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Hockey Sculpts

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by fsdesimone, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. fsdesimone Member

    I think many of you saw my Scott Stevens figure in Chicago already:


    But here are some other in-progress figures that I haven't posted before.

    Here's Islander Bryan Trottier:


  2. fsdesimone Member

    Rangers' legend Rod Gilbert:

    [IMG] [IMG]



  3. fsdesimone Member

    And an unnamed goalie (but probably Curtis Joseph):





    You can see I broke off part of the left skate. Gotta repair that.

    Anyway, comments welcome.

  4. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Francesca!

    That goalie is just awesome!

    Did you ever decide how you are doing the facemask?
  5. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    I guess now that the curse is broken we get to see you post these nice figures! ;) I really like the goalie and look forward to seeing a few more and maybe a 54mm? ;)

  6. fsdesimone Member

    Anders: I think I'm going to to do what you, me, and Paul were talking about - build it over a spare head coated with vaseline and pop it off when done.

    Joe: You're right... with no baseball (or hockey) I have even more free time! A 54mm is in the works, but no pictures for now. Still far too ugly!

  7. Lou Masses Member

    Cool, that looks painful though ;)
  8. John Long Active Member

    Those are excellent Francesca!
  9. fsdesimone Member

    And that's based on one of the tamer in-action shots I looked at - those guys are gymnasts on ice!
  10. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Now that's what i call excellent sculpting. Awesome work Francesca :) i really like them all.
  11. JCOX Active Member

    Great work Francesca! Good to see you post them here.

    -jim cox
  12. PeteC Member

    Great stuff Francesca! I really like the face on Trottier. Be careful with the left arm on the goalie figure. That whole shoulder should move up when the arm is raised like that. It's subtle, but it might get more obvious once you start adding the shoulder pads.

    Very nice Francesca. My son builds goalies in sculpey all the time. He's 13 and plays goal himself. I hope you put Cujo in his proper blue and white colours! ;)

  14. Guy A Fixture

    I don't comment too much on the sculpting side, because I can't sculpt, but what I see here is amazing. I really like your approach and subject matter. I look forward to your next step Francesca. Keep up the great work.
  15. Lancer Active Member

    Great Stuff Francesca!!!
    I'm working on a few myself so I'm curious, is the pin through the skate strong enough for the figure??? I've been toying with a metal skate blade that would extend a half inch into the ice. Anywhere I take a figure up here in nowhere Canada has to be transportable and I was worried the pin might not hold up to travel!
    Are you using decals for the stick logo's???
    Love the work you've done!!!
  16. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Francesca, Great looking figures!!! Man, they will look awesome when painted up... All that is missing, is one of Mario Lemieux! Just kidding you as you know where my allegiance lie when it comes to sports. I really liked your New Jersey Devil-it looked just like Kevin Stevens. It was one of my favorites from our Atlanta show last February. Your work shows a lot of creativity as well as a great understanding of detail and motion. I can't wait to see them completed. And if you really want to do "Lucky Pierre" Larouche that would be cool too!

    Best of Everything,

    Terry Martin
  17. Lou Masses Member

    You should do a fight vignette. Make resin blood flying out of the guy's mouth! :eek: ;)
  18. amherbert Member

    This is as close to the NHL as we're getting any time soon!

    Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see CuJo when finished.

  19. Pete_H New Member

    Looking really good! Each hockey figure keeps getting better & better. That goalie looks like he's ready to sing first soprano ;) By the way, how about sharing your method for modeling the ice?
  20. fsdesimone Member

    Thanks Pete, I'll definitely keep it in mind as I go along. I had started working on his sweater, but wasn't happy with how it was turning out. There are some days where the drapery just sort of flows from my brain to my fingertips, and others where I can't go anything right!

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