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Hobby Zone ?

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by jonsteed70, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. jonsteed70 New Member

    two questions one is should I buy a desk because the drafting table I bought only goes as far as 20 degrees and I need a flat area and the second is how of separate holders should for all the paints ,brushes and tools also glues plus paint mediums as well ?
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Jon

    Most use a desk ...have you tried working on your table ?

    I use a old mug for my brushes and have a cabinet with drawers for paints etc ....you can get some great paint holders from company's that are laser cut to fit all bottle types ( Sphere Products will do anything )

    Hope this helps

  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Got mine from IKEA IMG_20200229_112249449~2.jpg
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  4. jonsteed70 New Member

    have plenty of old bottles from the medicine that I take so I use for holding water I use old apple sauce containers because they are plastic .
  5. Jed Active Member

    I have a table of about 2ft square to work from,I have just ordered a laser cut paint bottle holder (to hold 52 bottles), old jam jars for brushes,take away tub for my wet pallet. The bottle holder will sit on supports on each side or fixed to the wall rpto elevate it off the table to give me full use of the surface area,once set up as the room has gone through a refurbishment I will post a picture to give an idea of what I work in. My wife has id say 95% use of the room for her hobby
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  6. Jed Active Member

    So this is my area of work,I just move stuff about as required,the paint rack is new and will be raised to create space beneath it,I also have two small tool boxes full of stuff under the table. image.jpeg
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  7. fogie A Fixture

    You're probably going to see a whole selection of different ideas here. Some members 'work areas' are decidedly bespoke
    and hi tech featuring all sorts of cute built in handy features and gadgetry. Others will be a little more down to earth.
    Essentially, you choose what you like best. One of our best loved sculptors back in the day, always preferred to work on
    his kitchen table.

    For me, I work on an old Edwardian desk - inherited when we bought the house years ago because it was probably too big
    and heavy to move. It has pigeon holes, drawers, and a glass fronted cabinet. When I finish work, I can simply close it up
    and everything is out of sight......so it's just the thing.

    fogie's workplace.jpg
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  8. theBaron A Fixture

    I've shared this before, I'm fairly certain. Modeling bench down in the cellar....



    I'm adding a hutch back to the bench, with 2 shelves running the length, for storage in easy reach of the seat. I've got the pieces assembled, I just haven't gotten around to installing it. Kind of like my model builds...

    Some storage underneath the bench:


    The paints you see in that little Rubbermaid chest-of-drawers have been relocated to a large toolbox, so I can take my tools and supplies on the road.

    I cobbled this insert together for eyedr0pper bottles and craft store acrylics, so I can see the labels:


    Right now, that toolbox is up in my kitchen, because in the winter, it's too cold to sit in the basement and work.

    I also have a smaller toolbox, with more paints (my oils and enamels) and the rest of my tools:


    I've got the logistical burden of an 18th century army, when I take my stuff on the road.

    So you can see, it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it.

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