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WIP Historex Project: Frankfurt Officer of Voltigeurs (#2)

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by HistorexRob, Feb 11, 2023.

  1. HistorexRob Active Member

    I had time yesterday while putty was drying to pull parts for my next project. I will be able to work on/off on both as paint dries, etc.

    I found this fellow standing in the back of a Knotel plate.


    Pulled all parts from spares I have.


    Will use some of the FigurinItaly 1:30 resin hands on this one, otherwise all parts are Historex.
  2. dutch Active Member

    Nice project. Keep posting
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  3. HistorexRob Active Member

    Update #1

    The putty on my other Historex project is not quite dry to my liking, so I had all morning to work on this.

    Only the legs, torso/tails, and head/pin have been glued at this point. Everything else is tacked in place for the photos.

    Head: Not sure what Historex kit this is from, but it has the look (a little older) that I am going for. I removed the sideburns and hair. I will sculpt these instead. I rounded off the top of the head so that it will double as part of the bicorn. I carved away the collar so that I could reposition the head/neck.

    Torso/tails: I undercut all the parts to bring out depth/details. In my other project, joining these parts has been problematic, so I tried something different this time. Rather than joining the torso to the legs, I opted to fit the tails to the torso so that they will be a single unit. This did work better. Once glued, I was able to thin the coat tails for a better scale appearance. The fit still needs improvement. I am pretty sure that after some sanding/scraping, I will still need to feather putty along the joins.

    Legs: I started with standard turned-down officer-type boots, as Historex does not make tall knee boots as depicted on the color plate I am using as a guide. I scraped off the “turn over” portion of the boot tops and then sanded to final shape. I carved in boot soles. I cut a small plastic shim/wedge and glued it to the inner right leg so that I could open the stance a bit. Once dried, I filled the void with putty.

    Arms: I cut them at the elbows, repositioned them, and pinned/epoxied them as you see them. I then cut off both hands, hollowed out the sleeves, and inserted aftermarket 1/30 scale resin hands. I will add cuffs/buttons at some point.

    81529D40-2A74-496A-9807-82ACF414ADD0.jpeg 255EA13B-65EC-4121-9362-738857CF8861.jpeg 0C1AE2AA-C69E-4B86-B08A-418424E3B961.jpeg

    Thanks for looking.
  4. NigelR A Fixture

    Nice start. You're making me want to attack some of my Historex pile.....

    Just a thought. The right arm looks a little long to me, but maybe it's the angle of the photo and the fact he's got no shoulder yet creating an optical illusion.
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  5. HistorexRob Active Member

    Update #2

    I'm afraid this project has been scrapped. I knocked over a full bottle of Bondene (unknowingly); when I returned the voltiguers I have been working on were badly melted (beyond saving).

    So, both figures are lost as is a $10 bottle of Bondene.

    Not much else to say...
  6. NigelR A Fixture

    Bad news. His arm is definitely a lot shorter now..........
  7. Nap Moderator


    That's a real shame ....a lesson learnt .......get yourself back looking through the Historex bits and bobs

    Looking forward to seeing the next

    Happy and accident free benchtime

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  8. HistorexRob Active Member

    Demoralizing for sure.

    I was puttering around the garage a few days ago and found a tub of my old Verlinden 120mm kits… 30 to 50 of them that I bought LONG ago (around 2006/2007, maybe).

    I think I may have a go at one of those. Don’t think I can look at the Historex kits/parts bin just now.
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  9. HistorexRob Active Member

    @NigelR: At least I was able to save the resin hands. :)
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  10. HistorexRob Active Member

    Now working on Version 2.0 from these parts:

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  11. MalcC A Fixture

    That's sad after a good start, but unfortunately these things do happen.
    Hopefully you'll be able to find another project to keep you going and us to enjoy following.

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  12. Le Capitain Member

    Come on brother. Never say die to Historex
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  13. Le Capitain Member

    Come on brother, never say die to Historex

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  14. HistorexRob Active Member

    I’m not. :)

    That’s a lovely piece. Nicely done. :)
  15. HistorexRob Active Member

    Working on Version 2.0, Malc. :)
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  16. Le Capitain Member

    Thanks. I feel compeld to do Historex mounted figures and I too have to convert them.
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  17. BESPJL Active Member

    Very nice work pity the Bondene.
    Please share the new version and future projects

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  18. HistorexRob Active Member

    I’ve not worked a mounted figure as yet, but I have just pulled the parts for a particular hussar project. I will probably start on it after this officer is complete.
  19. HistorexRob Active Member

    It’s amazing how strong Bondene is. It took only seconds to turn both figures to goop, though it has given me an idea of how to add rough texture to garments in future projects.

    Will post updates. Still carving away (the legs and torso need to be completely reworked/carved and detailed.
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