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WIP Critique High noon VERLINDEN,120mm.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by unknown01, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. unknown01 New Member

    Hallo again, everyone.:)
    I have begun to paint a new figure.


    I think this is the figure with quite long foot.:confused:

    The pants are white.

    The shirt is blue.

    The best is painted by leather.

    I have such schedule.;)

    When everyone's opinion can be heard about this idea, I'm happy.:)

    I don't also know the etymology of the title as (HIGH NOON).:rolleyes:

    If someone tells me, I'm happy.:)


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  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Following! (y)

    "High Noon" is an old Gary Cooper Western ;)
  3. flart1943 Active Member

    "High Noon", One of the best Westerns ever (in my opinion).
  4. housecarl A Fixture

  5. megroot A Fixture

    High Noon is one of the best Western films i ever seen.
    Looking forward to your work.

  6. pmfs A Fixture

    Hello Mr. VerlindenĀ“s!:D:D:D:D
    I will follow this with interest Mitsutaka.(y)
  7. JGREEN A Fixture

    That's one of the best looking Verlinden kits I've ever seen. As has been mentioned, the title is derived from the film of the same name. If your going to base it on the movie character though, I would reconsider the color scheme you've proposed. Looking forward to seeing this one painted.

  8. DaveG Active Member

    This looks like a very nice figure and I really like the subject matter a lot. I will look forward to seeing your progress. :)

  9. Marcel Active Member

    Looking forward to your paintwork on this figure.
    Very nice figure btw.

  10. chippy Well-Known Member

    High Noon was one of the slowest boring westerns every made give me Stage Coach or Lonesome Dove any day but I do like this figure is it a new release as I've never seen it before and I do like collecting western figures .
    The Film was in black and white but I think you should thinking darker colours if you are going to repersent the figure from the film , if not go with what you feel happy with . I would like to see more of this as you progress .
  11. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Mitsutaka,

    This is a surprise; I didn't know Verlinden produced this figure.:)

    I've taken the liberty of posting a photo of Gary Cooper in the movie High Noon for you to see. Unfortunately the movie is Black & White, so there doesn't appear to be any colour images to help you. Perhaps someone else may be able to provide you with some.

    Good luck, I'll be following your progress with interest.(y)

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  12. housecarl A Fixture

    These are off the Historex site, don't know if they'll help?

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  13. PhilinYuma Member

    Oh dear, Mitsutaka, our American members, fine painters all, are not up one their Western etymology. The title is not, I think, based on the famous movie -- certainly,. the figure looks nothing like Gary Cooper. Your figure and the movie are named for the traditional time of day, when the sun is at the meridian, for a gunfight, and the reason that this time was chosen was because, with the sun directly overhead, it wouldn't shine into the eyes of either gunman and dazzle him. Have you seen the even greater movie, "Once Upon a Time in the West" (a good Italian, spaghetti western)? The climactic showdown between Charles Bronson and James Fonda does not take place at high noon, and Fonda's character circles warily until the sun is out of his eyes.
    I shall be interested to see how your painting develops!
  14. Bone Active Member

    High Noon! Kinda slow but certainly one of my favourite westerns next to Eastwoods'. Especially 'cos of Grace Kelly :) Maybe someone should do a figure of her. I like the Gary Cooper shot in the poster too.

    ~ Basil
  15. jimias A Fixture

    Mitsutaka great figure. You might be right about the feet, but he sure has a lot of character. I m sure you will bring him to life.
  16. Michael Tse Active Member

    Agree. One of the better efforts from Verlinden. They got the folds right here. Well 'right' as in passable anyway... I guess this is not about a firm being average or anything. Just too many superb players around.

    Love the proposed colour scheme and look fwd to progress!
  17. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    I agree with Phillip: This High Noon figure is not intended to be a reference
    to Gary Cooper final film, before his death. The term High Noon in the old
    west of the USA referred to a time of day. "I'll meet you on Main Street at
    High Noon" And one of them would not be leaving alive, so to speak.

    And also, Phillip indication about the Sun being directly over head is a good

    Now in reference to the movie, I do think High Noon is one of Gary Cooper's
    very good films. But for me, the best western made in America is Shane,
    with Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Hefflin, Ben Johnson. Brandon DeWilde
    . . . and Jack Palance's first major role as an actor, playing
    the nasty, nasty hired gun slinger Wilson.

    One of my favorite American character actor's of all time was a sod buster
    in that movie: Edgar Buchanan, who had a very long and distinguished film
    and TV career. . . Ah yes, Petticoat Junction. . .

    As far as the figure's attire that wasn't leather, such as the vest,
    you could pick any choice of colours you would like. And no one could say you're wrong.

    Good luck,

    Miami Jayhawk
  18. 1969 A Fixture

    Mitsutaka really nice to see you do a western figure, i like your ww2 figures but i also like to see what you do with other subjects.

  19. flart1943 Active Member

    Hi All
    I think reason I vote "High Noon" as the best Western is the Frankie Laine song.
  20. lolok Active Member

    I don't know about Mr Cooper..To my eyes and generation he looks more like James Arness..... The original THING :)) and brother of Mission impossible Jim Phelps...
    I think he's holding a pocket watch,hence HIGH NOON.....

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