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Hobby light

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by brian, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. brian A Fixture

    I've been painting figures for many ,many years,and only now I,m happy with the light I'm using.Could be down to old age.I had an Aculite for some years,and then changed to a purpose built light with 22 led bulbs and with a dimmer option,which cost an arm and a leg,but I've not been happy with this light for some time.It might be just me,but could you guys are using that you're happy with
  2. Forté Well-Known Member

    I'm using a cheap IKEA Tertial lamp (under £10) with a Philips 12.5W, 6500K, 1521 lumin LED bulb which was also under £10. Cheap but does the job. Tempted to get a second for even more light coverage.
  3. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Best lamp is Kenobi
    Hobby Light Kenobi ;)
  4. peedee A Fixture

    I just use a traditional cantilevered desk lamp with a modern LED bulb in it Brian.

    I have a matching pair of folding rechargeable led lights for painting at model shows, that I bought
    Via Amazon for a tenner each. Usb charged, 3 light levels and about 8 hrs use before recharging
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  5. theBaron A Fixture

    I got a similar one, which I keep with my traveling modeling kit:


    This is the listing at Amazon, but this model is sold at various bricks-and-mortar stores, too.

    As far as my bench goes, I have a fixture mounted in the ceiling over the bench, but I also have 4 draftsman's lamps mounted around the perimeter of the bench, to provide focused light where I need it.

    All of the lamps (light bulbs) are either 60w or 100w incandescents.

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  6. dmcHobbes Member

    Michigan Toy Soldier Co. has an interesting article regarding lighting by Julian Conde. It is under their Trench Runner Dispatch Section: How to light up your modelling bench, by the aforementioned Julian Conde. It was dated June 8th, 2020. He makes a good point in favoring halogen lighting as the best. I may give it a try and replace my LED and also Florescent light with just one Halogen. His explanation gets a bit technical ( beyond me in complete understanding) but seems to be good advice. The article can be found from the MichToy Home Page on the Social Media Wall: MichToy Info News From the Front.

  7. Blind Pew A Fixture

    It is fascinating, as it is unbelievable what different lighting can do to your painting. I've considered that as my finished stuff spends 99% of it's life in an Ikea display cabinet, I ought to use the same lighting to paint them under. That theory work well so far.
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  8. Ray Stout Active Member

    It's ironic that we all use different types of sourses of light, but most Competitions just use available daylight with some conventional artifisual light sourses for addititional support. I've had dramatic changes of colour shades, depending sometimes in Summer what time of day you view the figure. Also, in time, the colours will fade, depending on how much daylight they're exposed to over time. Ray
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  9. socko47 Active Member

    Here is a site of Emil Nystrom & his Utube site Age of Squidmar with the equipment he uses including 3 lights. He also designed some brushes.

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  10. Ray Stout Active Member

    Thanks Joe, but the point I was making is that no matter which light you use, it's never going to be the kind of light used when you enter your figure into a Competition. Ive even been to Comps where the only source of light were flurescent tubes. !!!Ray. e.g. my Avatar you see is purely natural light. Take a look at how it looks under flurescent tubes in the pic. DSCN0142.JPG
  11. socko47 Active Member

    I guess the solution is to paint multiples, one figure under each light! LOL!!
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  12. harto Active Member

    For many years I have been using lights from the Daylight Company. They are advertised as replicating natural daylight as far as possible and I recall reading an article years ago that said this is what would give you the truest representation when painting figures. I'm sure we all have our own preferences but I must say that one added benefit seems to be less eyestrain when using daylight bulbs.
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  13. Ray Stout Active Member

    Yes, I agree, I've been using various Daylight bulbs and lamps for some years now. Ray

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