quite an impressive piece, did you get this at WE mate, I would liked to have a look at this one, very nice, I enjoy watching your methods of painting and watching your progression, there is a lot to do in a short period of time mate, you have left yourself a lot of work. The changes you have made are worth the work involved, I really want to see this when you get there, See you at Euro mate.

  11. rej Well-Known Member

    Rocky and Renarts, thanks for looking and I never thought that the horse's private parts would stir a discussion :D

    Christos how are you my friend?

    Sam & Ivan my brethren in arms (Sam is a TRAITOR however :D) I'm going for a red surcoat beneath the black mantle Ivan ;) and no the sheild is from the spares box, shortened accordingly and covered in "leather"......I saved the kit's sheild for an earlier Hospitaller :p Yes VIVA SAN GIOVANNI.......God Wills It :D

    Marc, I had to make those changes to depict a Hospitaller Gonfanonier as close as plausibley possible to historical accuracy..........

    BadFellow :p and Christos thanks for looking and your words.........

    Dave, given my snail pace, it may not be ready for Euro after all :( but will do my UTMOST to try and beat the clock.........I got this during Euro 2006 actually, but the Girona fever got the better of me.........will keep you updated mate and hope to see you soon!

    Ray ;)

    PS........I got a new email address........... ray01@maltanet.net
  12. Marcel Active Member

    Great start Ray. I like the changes you have done sofar. Excellent paintwork of the face and looking forward to see some more painted.
  13. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Ray

    Is there any chance of have a closer look at the shield, I would like to see the leather work

  14. rej Well-Known Member

    Marcel thanks for your words............

    Dave drop me an email on the address above (my address book got lost :( :( :()and I'll send you a larger pic mate.........

    Ray ;)
  15. John Bowery A Fixture

    Looks like a great start. The old historex kits came with the extra horse parts for historical accuracy.
    Good luck at Euro.
  16. Cvikings67 Member

    Looking good so far. Glad to hear your nephews are getting involved in the hobby too. We need that young blood to keep the hobby going. Chris
  17. rej Well-Known Member

    John and Chris, thanks for looking and your encouraging words...........

    Ray ;)
  18. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Ray,

    I hope you do manage to finish this magificent piece in time for Euro. It's stunning, simply stunning.

    With our without its genitalia, this is one of the best mounted figures I've seen in a long time. As for your "untamed puppy Samwel", he's developing into a young master and its clear that he has learned a great deal from you.
  19. rej Well-Known Member

    Tony thanks for your words mate, much appreciated.........

    As regarding OUR untamed puppy Samwel, yeah he's learned a lot in quite a short time and that is because he's learned from ALL of us at the club...........we wean him ama we can as he's our future :eek: :D

    I agree 101% with you re this magnificent kit, however I will not rush just to get it ready fro Euro ama as I want to take it with me.......I'm sure I won't live with the guilt if I had to :(

    Ray ;)

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