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Review HM The Queen from 9th Gate Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi there everybody

    9th Gate Miniatures have been beavering away with releases since I was sent these earlier in the year to look at .


    The company's idea is to "Celebrate the Lives of Remarkable People" with this series in the scale 1/14th they will cast a limited amount with more available in a larger scale of 1/10th , a business decision by the company 9th gate are reworking all releases to the larger scale ....so grab these smaller scales while you can ( details of this was announced on both the website and FB page in November )

    Looking at the details on the website I see that in 2019 they are planning on looking at mainly fantasy and historical figures in both 75mm and 32mm scale with some busts in limited amounts of 50 pieces, all with a authentication certificate

    The subjects have included HRH Prince Phillip , Churchill amongst others

    The subject we are looking at is of course Her Majesty The Queen , without doubt the most instantly recognised and respected monarch and of course the longest reign .

    HM is fairly small in statue at 5' 4" with those blue eye so distinctive

    Her names are Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

    Her Majesty was born on April 21st 1926 , this is her actual birthday but she also has a official one as well this is always celebrated by the famous Trooping of the Colour , this is normally the 2nd Saturday in June ..a ideal time of year for the pomp and ceremony that only HM Armed Forces can shown with over 1400 soldiers , 200 mounted and 400 bandsman on parade in 2018 ...a true spectacle.

    Of course there are many books here are a couple :

    0yy.jpg yyyyyy.jpg yyyyyyy.jpg

    Lets have some pictures for you

    xxxx.jpg xxx.jpg xxxxx.jpg
    xxxxxx.jpg xxxxxxx.jpg

    The Queens wartime medals

    xaa.png xaaa.png

    0y.jpg yy.jpg y.jpg
    yyyyy.jpg yyy.jpg yyyy.jpg

    I received the boxed set of 3 busts depicting the Queen in 3 different periods of her life , during the WW2 period, mid life and in later life

    The packaging was in a very strong black box which pulls apart with the 3 separate busts in individual bags with a a foam piece sandwiching them above and below.

    The box has a full colour picture with a silver design stamped into the other side

    9 Gate Liz 001.jpg 9 Gate Phil 001.jpg
    9 Gate Liz 002.jpg

    As you can see minimal parts and therefore minimal prep with just casting plugs to remove and earrings to fit to the mid life version.

    On my review piece the tiaria had a broken part ...fiddly to fix but possible

    You will note that the name is spelt wrong and should be ELIZABETH with a "z" not s

    As a bonus you also have a choice of heads for 2 of the busts , showing the hair style off .

    Details of the review

    Title: Queen Elisabeth

    Scale: 1/14th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces in total: 7 plus 2 earrings

    Sculpting: 3D by Barruz Studio

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: Arnu Lazaro

    General Comments
    • Nice casting on all
    • Good presentation
    • Some might consider it a little "niche" in respect the subject
    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets look at the pieces

    Firstly a couple of pics showing measurements:

    The 3 Torso

    9 gate liza 001.jpg

    The Separate Heads

    9 gate liza 002.jpg

    The Queen in WW2

    As a princess she told her father the King that she wanted to do her bit and be seen to do so ...this has IMO always been her though out the long reign.

    As such she was commissioned in the ATS ( Auxillary Transport Service ) as Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor (service number 230873 serving as a mechanic and truck driver , she was promoted 5 months later to Junior Commander/Captain

    She is the only female member of to actually have entered the armed forces and the only living head of state from WW2.

    She wears medal ribbons namely King George V coronation and Silver Jubilee


    As with all of them the torso is nicely angled , wearing the uniform of the ATS , the sculpt has nice undercuts on the lapels and the pockets with good definition on the buttons , the shirt collar kept nicely inside the jacket with the tie .

    On the epaulettes there are the rank badges ( a single "pip" , for me the review ones were too rounded so I will replace these .

    On the lapels we have the ATS collar badges , even in this scale well shown

    Above the pocket there are the ribbons , again for me I will enlarge then slightly

    Folds and creases on the arms are soft but in keeping

    In the neck area there is a well done cutout to take the head

    9 Gate Liz 003.jpg 9 Gate Liz 007.jpg
    9 Gate Liz 004.jpg 9 Gate Liz 005.jpg 9 Gate Liz 006.jpg


    A choice of 2 one with the ATS cap the other bareheaded .

    The shaping of the cap is really good with the definition of the ATS badge and the leather strap of particular note the form of the cap is correct at the sides and with nice folds and creases on the crown .

