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Hi, Im newbie and have several questions on sculpting

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Tyrell90, Dec 29, 2023.

  1. Tyrell90 New Member

    Hi guys, you might have seen my post on anime figures, considering all things pros and cons, I decided to go different way or direction, focuse on something else.

    I received a GrennStuff sculpting premium tools for Christmas, set of I think 10 tools, yet about to unpack the package as it came with delay, and also a clay....to be precise I got a Magic sculpt package with resin and hardener.

    There comes my request, You already gave me a link to certain website that is very useful, but would like for example like to ask if some well known artists use this clay and where can I see their work, I think I will pay for premium account as the adverts are really annoying here.

    What other tools I would need yet, if Im not still set, I have some wire, but just a common one nothing special, one I use as a beekeeper, so quiet thin, but unsure if Ill be able to use it, if it doesnt require specific material of wire to make a construction, I want to appologize to all of You for my English, as I am not so far familiar with sculpting stuff in the foreign language so Im....trying to explain as much as I can, Im sure its not called construction from wire though:)

    Please, how to start, what is the setup of the Magic-sculpt, I will try to do research, but I think I dont do anything wrong when Im asking here in the forum, as for example painting was way easier for me, as I was quiet familiar from wargaming with vallejo products and Citadel, but here, its new world for me and I hope, that great possibilities.

    You can recommend me any social networks that may bring something to the art, some useful informations, I think its best here, but maybe some artists on Instagram or I dont know where else people present sculpting art, specificaly miniatures.

    About my plans, because I said I would like or will change it and not go for anime figures, I want to start with simplier stuff, I can allways improve, I hope at least, but would like to start with Fimo, and maybe work with this clay, specifically Fimo proffesional, Iv seen today in the store many colours, does it matter which colour I pick, is there some rule of for example using dark tones or light colours for certain proportions or it really isnt an issue at all and I can use any colour of clay. I think better to ask silly question than end up wasting money, right.

    When it comes to books, I would also like to buy one at least as I have some spare money, and with rest will buy the Fimo proffesional, again, same question, are there any good artists using this clay, its cheap, or I can say compare to scalpey and some other materials that will be for sure higher quality, but I will rather constantly work on something using worse material or master it, than dream about something that I couldnt afford in long run to create from.

    I will have also question on DnD miniatures, as I am quiet big enthusiast into tabletop and boardgames, which artists are really good creating these minis, not nessesarily companies...I know some, but would rather prefer very good hobbyist or freelancer? dont know if Im using correct terms, to watch some of their work and tutorials, I think I may start with either DnD minis or Chibi and move from there, but again, it really depends. The clay was a gift, and Im unsure for what sort of figures it may fit best, and its just one package.

    I hopefuly get some Fimo next week, so far I think with this clay I will be enough busy and have stuff to learn and study from the sources, I will hopefully find or that You will suggest as useful.

    Im very sorry for long post, as mentioned, new here and have a lot of questions as I do not own so far any tutorial book and my art up until now was just painting, mainly warhammer, warcry and Malifaux minis, also some of Lord of The Rings, but I wasnt able to buy certain kit here for Hobbit, didnt have players to game with so I gave up on my beloved LoTR.

    I want to thank to all of You right now in advance and I will try to comment every post and suggestion, so hope we can make some nice discussion with helpful suggestions and I will create something that can bring a joy to me or my son. He loves DnD too, but didnt joined our sessions so far, I think its his time....and to make him some nice figures would been simply awesome. For example when it comes to fantasy figures I do really love Orcs, Goblins and Dwarves also love all the Nordic stuff, in a matter of Runes, I was carving my own drinking horn, I like work with leather, but not very skilled, really amateur atemps with expensive tools, but...lot of joy and fun.

    Have a great Happy New Year!
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  2. svt A Fixture

    I almost always use polymer clays - it’s convenient for me to work with the material being baked.
    I don’t know whether the color of Fimo affects the properties of the material, but in polymer clays of one type from another brand (sculpey premo for example) I have seen quite strong differences in mechanical properties depending on the color.
    The color itself influences the ability to perceive the sculpture being made exclusively subjectively. For me it depends on my mood - sometimes I deliberately use different colors to make it easier to see subtle details during the sculpting process. Although for a photo it is much better if the color for the entire figure is the same, preferably not bright, not glossy, without translucency, without metallics, but light pastel shades.
    In the photo below you can see the difference between a figurine made of polymer clays of different colors, a clay figurine of one color, and a figurine specially painted in one neutral gray color, which in my opinion is better for the perception of the sculpture.
    RNap805_trmptgcos_004_(fin_06).jpg rusnap_hussaroff_012_(fin_01).jpg RNap_artdoncos_09_(finiso_01).jpg
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