    The hair is a well done area again really nicely shaped with good detailed surfaces

    The face is a young woman , sculpting known people is particularly difficult , this is IMO a good version , she is smiling and has some nice features to paint , all well cast making painting easier.

    Looking at the bareheaded version the same comments are applicable but here you can fully appreciate the work on the hairstyle.

    9 Gate Liz 008.jpg

    9 Gate Liz 011.jpg 9 Gate Liz 010.jpg 9 Gate Liz 009.jpg

    9 Gate Liz 012.jpg

    9 Gate Liz 015.jpg 9 Gate Liz 014.jpg 9 Gate Liz 013.jpg

    Lets have a look at the painted versions :

    image (4).jpeg

    Continued in next post


  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets move on in the life ...Princess Elizabeth is now Queen Elisabeth the SECOND.

    As with all Royalty many functions are attending representing their country , especially balls and receptions all those female members that go display a glittering array of diamonds and dresses ...none so more than the queen in particular when wearing tiaria's and crowns .

    This version is a one piece cast with just the drop earrings to carefully add , these are drop pearls I believe .

    Again we have 3D sculpting and is depicted wearing a fabulous tiara pushed back into the hair , with a pearl necklace and a beautiful dress showing just a little of the shoulders....classy in anyone's books

    The queen has many favourite designers including the late Norman Hartnell who produced her coronation dress , as well as Hardy Amies who designed for the commonwealth tour in the 1950's , more recent designers include Angela Kelly

    The work on the crown is very very good , sitting well into the head

    The hair is differently styled and in keeping with the reference pictures , this time the face looks straight on mouth closed , again good features , looking older of course

    The sculpting accentuates the neck which is highlighted by the necklace , all of which are well shaped .

    Looking at the dress , wonderful work on the actual style very much like the pictures , like the original very styled and very classy in the look.

    This is a good chance to use pearl paint and get the shimmer of the bling.

    9 Gate Liz 024.jpg 9 Gate Liz 023.jpg

    9 Gate Liz 022.jpg 9 Gate Liz 021.jpg 9 Gate Liz 019.jpg

    9 Gate Liz 017.jpg 9 Gate Liz 016.jpg 9 Gate Liz 020.jpg

    The earrings

    9 Gate Liz 018.jpg

    Now a painted version :

    image (1).jpeg

    Continued in next post

  4. Nap Forum Moderator

    Now we are in more recent times

    Even in later life HM retains the dignity and poise and sparkle and dedication to serving her country .

    This sculpt depicts her in the robes of a royal order and you have a choice of colour schemes should you wish

    The Torso

    Wearing the full and I am sure heavy robes , sitting on the shoulders the cloak is worn open and displays fine looking ribbons , at the neck we have a securing clasp, all the folds at the rear are again sitting well and naturally

    9 Gate Liz a 006.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 004.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 003.jpg

    9 Gate Liz a 001.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 002.jpg

    You also have a choice of heads , capped or uncapped

    Personally for me this is my favourite piece in respect the facial features , a excellent rendition of the face , all the signs of a long life are there and all well cast .

    The plain head shows the hairstyle of a older woman very well indeed framing the face very nicely .

    The other version has the soft cap very well done , with the full feathers seen in the reference pictures well done also , the hat is worn high allowing us to enjoy the work on the hair and features .

    9 Gate Liz a 011.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 010.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 009.jpg

    9 Gate Liz a 008.jpg

    9 Gate Liz a 015.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 014.jpg 9 Gate Liz a 013.jpg

    9 Gate Liz a 012.jpg
    Lets have some painted versions

    image (2).jpeg
    image (3).jpeg


    Final Thoughts

    A interesting and possibly niche subject to choose , sculpted using 3D tools so features are good , they look fine painted and are available not only as sets but individually ..

    Good presentation on the sets with casting being good , there is also a Prince Phillip which I will look at soon

    9th Gate are certainly a company to watch for all pieces no matter what scale

    Thanks to 9th Gate for the review items and to you all for looking in

    For more information:

    They are members of Planet Figure user ID 9th Gate Miniatures

    They have a Facebook page as well

    Website details : https://9gate-miniatures.com.

    E mail contact : info@9gate-miniatures.com

    Happy modelling and benchtime

  5. DaddyO A Fixture

    Cheers Kev
    Nice review (as always) :) I've just checked out the website which contains a few tutorials and is easy to use and well laid out. Prices are excellent value and there are a wide range of subjects to choose from in addition to Her Majesty. Look forward to seeing other figures in the range.
    Nap likes this.
  6. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great review as always
  7. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice review and interesting subject...

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